Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

Summer Slam 2005

Thursday, August 17, 2006

The build is here.

Summer Slam 2005
(Dark – London d. Benjamin)
(Dark – LWO d. Guido/Nova/Stevie)

From Washington DC. JR/Taz/Paul E is your announce team.

The show begins with “My Time”, my favorite of his themes, and the unusual appearance of HHH on PPV. The announce wonders what he’s doing in such a prominent position.

Hunter says the fans are all here in DC, at Summer Slam, to see a man who hasn’t appeared on PPV in a full year – we assume, of course, he’s talking about Matt – but he’s not, he’s talking about HHH – the greatest wrestler who ever lived.

Announce laughs – perplexed at what the hell he’s talking about.

Then gets more perplexed when HHH demands, not requests but demands, that Steamboat and Flair come to the ring.

They do – good crowd reaction, both men have quizzical looks on their faces as HHH dresses them down – how is it that the greatest wrestler who ever lived can’t make a PPV in a year? Steamboat tries not to laugh, but says that while, sure HHH is talented, he’s a former tag champ, after all, but he can’t really think that anyone – that anyone believes that he’s the kind of wrestler that Benoit or Eddy or Rey or Angle is.

And Flair jumps in – and when you’re talking about all time, pal, there are two guys you’re in the ring with right now who you couldn’t have lasted five minutes with.

HHH says none of those guys Steamboat named knows how to work. They’re small, they don’t connect with the fans, they don’t have his star power – that even the fans who don’t like him respect him because they know he’s the king of kings.

Steamboat says thanks for your opinion – you’re deluded, but thanks for your opinion.

HHH gets hot – says it’s not an opinion, it’s a fact, and here are a couple more facts – he’ll be wrestling at Survivor Series in Detroit – and he’ll be wrestling at the Rumble in Miami – and he’ll not only be wrestling at Wrestlemania XXII in Chicago – but he’s gonna be walking out of there with some gold – and that’s not just a fact – that’s a promise.

Flair gets hot now – who are you to tell us, don’t you know who we are, not only are we legends, but we run this place…that kinda thing.

HHH, smug as he could be, says, not exactly – and then shows the clip of the Raw after Mania where the new power sharing relationship between Steamboat and Flair was announced – each of them getting (recall?) 49% of control of WWF management, with the other 2% staying with the McMahon family.

At this point, JR says, “oh no” as, while it’s never even been hinted as to Hunter’s relationship with the Princess, since she’s never been a character in the Counterfactual – obviously it’s known to the people in the company – known to those who read the sheets – so, the play here is that Hunter’s about to reveal something he shouldn’t reveal – and use it in the obvious way.

Hunter says, with the old man and Skip nowhere to be found – that just leaves (and then a picture of the Princess in a wedding dress comes on the Titan Tron) Stephanie McMahon.

But she doesn’t want anything to do with the business – she wouldn’t know a wristlock from a wristwatch.

But her husband would (and then the screen fills to see that Hunter is in the picture too, in a tux, marrying the Princess).

Hunter says – that’s right – I’m no longer Triple H – I am Hunter Hearst Helmsley McMahon, and demand to be called as such – and what I have is the ultimate tiebreaker – I have 2% of the power in this company – that means that any time the two of you can’t decide on anything at all – you’re gonna need me – you’re gonna need a tiebreaker, you’re gonna need Hunter Hearst Helmsley McMahon – you’re gonna need the 2% Solution – and then you two won’t have any power at all.

I will.

So, there’s that.

1. Parejas Increibles: Angle/Michaels (w/Benjamin and London) d. Benoit/Jericho
-Flair’s tag match to set up the tournament later on in the evening that will eventually fill the vacant Worldwide belts. Storylines abound – Angle and Michaels have led their factions in a year long feud, Benoit and Jericho have had a hate/hate relationship as the last remaining Harts in the WWF. Benoit/Angle has been the signature WWF feud over the past 5 years, main eventing at two WM. Benoit and Jericho both have Hart/Clique stuff with Michaels, Hart/Clique being the signature feud in the Counterfactual – and Jericho feuded with Angle back when both were babyfaces during the Brock program.

And on the side are the young guys in the TV program, guys who would have met at this PPV – but Angle has put Benjamin on the bench, saying he’s no longer PPV ready – and needs to watch and learn – so, even though Shelton’s a 3 time tag champ – he’s carrying Angle’s gear tonight – Kurt being as condescending as possible, pointing out to Shelton what is going on in the match – demanding that he take notes.

Finish comes when Jericho spits bourbon in Benoit’s face when Benoit was looking for a hot tag – Benoit, blinded, then eats the superkick – and Michaels gets his first ever fall on Benoit.

