Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

Road to Wrestlemania 32 Part 1

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The Rumble is Here.

Wrestlemania 32, in front of the projected largest WWF crowd of all time, will come to you from Dallas.

Here’s the card.

WWF Championship: Elimination Chamber: Kevin Steen v. Brock Lesnar v. Nick Nemeth v. Dean Ambrose v. Kalisto v. Mystery Entrant

IC Title: AJ Styles v. El Generico

Tag Titles: Relaxed Rules: The New Day v. The Usos

Legend’s Match: Career v. Career:  Chris Jericho v. HHH-M (special guest referee – Edge)

Women’s Title: Charlotte Flair v. Sasha Banks

Rusev (w/Lana) v. Dos Caras, Jr.

Sheamus v. The Cuck (w/Maryse)

Loser Breaks Up: Dudley Boys v. Rhodes Brothers

(Dark Matches: Samoa Joe v. Shinsuke Nakamura, Prince Devitt v. Austin Aries, American Alpha v. Revival v. Ciampa/Gargano)

Let’s talk about the top of the card.

WWF Championship: Elimination Chamber: Kevin Steen v. Brock Lesnar v. Nick Nemeth v. Dean Ambrose v. Kalisto v. Mystery Entrant

IC Title: AJ Styles v. El Generico

RAW the night after the Rumble starts with a video package of the building of the Elimination Chamber, which is making its WWF debut here at WM32.  Recall, we closed WM31 by showing the initial steps of what turned out to be its creation, those are the first shots of the video, which is a time lapsed creation of the most demonic structure in the history of the sport. 

It’s not actually the first Elimination Chamber match, that was at TNA Lockdown in 2014, Austin Aries was the winner.  But it’s the first WWF version and it’s the first one with six entrants. 

The opening match on RAW is Bray v. Luke Harper in a Falls Count Anywhere match; at the Rumble Luke finally ended his doppelganger, taking out Harper/Sandow in the Parking Lot Brawl – Bray seemingly passed up a chance to run his former bodyguard over with a car postmatch, and this has the feel of a blow off, it should be a long intense match that goes all over the arena and winds up back in the ring where Harper gets the fall. 

And right after he does – both men are attacked by the Bullet Club, killed to death, buried under the Bullet Club flag right in the middle of the ring.

The Bullet Club: Devitt, Styles, Nakamura, Anderson & Gallows debuted in WWF at the Rumble – they buried Brock in a way similar to this flag burial of Bray and Harper here.  When they do that – it’s not a one or two week disappearance.  We won’t see Brock for a month and we won’t see Bray/Harper for months.

Two nights later on Dark Ride Wrestling – they’re going to do the same thing at the end of Joe/Aries, Joe beats Aries in his debut match and then the two are wiped out by the full Bullet Club.  Styles v. Joe is probably the signature rivalry in TNA history, and AJ gets particular satisfaction in burying Joe under the Bullet Club colors.  We won't see Aries for the rest of the build; we won't see Joe until the go home Dark Ride; his appearance is unannounced, he comes to the ring, grabs a camera, holds his face up it and just seethes "AJ....AJ....AJ...."

But back to RAW – Bray and Harper are taken away during a break and when we come back the Bullet Club is still in the ring and we get their first WWF promo; Nakamura says “we are ta-king o-ver” – AJ, the IC Champ, holds up his belt, says it is now the most important title in the world because he’s the man holding it – and Devitt gives us the story.  He created the Bullet Club in Japan, brought in Anderson and Gallows – he signed with Heyman to infiltrate the WWF and turned over Club leadership to AJ.  The Bullet Club has already taken over the rest of the world – and now, finally, they’ve taken over WWF.

Gallows waves the Bullet Club flag, everyone touches each others’  fingers in the finger gun hand gesture (as opposed to the Clique gesture, which is still taken). 

They’ll make a match either for either later that night or Fight Night where the Bullet Club will take on many of the guys they wiped out at the Rumble: Steen/Generico/Nemeth/Sheamus/Barrett.  AJ will get the fall on Generico when an argument breaks out on the apron between Nemeth and Steen, leading to punches being thrown and the Underground guys walking out.  Steen winds up on the floor when Generico gets pinned – at physical cost to himself he gets back in the ring to pull Generico to safety before he can fully get beaten down.

If it sounds like Steen’s turning face, he is, his level of protectiveness over Generico is part of the build to Mania.  