Benoit runs after Jericho, who is doing his drunken stumble up the aisle, trying to tap his temple, but missing. Michaels celebration is stopped when Angle hits the Olympic Slam on him – Angle and a still unhappy Benjamin exit.

2. Hulk Hogan’s Last Match: Undertaker d. Hogan
-Hogan, now a heel, loses the fall to the dead man on the tombstone – postmatch, PAUL and Kane, in a long feud now with their former partner the dead man – enter – they do a three way staredown – and then the three men reunite with a triple chokeslam of Hogan.

That’s a face turn, you may recall that PAUL has been moving face in a comedic way, as he watches tapes of NOAH wrestler Akira Taue and tries to get Kane (who is still masked and will remain so) to groove on his new Japanese idol. Going forth, think of PAUL and Kane doing comedy during this stretch.

At some point before the end of the evening, as Hogan exits the building in streetclothes, he and Steamboat will be seen shaking hands as Hogan walks away, never to be seen again. See how it all comes back around! I’m good like that.

3. Leviathan (w/ AA) d. Helms
-Big man should be getting cheers now. He’s been with Arn all summer, Arn’s been a babyface during this run – Flair is still tied to Leviathan, and he’s still a babyface – and now Leviathan is dominating, he crushed Rhyno – and the announce positioned him as just need Arn’s tutelage to reach that next level.

So, he goes over here – rolling over Helms – and gets more cheers.

4. Worldwide Semifinal: Angle (w/Benjamin) d. Michaels (w/London)
-Angle earns a spot in the Worldwide Titles match at Survivor Series going over HBK. When Angle is in trouble, he orders Benjamin to cheat for him – Benjamin fumes, but does it. Finally, London attacks and the second brawl to the back (which will cause Angle to get all over Benjamin on TV later)

-Angle cheats to win, ‘cause that’s how he does it – and he gets the spot at the vacant IC. That’ll be big for him, as, should he win, he will be the next recipient of the Triple Crown.

5. Worldwide Semifinal: Benoit d. Jericho
-And Angle will meet Benoit – who, coincidentally, will also be looking for the Triple Crown in that match, as the IC is the only belt neither man has ever held.

This wraps up Jericho.

The story is the Benoit conflict – he feels responsible for the horrible degradation of Jericho, that he was too late in assuming the role of Hart patriarch. Jericho manipulates that, as he’s always been the guy who could push Benoit’s buttons – so, as Jericho tries to embarrass Benoit – and as Benoit grows angrier, he’s held back a bit out of the desire to not really hurt the Lizard King.

Jericho does something sufficiently bad – hey, let’s put Nancy at ringside and Jericho kisses her.

Jericho laughs at the extent he’s pushed Benoit. Benoit gets a strong win, multiple suplexes – say the 10 consecutive german sequence – and then the crossface to get the submission.

Benoit looks at the bloody, drunken Jericho sadly postmatch – and as Jericho leaves, the highlights of his career play over the Titan Tron – there’s been no announcement this is his last match, although, obviously some people know – my hope is there would be a Y2J chant as the clips end – drawing a bittersweet wave from Jericho as he disappears. Hogan and Jericho leave the company on the same night.

6. Tags: Orton/Cena d. Bradshaw/Dinsmore (w/Conway)
-This just drives GHB crazy. And now, I’m guessing the majority of the fans, who have seen this joke play on too long.

Orton and Cena are a comedy act that continues to catch fluke wins based now on Orton’s diamond cutter – and he starts to separate from Cena in terms of skill level. Bradshaw is the NeoCon, referred to by his nickname GHB he’s run through multiple partners (Holly, Conway, whose nickname is Anal Cysts) and each time he loses to Orton and Cena he lariats his partner postmatch – he does that here too – and also lariats Conway. Bradshaw grabs his Sean Hannity flag in disgust, vowing vengeance next time.

7. Undisputed Title: 2 of 3 falls: Rey d. Eddy
-Rey wins the WWF title, and the Triple Crown. This is Eddy’s last match.

Doesn’t matter in what order the falls go – Rey gets the third, obviously – and a proud but tearful Eddy hands him his title belts.

The two men are then attacked by the LWO, Crazy, Juvie, Psycho, whose appearance after Mania prompted this match – Eddy and Rey fight them off together, squashing whatever tension has been created for this match.

In his last WWF act, JR then climbs into the ring for the Triple Crown ceremony – we see on the Titan Tron the engraver working on Rey’s name:


Eddy speaks, congratulating Rey, says he’s deserving of being called the best wrestler alive and one of the greatest of all time – Eddy says he needs to go home for awhile – but he’s glad the WWF is in good hands.