In the ring – we’ll get combinations of Steen/Generico; Sheamus/Barrett; Nemeth/Kalisto and AJ/Devitt to build to Mania, Nakamura isn’t around much, he appears judiciously like Lesnar does; out of the ring, the 6 men in the Elimination Chamber title match will do pre-taped black background pieces; an off camera Renee asks “why do you need to win the WWF Title at Wrestlemania 32” and, sitting on a stool in blackness, each man answers.  One runs each week.

Steen cuts a babyface promo, he’s worked his whole life to be WWF Champion, he beat Lesnar, he beat Nemeth, and now he has to withstand both the Bullet Club and 5 other men in an Elimination Chamber in front of 100,000 people.  When he comes out of there with the WWF Title, he will silence all those who have doubted him his whole career.  Steen's had to run uphill in his career given his look, and even as WWF Champion there are ways to cast aspersions about his run - that would end forever with a win here.  

You can feel the anger in Nemeth’s promo – he’s the most recent Triple Crown winner in WWF history, a very short and distinguished list of immortals – after years, he finally gets another shot at the WWF Title and he gets screwed, first by Claudio at Survivor Series, then by the Bullet Club at Mania.  But if he has to step into some type of demonic cage in front of the biggest crowd in WWF history and beat five other guys, that’s what he’ll do.  The wrestling world needs to remember who 
Nick Nemeth is – and they will at 32.  The chip on Nemeth shoulder only grows larger with each addition to the roster who might stake a claim as being better than he is.  

Kalisto (in Spanish) is excited, he wants to put on a show, he’s going to be in the biggest match in the biggest WM of all time; he is going to fly all over that cage, he’s going to do things never before seen in a wrestling ring, and he will be the one emerging as WWF Champion.  Kalisto as spot machine is his place in the program; he's the "hand over some money for Mania, he'll do something special" promise  

Ambrose smells the Triple Crown and the opportunity to ruin everyone’s day – he’s got 2 IC titles, he’s part of the greatest tag team in the history of the sport; he isn’t dreading the Chamber – he loves it, he might bring in some toys and stay all night.  He hopes he’s the first chamber to open, he wants to bleed, he wants to spill blood, he wants to ruin everyone’s night.  He keeps hearing the Elimination Chamber is the most devious, most demonic, most destructive apparatus ever created in professional wrestling – but that’s not true – Dean Ambrose is those things.  At some point in the build, Ambrose is bringing a trash can to the ring filled with plunder.  Ambrose doesn't have the "everyone overlooks me" chip that Nemeth and Steen have, but he's nearly at their level of accomplishment.

Then, Lesnar.  He and Heyman have been entirely absent since Devitt turned on Heyman at the Rumble and Lesnar wound up buried in the middle of the ring.  Heyman’s the one sitting on the stool, Lesnar isn’t in the shot.  Heyman talks about this being Lesnar’s last ever WWF Title shot as a result of executive overreach by the WWF Championship Committee, and there is no man on the planet who wants to be locked in a steel cage with a desperate Brock Lesnar.

Then Lesnar enters the frame, he tells Paul to get off the stool – he starts talking to Devitt “come fight me, bitch – you come into my house and piss on the floor – come fight me bitch – come fight me”
Heyman, clearly in a discussion they’ve been having over and over since the Rumble, quietly says “What Brock Lesnar means is that after he wins the title at Wrestlemania, he’ll be glad to face that cowardly, ungrateful Prince Devitt – but more important..

Lesnar cuts him off “I’m gonna hurt you, Devitt.  You’re gonna get hurt.”

Heyman shakes his head.

It's another version of the "what's Brock Lesnar's mental state" game that we've been playing since his feud with one time stablemate Swagger.  That betrayal by Heyman was never really gotten over, even ending the career of his biggest rival Danielson hasn't helped - it maybe even created a void in Lesnar's life that he hasn't replaced, and maybe that big bad that drives Lesnar has now become the WWF.  Lesnar feels screwed out of the title with the fast count in the Steen match, screwed out of future title shots by the discipline taken after he ended Joey Styles WWF tenure, now screwed by another stablemate, Prince Devitt.  It's Lesnar's last ever title shot - but is his mind in the cage or on the Bullet Club?

The Mystery Entrant is the last person to cut a promo – it’s entirely blacked out, his voice is modulated, all he does is laugh when answering Renee’s question. 

The go home RAW includes another multi-man match: Steen/Nemeth/Kalisto/Ambrose against the Bullet Club without Nakamura. 