JR briefly interviews Rey, much happiness abounds – Eddy exits – fans chant.

This is, one recalls, how Owen left – the Counterfactual can’t save lives, but it can let people go be with their families. Eddy, of course, dies two weeks before Survivor Series, so he won’t be a part of that buildup at all, since he’s home – and in those 2 weeks, WWF will go dark, canceling tapings and showing Eddy matches on all the TV (while still promoting the PPV, which will work out just fine, trust me).

After Eddy leaves – Rey calls all the boys into the ring, they enter (except for the two in the main) and thank JR for 13 years on the announce with the company. Highlight package is shown. JR tears up – thanks the fans, everyone, including all the announcers, who also came into the ring – including all the ringside personnel – everyone outside of camera operators – exit with JR – leaving a strange quiet and emptiness as we ready for the main event.

8. Unsanctioned: Edge d. Matt
-Okay, this shouldn’t remotely feel like a WWF match. The referee will be new, not part of the company, not wearing the colors. No ring announcer – no announcers of any type – just the crowd noise. All the ringside personnel gone – they even take down the Summer Slam dress, the set piece, the apron – this is not a WWF match, it’s unsanctioned.

-In the back, the boys gather around monitors – we see the Clique in Edge’s locker room, London and Michaels pacing in the background, Christian taping Edge’s fists. Serious looks on everyone’s faces.

-No backstage shot of Matt, as he hasn’t been seen in a year and we aren’t giving it up that easy.

-You know the storyline, Edge gave up his IC to win back the trust of the Clique, particularly Christian, and the locker room is divided who they believe. Edge says he doesn’t know the story – but he didn’t sleep with Lita and doesn’t know why Matt is saying he did. We’re not entirely sure what’s about to happen – but it’s at the end of the night, an almost violent breaking of tradition, given 21 years of WWF Counterfactual PPV have always had an IC match – and always had the WWF title be the main event.

-Matt has not appeared on WWF TV since Summer Slam ’04, when he told the company to fuck off on live PPV and walked out. Edge has been a babyface for over a year. These guys have almost a ten year history together, as Ring Boys, then in the hottest tag rivalry in WWF history – and now here we are in the Unsanctioned match.

-Edge enters first, no one comes with him to the ring – he’s a bundle of nerves.

-And then Matt. I’m expecting a thunderous ovation, I think we’ve primed the pump – both guys are in street clothes, Matt takes a moment at the top of the ramp to let the people chant – and then tears off down that ramp (recall, WWF has a long, white ramp now, like the Tokyo Dome,)

-It needs to be as stiff, as violent, as realistic looking as possible – it needs to feel like a fight – they bleed and swear and scratch and spit. It should feel like a wrestling match, it should feel like it’s in an alley. Handheld camera, extreme closeups – very much unlike WWF production (WWF production should look different anyway – of course – more sports, less stagnation – and we are totally using an overhead camera as a matter of course).

-But here – it’s just fucking stiff – as much full on contact as they’ll do with each other – the finish comes when Matt has the mount on Edge, out on the floor – maybe on the ramp, and is smacking the shit out of him – blood flying – and Lita runs down the ring.

-Lita’s been gone from the storyline for years, since getting taken out by the Dudleys in a cage match with the Hardys – so she’s been where people go who aren’t in the storylines. Smackdown, Heat. Shotgun Saturday Night. Whatever it is.

-She runs to the Matt and Edge, yelling at Matt to stop – that he’s gonna kill Edge, that he needs to stop – someone fortuitously, there is a chair in the immediate vicinity of this spot – and when Matt turns momentarily to look at Lita – she clocks him with the chair.

-Edge hits the Edge-ecution. Edge and Lita grab chairs and do the Con-chair-to. And Edge gets the fall.

-Cut to the back – the boys are shocked or pissed or screaming – and then cut to the back – where London and Michaels are shaking their heads – and Christian, with as pained a look as he can muster, is staring dead at the minor.

-Edge and Lita make out – and are now the Edge and Lita you see on actual WWF TV – Edge puts on his cockiest smile – poses over the fallen Matt – and that’s the end of your show.

-We’ll return, I’m guessing, first week of September to start the build to Survivor Series ’05. In the interim, I’ll be locked feverishly (as am I already, honestly) in rewrites for my play, Spoon Millionaires ( and hoping that there’s at least one helpful dark match they give me for Summer Slam this Saturday, ‘cause otherwise, my planned IC and Tag champs coming out of XXII have to be changed.

Such is the life of the mighty Counterfactual.  Let's Build.

A Counterfactual History of Summer Slam - 5

Thursday, August 10, 2006

'97-2000 is here.