The first time we did this broke down when Nemeth and Steen argued and Underground walked out; here it happens again, but this time that side breaks out into a full brawl at ringside, Devitt gets control of his side, telling them to not get involved and take the countout win – the crowd counts with the official, 6-7-8…and then Lesnar’s music hits. 

Lesnar sprints to the ring, Nemeth gets in his way in a “hey, what are you doing here” manner, and Lesnar hurls him into the retaning barrier (or over it, if Nemeth can clear it) and hits the ring, the Bullet Club (not Devitt, he slips out the back) goes at him one at a time – Anderson charges, suplex – Gallows charges, suplex – AJ charges, suplex – Anderson is back and takes an F5, Gallows is back and takes an F5, Steen is now in the ring exchanging punches with AJ, Lesnar grabs him, maybe inadvertently in trying to grab AJ, maybe not, and F5s the WWF Champ.  That’s the last shot of RAW before Mania, Lesnar standing above Steen in the middle of the ring.

Generico/AJ is carrying a lot of the workrate weight at Mania; it's pretty easily the best non gimmick match on the card, Steen can do the work of getting across how he Generico's gonna outwrestle AJ, that his only hope is to use the Bullet Club, because he can't beat AJ one on one.  That maybe gets under AJ's skin, as he says he doesn't need anyone's help to beat El Generico at Mania.  

Tag Titles: Relaxed Rules: The New Day v. The Usos
This is a 6 man match; “relaxed rules” became the norm for WWF Tag Matches when Foley was Commissioner, it allowed for the wild Shield/Wyatts/Usos brawls, both on TV and PPV.  More traditional tag matches have been the norm recently – this title match will be a 6 man, 

Kingston/Langston/Woods against Reigns/Jimmy/Jey.  It’s an all babyface match; the New Day fully turned face in the build to their successful Rumble defense over Rusev/Dos Caras; they’re not the full comedy act that real world New Day is, they are still largely a political act, but #blackwrestlersmatter is now a babyface t-shirt.  If wrestling has taught us anything, it’s that all ideas can be commodified. 

The Usos are also babyfaces, they won the three way over Rhodes/Dudleys at the Rumble to get this shot – but their history of blowing this exact moment informs this build and New Day needles them over their history of choking “If you need something to choke on”…Langston says.  They can do various singles matches among the 6 men to build some animosity.  All 6 men legal as they fight for the titles at the biggest WM of all time!

Legend’s Retirement Match: Chris Jericho v. HHH-M (special guest referee – Edge)
The only role for Edge, who has spent the year as the on camera presence for the Championship Committee, is in this program.  Both Jericho and Hunter lost at the Rumble; Edge does a rare in ring segment, the figurehead authority work has been almost entirely pre-taped – he calls out Jericho.
Jericho and Edge have an important history; Edge swerved Jericho, getting him to bring him into the Hart Foundation, but then turning on him immediately.  Their peace, to the extent that Edge’s retirement has brought one, is uneasy. 

Edge says that Jericho is an all time legend, both of them are Triple Crown Champions, no one will ever take any of that away.  But in recent years Jericho has largely been someone losing matches to younger wrestlers.  And it’s fair to wonder if there’s much more that Jericho has to give to the sport. 
Edge then calls out HHH-M

Edge and Hunter have an even longer history; Edge and Christian were rookies who, along with the Hardys, came up through the ring crew, and when they all hit – E and C turned on their friends to join the Clique.  Eventually, Edge and Christian would feud with Hunter as well – but as a member of both Clique and Harts, the feud that has spanned almost the entirety of the Wrestlemania era, Edge has a singular role in WWF history.

Edge tells Hunter he’s had a fine career.  IC Champ, tag champ.  But he’s now a guy who wears a suit and wrestles a couple times a year. 

Edge tells both men that there’s nothing in WWF history like Clique vs. Harts, and as a member of both sides, no one knows that better than he does.  And at the biggest WM in history, in front of 100k people, there should be a Clique vs. Harts match.  Hunter vs. Jericho.  Jericho vs. Hunter…
…for your careers.

Last year, Undertaker and Sting each wrestled their last ever match against each other – this isn’t that, this is Career vs. Career, with the loser retiring from the ring.

Neither HHH or Jericho object – they look the other man dead in the eye, they each say they accept the terms, Edge says this match will need a special guest referee and he’ll be the one to do it.  All three men go nose to nose to nose.

That's the upper half of the show; the rest of the card comes next month.

Women’s Title: Charlotte Flair v. Sasha Banks

Rusev (w/Lana) v. Dos Caras, Jr.