Oh, look at what we have here – one final look at the Counterfactual History of Summer Slam to go – and then it is so on – Summer Slam 2005!

Summer Slam 2001 emanated from San Jose – and the main event unified the WWF and the ECW World Titles: Kurt Angle v. Rob Van Dam

Recall, as we left off, Benoit was WWF Champ, keeping over Rock at Summer Slam ’01 – Angle, at the time beat Undertaker to keep his undefeated run going. Meanwhile…in the dying days of ECW, Van Dam had just lost his World Title, to Jerry Lynn at Heatwave – a title Lynn would successfully defend over Steve Corino to end 2000 at November to Remember. Benoit also ended 2000 successfully, keeping over the returning Austin at Survivor Series – and the Angle run continued as now he went after the Alliance, defeating Saturn at Survivor Series and calling Benoit out.

To get that shot against Benoit, Angle had to beat Rock in the number one contender’s match at the Rumble – he did. And Benoit kept the belt that night, going over Jericho – two men who will meet one more time at Summer Slam ’05 in what sort of seems like a definitive matchup between the sole surviving remnants of the Hart legacy.

Lynn lost his title – to Van Dam, at Guilty as Charged in Queens – that was the PPV that wrapped ECW up – making Van Dam that company’s final champion.

And Angle, in the all time classic at XVII, took the strap from Benoit. The night after Mania, in the biggest RAW of all time – Team WWF beat the Alliance in a War Games Match, with Dean submitting to Angle, forcing the Alliance to leave town. Immediately thereafter, with the WWF united, finally running off the invading Alliance – both ECW and the NWA stormed the arena – leading to a full on 3 way brawl which culminated with the ECW Champ, RVD, hitting the Van Terminator on the WWF Champ Angle – setting up a Double Titles main event for Summer Slam ’01.

The other two title matches did a little better than that – unifying all three companies’ belts, the IC/NWA US/ECW TV contested by Austin/ Tajiri/ Lance Storm – and to be named the Worldwide Titles (currently vacant as a result of Edge’s relinquishment of them to meet Matt in the Unsanctioned Main Event at Summer Slam ’05)

When we left off – it was Jericho who held the IC – but that run ended at Survivor Series ’00 when he dropped to Regal. Regal kept over Austin at the Rumble, but then lost to Stone Cold at XVII.

Your US Champ as of Slamboree ’00 was Kidman, who defended successfully that night over Mortis (Kanyon should have kept the mask) but he would lose at Fall Brawl ’00 to Storm, who would end ’00 with the US, going over Jamie Noble at Starrcade – at the last NWA show, Superbrawl ’01, Storm once again kept over Noble.

Tajiri, meanwhile, had been ECW TV Champ since Hardcore Heaven ‘00, when he beat that same Storm for the strap – he kept at Heatwave over Psychosys, and then finished up with wins over his rival Super Crazy at November to Remember and Guilty as Charged. When ECW and NWA hit the ring on RAW after XVII – all the champs find each other in a face off – so, Storm and Tajiri square off with Austin. The 3 companies were all in opposition to each other – except for Storm and Jericho, and their backstory, not just as Thrillseekers, but as fellow Stampeders, was quickly integrated into the story – in fact, Storm had been referenced previously by Jericho, when trying to convince Benoit that the 3 of them should all band together as the Hart Foundation.

Your tag champs – the Dudley Boys. And they go into Summer Slam looking to unify the tag titles (literally, the Unified Titles, I’m crazy clever that way – the titles now held by Orton and Cena, with Bradshaw/Dinsmore as the NeoCons taking them on at Summer Slam ’05) against the NWA Champs – DDP and Mortis – and the ECW champs – Spike and Rhyno.

Edge and Christian, recall, walked out of TLC 2 at Summer Slam ’00 with the straps – straps they kept in the big Clique splitup match over HHH and Waltman at Survivor Series. They lost their straps, however, to Taz and Raven at Rumble ’01, and at XVII, in the elimination tag, the now babyface Dudleys retook over Raven/Taz, E and C, and the Hardys.

The Dudleys, in total opposition to Heyman and his ECW crew (they masterminded the wipeout of Stevie Richards, the Dudleys manager) are all WWF in this program – the ECW tag belts bounced around over the past year, CW Anderson and the Sandman were champs at Heatwave ’00 – but lost to Guido and Mikey at N2R – who in turn dropped to Rhyno and Spike at Guilty as Charged. So, they carry the colors of ECW into Summer Slam.