Sheamus v. The Cuck (w/Maryse)

Loser Breaks Up: Dudley Boys v. Rhodes Brothers

Royal Rumble 2016

Sunday, January 01, 2017

The build is here.

Royal Rumble 2016 comes to you from Orlando.  It is the 27th annual Rumble.

(Dark: Joe d. Devitt, Am Alpha d. Revival)

Your announce is Mauro Renallo and Steve Regal.  It’s Renallo’s 2nd PPV and Regal’s 12th.  For reference, Jesse did 13.

The show starts with a clip package from the weekend in Orlando with Renallo/Regal doing a VO – it’s been 8 years since WWF has run an Orlando PPV and in that time Regal has built Underground into a name brand with Orlando as its base city.  Regal has attempted to make Underground the “home team” in Orlando, with years of community outreach on the ground.  Ideally, that pays off here and it’s a hot Underground partisan crowd, not unlike a wrestler’s hometown.  The complaints about Regal doing so much cheerleading and injecting himself in programs, blurring the lines between his role as WWF’s only commentator and the head of Underground should grow louder after this show.

The package ends with a shot of Regal’s office from earlier in the day, Nemeth and Steen both enter.

 The shot seems to surprise Regal and when Renallo questions why Nemeth, from Underground, and the WWF Champion Steen went to his office at the arena this morning, Regall sidesteps – and then asks Renallo the question that animates much of the discussion of WWF fans over the weekend – what’s going on with Shinsuke Nakamura.

Nakamura arrived on the go home Fight Night, unannounced, teasing something – and if you care about that sort of thing, that’s dominating the buzz in the building.  Renallo, of course, had been the US voice of NJPW, something WWF fans would be aware of as, you may recall, in the months building to Liger’s appearance in what is now called Dark Ride Wrestling, NJPW got a ton of seemingly free promotion, including clips from the AXS show.  That served to introduce Renallo to whatever portion of the WWF audience was unfamiliar with him (before we knew that he’d be taking Joey’s chair) there were also lots of clips of NJPW workers, for example, Nakamura in ways that were designed (before we knew we’d ever see them…er…him…in the WWF) to get those workers over; and there was some intellectual property considerations paid to WWF for all of the promotion for NJPW PPVs – and maybe we’ll find out at some point what those were.

So Regal questions Renallo – with the idea that given his NJPW connection, he would know why Nakamura showed up on Fight Night.  Renallo disavows any knowledge.

How about matches.  It’s a good night.

1. Number One Contender Tables Match:  Usos d. Dudleys/Rhodes’
-Considering NJPW, TNA, ECW and WWF, The Dudleys are 10 time tag champs; they returned at the Rumble, interrupting the Usos/Rhodes match to set up this showdown.  The Dudleys first won the WWF tag titles at the Rumble 17 years ago – three years before that, Dustin won the tag titles with Steve Austin at the Rumble.  You have to assume there aren’t too many more chances for all of those men.  However, for the Usos, they’ve come up short in every opportunity to win the tag titles, so this moment might be even more imperative.  They don’t waste it here, the Dudleys are the first to be eliminated when the Rhodes Brothers put D-Von through a table – they then retaliate with a 3D on Cody that makes for an easy elimination then by the Usos.  Everyone in the promotion jockeying for a slot at the biggest WM of all time with 100,000+ expected in attendance in Dallas – it is the Usos who will wrestle for the tag titles.

2. Loser Loses Identity Parking Lot Brawl: Luke Harper d. Harper
-In the beginning, there was Bray and Harper (Luke was not allowed the identity of a first name), Bray turned/brainwashed/recruited Dustin and then Cena, they gave up their identities to form the Wyatt Family.  They all eventually left Bray, Harper added the first name, won the IC title, lost it to Bray, and became embroiled in this feud with Bray’s most recent convert, Damian Sandow.  Sandow came from Underground; he once led a stable, Douchebags, but had seen himself lose ground recently, the profile of someone who becomes easy prey for Wyatt.  Sandow became Bray’s new Harper, adopting the persona of Luke. Their pre-show parking lot brawl at Survivor Series gets us this match – loser can no longer maintain the Harper identity.

Luke goes over, Harper, who now again becomes Sandow, will be enhancement until he leaves the promotion, so Luke can really break him here – some windshields get smashed in this one.  Bray was supposed to second Harper tonight, he isn’t on the card otherwise – but does not appear until after the fall – Bray’s in the driver’s seat of one of the cars in the lot.  He guns the engine.  Is he going to run Luke over?  Is that the next step in this feud?  He does not – he speeds off, driving right past Luke with Harper not flinching as he goes by.

They’ll meet in the opener tomorrow on RAW.

3. Roman Reigns Uso d. HHH-M
The starcrossed Usos lost to Direct to Video at WM31 leading Roman to pledge to destroy each of the 3 D2V members this year.  That’s what happened – Orton at Summer Slam, Miz at Survivor Series and now Hunter.  The announce notes that Hunter has not been a full time wrestler for a few years now, as everyone knows he is part of the WWF front office – and it’s fair to question how many more matches he has in him after a showing like this.  Shots of the McMahon family box allow for some discussion about the state of the campaign – US Senator Linda McMahon is, of course, running for President in the Democratic Primary.

4. Women’s Title: Charlotte Flair d. Becky Lynch
Charlotte/Becky/Sasha/Paige were 4-Ground, a stable managed by Ric, he and Charlote doublecrossed the group to take the title from Paige; Charlotte then dumped Ric and is now on her own, she pulls a foreign object from her trunks to knock out Becky and get the fall.  Sasha comes down the ramp postmatch, helps Becky to her feet – and then goes nose to nose with Charlotte.

5. Tag Titles: New Day (Langston/Kingston w/Woods) d. Rusev/Dos Caras (w/GHB and Lana)
-Langston was part of The Shield, the longest reigning champions in modern WWF history, albeit largely in a bodyguard/enforcer role; he turned on the group at WM31, joining Kingston and Woods in what was then a heel black militant act.  After this program, however, the babyface turn is complete.  The catchphrase “First of all….check your privilege”…is now a singalong with the New Day opportunity.  Theyre like 30% less comedic than real world New Day.  GHB brought Rusev and Lana into the promotion demonstrating the newly found love between the US right wing and Russian strongmen.  Dos Caras was added to the act, GHB arguing that the wall we need to build around the US should also be aggressively used to boot people out.  Beginning at Survivor Series and then during this build, we’ve seen Lana spend as much time managing Dos Caras as she has Rusev – there was one shot of Dos Caras maybe lingering a little too much in watching Lana walk away – and in this match it breaks down in the way you’d expect, Lana’s on the apron, doing her distraction shtick – she’s inadvertently knocked to the floor – Dos Caras leaves his position at the tag rope to tend to her, meaning he isn’t there for Rusev’s tag – meaning he’s distracting Rusev as he scoops Lana up to carry her to the back – meaning Rusev takes the New Day’s finisher and the champs keep their belts.  Rusev’s fuming at GHB postmatch, where’s Lana – why did Dos Caras take Lana – and he sprints to the back.

6. Mask vs. Mask: Kalisto d. Pac
-The blow off match to their long feud, Pac has turned heel in the program, clearly internalizing the browbeating from Steen that he and Cesaro were trash for being insufficiently aggressive in their losing matches.  Kalisto represents Underground, giving the partisan crowd their first chance to really get behind one of their own – Kalisto has to fight from underneath here, does so successfully, gets the fall and then, with the aid of Regal who, unable to contain his enthusiasm hits the ring postmatch, unmasks Pac.

Pac is clearly crushed, with the Generico and Steen matches still to come and Claudio having vanished, he’s left to make the lonely trek back to the ring.  Renallo, and then Regal when he returns to the announce, talk about how it’s a real stripping of Pac’s identity – that they don’t recall every seeing a wrestler so thoroughly defeated.

7. El Generico d. Chris Jericho
-It’s Generico’s WWF PPV debut, he’s been out of action for about six months from injuries suffered in the War Games match between GDI and Paul Heyman Guys over the summer.  Jericho is now pure veteran babyface – he’s embraced the Bret Hart role as Canadian patriarch; making occasional drop ins in WWF to put over a younger guy.  That happens again here, this is designed to be the best match they can have with Generico getting the fall.  Jericho extends a hand postmatch and the two babyfaces shake.

8. IC: AJ Styles d. Dean Ambrose
-Mystery opponent AJ Styles debuts in the WWF and becomes the 66th IC Champion.

Ambrose was on his second run; the Langston turn on the Shield cost that group their tag titles and put Black on the shelf.  Ambrose pivoted to an IC chase, took that belt from Bray and then challenged the world to try to take it.  That led to the debuts of Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann in this program – and a Mystery Opponent was named for this match.