Back at Slamboree ’00 – it was Mike Awesome and Scott Steiner who were your NWA tag champs – they fell to the young babyface tag team of Shane Helms and Shannon Moore at Fall Brawl – Moore and Helms keeping as ’00 ended, over Yang and Kidman at Starrcade.

Doesn’t Jimmy Yang work for Titan? Where the fuck is he?

At Super Brawl, however, DDP (who had already been tag champ twice with Saturn) and Mortis took the straps – and carry them here into the big interpromotional Summer Slam ’01.

Anything else?

Well, Undertaker, Kane and PAUL formed the giant heel team Dead Men Walking – and they were set for the opening tag. Jeff and Edge, with their brothers in their corners, met in a singles as the Ring Boys feud continued. Jericho met Waltman, as the Harts and Clique continued their war into the new millennium. And Booker T, carrying the NWA banner, took on the Rock.


Angle taps Van Dam, the match is a No DQ, as has every RVD match been since he entered as Paul E negotiated a deal where RVD can always take it to the extreme, which is how WWF gets the ECW title belts in the Counterfactual. Currently, of course, RVD is out, having turned face during his year long feud with Matt Hardy, leaving Heyman, who then paid off Team Angle to take RVD out.

Tajiri got the Worldwide titles for ECW, getting the fall on Storm, who was distracted when the NWA attacked his buddy Jericho on the outside – that set up both the Austin/Page feud (Austin was taken out with a diamond cutter) and the Storm/Justin/Jericho thing, as Lance had to choose between his two former tag partners.

The Dudleys took the tags for WWF, with Mortis taking 3D and postmatch, as the WWF hit the ring, the Hardys and Dudleys shook hands, ending their long feud.

The NWA got a win too – Booker going over Rock when Regal turned on the WWF, aiding Book to join the NWA and start the Regal/Rock program.

Jericho beat Waltman in his last match with the company and Jeff beat Edge.

So, now, with only one company standing, Counterfactual WWF, Summer Slam ’02 rolled around from Long Island.

And just as Summer Slam ’01 had meant the uniting of the WWF and ECW World Titles – Summer Slam 2002 meant that the final major American belt would come into the WWF fold – as the last ever NWA Champ – Rey Mysterio, debuted over the summer, winning the number one contender’s battle royal, to earn the title shot against Angle.

Angle kept over Booker at Survivor Series – then began a gimmick where he challenged anyone in the world for his double titles. First up was Flair – in the blow off to Team NWA, angle tapped him out at rumble ’02 to end that program. Next was the dramatic return of longtime WWF Champ Mr. Perfect – he tapped to Kurt at XVIII.

Little Rey then is the mystery entrant for the battle royal – he wins – and all 3 belts will be unified at Summer Slam ’02 – creating the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World – which, coincidentally, will be challenged again by Mysterio at Summer Slam 05, against the champion Eddy Guerrero.

Your Worldwide Champ headed to SSlam 02 is RVD.

Tajiri dropped the Worldwide belts at Survivor Series to Taz – who decided that he didn’t like those ECW guys back when there was an ECW – so screw them. Taz then dropped to Van Dam at the Rumble in the final battle for the ECW name – winner carried the torch as Team ECW was dissolved – loser retired, and Taz joined the announce team thereafter.

At XVIII, Van Dam kept over Austin, leading he and Paul E to say that just as was the case back in Philly – even though RVD wasn’t heavyweight champion – his was the real world title. His claim as best wrestler in the world was disputed by the returning Shawn Michaels – gone 3 years – Michaels returned at that same number one contender’s battle royal, and was the last man eliminated by Mysterio. HBK and RVD did a veteran/upstart program rolling into Summer Slam.

The tag champs – the 4th version of the Hart Foundation to hold the straps – as Summer Slam, which was built on the Harts – returns to its roots.

The Dudleys kept the belts at Survivor Series ’01, over Raven and Tommy, in the ECW battle – but then lost at the Rumble in TLC 3, with the newly formed Hart Foundation of Jericho and Storm going over the Duds and E and C.

Jericho/Storm kept in TLC 4 at XVIII over the Hardys and the new Dudley configuration of Bubba and Spike – but at the same battle royal, they were attacked by two masked men – two masked men who then ran over the WWF tag ranks all summer long to earn a shot at Summer Slam.

What else…Edge and Christian in the opening tag against Spike and Stevie, the newly babface Booker T, a legend’s feud between Undertaker and Flair, with Flair seconded by his protégée, Leviathan (Batista) who had been kicked off the reality series Camp Angle (Tough Enough). A return to PPV for Dustin Rhodes, once again against his longtime rival HHH. Kurt’s brutal, monster protégée from Camp Angle, Brock Lesnar, was set to meet the Rock.