AJ adds a couple of elements – all the years in TNA have given him an Orlando fanbase, and that adds to the heat for him here.  Two – his IWGP title runs make NJPW the promotion with which he’s most closely associated as of this moment, Regal doesn’t say Nakamura’s name, but there should be allusions/accusations made at Mauro that he knows something he is not saying.

Man, this is a good workrate show.  AJ takes the belt.  He doesn’t go to the back – he goes into the stands to celebrate with the fans and winds up taking a seat in the front row to watch the title match.

9. WWF Title: Brock Lesnar (w/ Devitt/Sombra/Heyman) d. Kevin Steen (w/Generico) /Nick Nemeth (w/Sheamus/Barrett) (Countout)
-No title switch here.  Steen and Nemeth are both counted out in the big angle.

Steen is WWF Champion, he took from Brock at Summer Slam and then kept over Nemeth at Survivor Series. This is a lumberjack match, sort of, and Pac and Generico are supposed to be in Steen’s corner – but there’s no Pac.  The announce says that’s a tough blow to GDI and Steen, but the sight of Pac’s face (and they note his name may not even be Pac anymore) no one can be shocked that he didn’t make it out here.  Generico’s toughness is pointed out, he just won a tough match and now has to go it alone in Steen’s corner.  The Steen/Generico closeness is then noted.

Nemeth is the most recent Triple Crown winner, he’s the leader of Underground so hopefully gets that hometown reaction.  He’s seconded by Sheamus and Barrett, former tag champs who were kept off this show for this purpose.

And then there’s Brock – two time WWF Champ, he lost the title in a controversial fashion at Summer Slam and responded by killing Joey Styles, ending his WWF run and earning a suspension that ends right now.  He’s managed by Paul, obviously, and the other two Paul Heyman Guys, Sombra and Devitt, who we saw Heyman grow close to in Brock’s absence, second him.

The product of that Steen/Nemeth meeting with Regal becomes obvious, they gang up on Lesnar, it’s a 2 on 1 match until they can get Brock forced from the ring, at which point there’s a brawl among the five lumberjacks when they try to get him back inside.  Steen then turns on Nemeth, and they brawl until Brock returns to the ring to get revenge on both men.

And then it happens.

From the crowd come two men who we aren’t supposed to see until they are on top of Sheamus and Barrett.  It’s former IWGP tag champs Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, and very quickly they destroy the two men.  Nemeth, seeing his stablemates in trouble, leaps from the ring, but gets caught and destroyed quickly.

Simultaneous to Nemeth getting destroyed – Shinsuke Nakamura, who teased on Fight Night the following…

“You know who I am…but you don’t…know why…I’m here…”

…appears from the crowd to attack Generico.  Regal is now shouting at Renallo “these are your men– these are your men”.  Steen is in a submission hold from Lesnar and can’t immediately get away even though he recognizes what is happening to Generico, as Anderson/Gallows are able to leave the incapacitated Underground members to join in the beating of Generico.

Steen is able to muster up the crazy strength to break Brock’s hold in a desperate attempt to save his friend, but before he can exit the ring he is hit from behind by AJ Styles, who had been on the opposite side of the crowd, he hits Steen with his springboard flying forearm, then dumps him outside and joins in the beatdown of Steen/Generico, with the occasional shot at the dead Underground members.

The referee, with nothing else to be done, counts both men out leading to Brock’s win but no title change.

It’s chaos, all happening at the same time, all happening quickly – no one entirely sure how to get a handle on it.  Devitt though raises his right hand in the “wait, wait, wait – I know what’s up” gesture.

And then that hand becomes the shape of a gun.  He points it at a confused Heyman and shoots, then quickly whirls and throws Sombra into the steps, incapacitating him – he then leaps to the apron and then off – kicking Heyman in the head, knocking him cold – Lesnar starts screaming but never makes it out of the ring, he’s attacked from behind by Anderson/Gallows/Styles/Nakamura who are all in the ring now with everyone on the outside totally immobile.

Devitt climbs in and all 5 men beat the hell out of Brock, laying him out entirely, Anderson pulls out a Bullet Club t-shirt, hands it to Devitt, Devitt places it over Lesnar’s face and then stands atop Lesnar as the five men pose. The Bullet Club - Prince Devitt, AJ Styles, Anderson and Gallows...and Shinsuke Nakamura...the Bullet Club has come to the WWF.

The announce lays out as the camera focuses on the t-shirt as the show ends.

Back in February with the Road to Wrestlemania 32.  The main event – the debut of the Elimination Chamber.  See you then.

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