Kurt Angle stakes his claim as the greatest wrestler of all time, becoming Undisputed Champion of the world by getting Mysterio to tap – Angle having to resort to brawling when he couldn’t outwrestle little Rey.

Michaels won his 4th IC title, a record, taking the Worldwide straps from Van Dam – when the cocky RVD went for a five star splash from the top of a ladder and missed.

The masked men won the tag titles – unmasking to reveal themselves as Benoit and Guerrero, gone for over a year since losing the loser leaves town war games match. Since they now had the titles – they got contracts – but more than that – postmatch, they were joined in the ring by Flair and Leviathan (Flair beat the ‘Taker earlier in the evening) who had spent several weeks teasing a new formation of the 4 Horsemen – the Horsemen were then reformed – with Benoit and Guerrero holding up the four fingers postmatch.

Brock not only beat the Rock,, he destroyed him with multiple F5s and a one finger cover. Brock was clearly a heel, an obnoxious bully of a heel, but Angle, the monster babyface champion, apparently was oblivious to his protégées techniques and the negative fan reaction that was beginning to build – so obsessed was Kurt with his role as teacher, trainer, so proud was he of another amateur wrestler’s success.

Hunter, Book, E and C all won.

Summer Slam 2003, from Phoenix, was the culmination of not only the largest tournament in wrestling history, 64 men to crown a new Undisputed Champion of the World, but also concluded one of the Counterfactual’s best angles.

Angle’s unabated support of Lesnar continued to result in the crowd – and the locker room – turning on him. Angle believed they were all jealous of the success of amateur wrestlers in their business. This increasing animosity, encouraged by Lesnar, who reveled in the negative attention, resulted in Kurt’s going over Jericho at Survivor Series – and then Michaels at Rumble ’03.

But finally, at that Rumble – Angle realized his error as Brock destroyed Jericho – and tried to discipline his protégée – that attempt would lead, at night’s end, to a failed reconciliation, when Brock – along with Team Angle, the newly crowned tag champs, Haas and Benjamin, all turning on Kurt.

Getting us to XIX – when Kurt, with neck surgery looming, beat Brock after the botched shooting star press.

Kurt had to relinquish the belt the next night – and then the Titan Trust (Arn, Dean, Fit, serving as the figurehead commissioners) set up a 64 man tourney for the belt.

It’s all on the right side. Go find it. It’s fun to read.

Eddy and Brock came through the tourney – Eddy following Benoit in breaking free of the Horsemen and turning babyface over the course of the tournament – Brock still being Brock – as they went nose to nose – with a rare apperarance by Vince McMahon announcing that one of them would be crowned champ in the finals at Summer Slam – a wheelchair bound, drooling, halo wearing Kurt Angle was helped into the ring – appearing for the first time since giving up his belt – you could see the tears in the fans eyes as Vince lifted the mic to Angle’s lips –

And Angle turned heel. He leapt up – Olympic slammed Vince on the chair – he and Brock battled Eddy and Benoit, shock in the eyes of all 3 men – and maniacal, devious Kurt Angle, SuperHeel, was born.

At Summer Slam ’03, he took on Benoit in a singles. Eddy was not only looking for his first WWF Title – but to win the Triple Crown, held for five years by Cactus Jack.

Hard for the rest of the card to compete.

The Worldwide belt had become home for the juniors.

Van Dam regained the Worldwide at Survivor Series, taking out Michaels in a ladder match at MSG – but then lost to Mysterio at Rumble ’03; Little Rey kept over Chavo, who had gone from half of the SpreeKillers with Shane Helms to a member of the Horsemen after Benoit turned – to an enemy of his Uncle Eddy’s when Eddy turned. That led to XIX – where he lost his Worldwide bid to Mysterio – and at Summer Slam, Rey would be contested by the former Worldwide champ Tajiri – no longer with Heyman, now aligned with Ultimo Dragon, who debuted in the tournament.

Your tag champs – the Clique. Specifically Michaels and Hunter.

Benoit and Eddy, as heel champs, kept over the oil and water tag team of Noble and Kidman at Survivor Series – but then lost to the upstart Team Angle, Haas and Benjamin, at the Rumble. Michaels and HHH, who had never won WWF gold, formed a tag as part of their feud with Kurt and Brock, and took the straps at XIX – at Summer Slam, they were set to take on Dead Men Walking (‘Taker/Kane) – as Hunter had missed a year with a torn quad at the hands of a Triple Chokeslam by DMW (see, like that.)

Hunter was, at this point, already behaving in a shady fashion – Michaels had protégées of his own who had now arrived – London and Spanky – and in the tournament, Hunter’s jealousy of them became apparent after he was defeated by Paul.

What else…well, we had a new Jericho – JerichoDark, Chris was betrayed by his best friend, Lance, hooking up with his girl, Stacy Keibler – Jericho took a loser leaves town over Storm, but began to slip into a shell, growing a beard, becoming morose – seeming to enjoy being punished – he attacked the Horsemen in the tournament – and he would take on Flair at Summer Slam. The culmination of JerichoDark is in his ’05 persona as the Lizard King Chris Jericho, a boozy, strung out heel – who meets Benoit as part of the mini tournament to crown a new Worldwide Champ.

What else…what will be a year long Van Dam/Hardy feud is underway – with Matt managed by Bischoff and RVD by Heyman – the men make a long double turn, with the managers pushing each to more and more violent levels. Nash returned in the tournament, losing to Michaels – and then was turned on by his former NWA tag partner – Bill Goldberg – making his WWF debut. Goldberg/Nash is also set for Summer Slam ’03 – a big, big show.


Eddy won the straps, going over Brock, winning the triple crown. Postmatch, the babyfaces, Eddy’s family, the other Hispanics in the company, hit the ring to celebrate – while Chavo, who had a good night himself, stood stewing in the aisle as a callback to Counterfactual X with Bret/Owen (as we’ve been making Hart/Guerrero parallels strong at this point) which of course was a callback to actual X.

Tajiri took the Worldwide from Rey with Ultimo’s aid – and then all of them were battered down by Chavo – who held up the 3 belts, hence was I meant by his good night.

Lot of Hispanics in Phoenix – I’m just saying – and it’s 2003 – this is good heat.

Michaels and HHH keep – with Hunter apparently inadvertently leveling Spanky with the sledgehammer.

Angle and Benoit go time limit draw in their first singles match since XVII. Benoit wanted five more minutes – Angle wasn’t interested.

Jericho got the win over Flair – but was beaten down postmatch by Leviathan.

RVD got a cage match win over Matt, avenging his loss at XIX and in the 64 man tournament.

Goldberg went over Big Daddy Cool, then called out Lesnar postmatch.

Finally – just last year – Summer Slam 2004.

Although it was an even numbered year – there was no number one contender’s battle royal after Mania (it happened after Summer Slam) as Angle, after losing his belt at XX to Benoit – refused to allow it to happen, attacking (and ending the reign of) the Titan Trust – which led to the formation of a Strike Team (The Shield) like version of Team Angle – Kurt, Regal, Haas, and Benjamin.

Benoit/Kurt rematch is set for Summer Slam 04 in Toronto, with the final fall being submission only.

Eddy kept the belt in a four way at Survivor Series – but lost to Kurt at Rumble ’04 – leading to Kurt dropping to Benoit at XX.

Speaking of Eddy – he is your Worldwide champion coming into Summer Slam – Chavo took from Tajiri at Survivor Series – then kept in a 3 way over Rey and Tajiri at the Rumble – but lost a ladder match at XX to his Uncle Eddy – Guerrero and Benoit left standing in the MSG ring together at night’s end, holding up all 6 title belts as they embraced, replicating my all time favorite actual wrestling moment.

Good times.

Eddy faced his longtime rival, Jericho, now the Lizard King, with his junkie girlfriend Trish in tow at Summer Slam. Jericho completed a double turn with Christian after their year long feud at XX in the second Hell in the Cell Match, when Trish turned on Christian to join the Lizard King.

But also in that IC match at Summer Slam – young Paul London, a daredevil, earning the chant of “Please Don’t Die” from the fans. London was now full fledged Clique, along with Michaels, Edge, and Christian, as they reformed the group at XX.

Your tag champs coming into Summer Slam ’04 – Flair and Leviathan of the Horsemen.

Michaels and Hunter kept their straps over the now heel Dudleys, with Heyman, at Survivor Series – but then lost to Haas and Benjamin at the Rumble, which led to Hunter’s taking out Spanky, Hunter’s heel turn, and Michaels meeting Hunter at XX.

At XX – Haas and Benjamin lost their belts to Flair/Leviathan – and now, the Horsemen meet the brand new high flying team of Mysterio and the now babyface Van Dam at Summer Slam.

What else…Hunter takes on Edge, who returned from a long neck surgery absence XX to save the Clique…Matt Hardy, now without Bischoff who was taken out by RVD in the XX blowoff to that feud, meets Booker T, to whom Bischoff owed money. Billy Kidman meets Nick Dinsmore, again a babyface, the Undertaker meets Kane – and a babyface comedy tag team, Orton and Cena (who are now the tag champs facing Dinsmore a year later) meet the Dudleys.


Benoit takes Angle in the world title match, Angle submitting for the first time in his life in the third fall. Jericho wins his 3rd IC, and saving Eddy postmatch is Chavo, who then continues his face turn in the number one contender’s battle royal after the event when he eliminates his Horsemen mate Leviathan, aiding Eddy’s battle royal victory. Chavo would eventually be taken apart by Leviathan and leave in an injury angle.

RVD got the frog splash on Flair – giving the babyfaces the tag titles. Edge, in Toronto, goes over HHH in the No DQ to establish himself as a babyface. A year later, that status is in question. And it’s in question because Matt Hardy, who has not been seen in the year since this event, lost to Booker – told the WWF to fuck off and quit on live PPV.

A year later, in the “You screwed Matt” Lita angle – Edge and Matt meet in the unsanctioned main event at SSlam ’05.

Undertaker went over Kane, Kidman over Dinsmore, Orton/Cena ended the Dudleys WWF run.

Which brings up trippingly to this year’s Summer Slam.

Your main event for the first time ever won’t be for the WWF title – it’s Edge and the returning Matt in the Unsanctioned match. Did Edge sleep with Lita? Or – is he telling the truth? Edge gave us the Worldwide belts he won at Rumble ’05 in order to get this match and win back the trust of the Clique. Edge swore to Christian that he was telling the truth – the locker room is divided – this match is completely unsanctioned – Matt has not appeared on WWF TV since Summer Slam ’04 – it’s your main event.

Your Worldwide Title match is Eddy v. Rey. Benoit kept over Eddy, who won the battle royal, at Survivor Series ’04, then kept over Michaels in the revival of Clique/Harts at Rumble ’05 – but lost the rematch to Eddy, an iron man made by the new WWF figurehead, Ricky Steamboat, at XXI.

Rey won 2 matches, including a legend’s match, at XXI – was named the Ace of the promotion by Steamboat –and spurred on by a challenge from the LWO (Crazy, Psychosys, Juvie) Rey is named number one contender to Guerrero in a 2 of 3 Lucha rules match. Not only does Rey challenge to become undisputed champ – but also win the Triple Crown, currently held, of course, by Guerrero.

The tags – Orton and Cena continue their improbable run, defending against Bradshaw and Dinsmore. Angle and Benjamin won the straps over RVD/Rey at Survivor Series ’04 and then lost to the current version of the SpreeKillers, Helms and Rhyno. The SpreeKillers lost at XXI to Orton and Cena – and here we are, with Bradshaw, the NeoCon, who hates those punk kids Orton and Cena who should be serving their country in Iraq – tries with his 3rd partner to get over on them.

With Edge giving up the IC – 4 men meet in a tournament (made by the new babyface figurehead Flair – he and Steamboat each control 49% of WWF creative, with the McMahon family retaining 2% control) winners go to Survivor Series to face off for the vacant titles.

In that tournament – Benoit takes on Jericho – Trish is now gone, Jericho is drunk constantly, he’s fat, he’s bearded, he’s nothing like the Lionheart who revived the Hart Legacy in ’99 – and it’s another Hart, a man who has now embraced his Hart legacy, Benoit, who he meets.

In the other match – Angle meets Michaels. Team Angle has been locked in battle with the Clique all year – Angle beat Christian at XXI – and their leaders meet in a singles here at Summer Slam. Flair also uses this to make the opening tag match – Angle and Michaels teaming together against Benoit and Jericho.

Leviathan – beginning to get a babyface reaction, now managed by Arn – destroyed Rhyno over the summer, ending his run, and now meets the other half of the SpreeKillers, Helms, at Summer Slam. Hogan turned heel at XXI, attacking the Undertaker, and they meet in Hulk Hogan’s last match at Summer Slam.

Toss in that Jim Ross has announced that he is stepping down after Summer Slam – 13 years into his run as lead WWF announcer – and you have a big, big show – coming up next week – Summer Slam 2005!

In the meantime, feel free to go to to read my vituperative production blog – my play gets produced this weekend – show some love, good people – and I’ll see you next week!

Summer Slam 2005 is here.

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Summer Slam 2008 is here.

A Counterfactual History of Summer Slam - 4

Thursday, August 03, 2006

'94-96 is here

Two more Counterfactual Summer Slam recaps to go – Part IV here will get us through 2000 – and then Part V, next week, will get us all the way up to Summer Slam 2005. ETA for that big, big show is August 18. Matt v. Edge, Eddy v. Rey, Benoit v. Jericho, Angle v. Michaels – Hulk Hogan’s last match, Jim Ross’s last show – Summer Slam ’05, just two weeks away!

Part III of this recap left off in 1997 with Summer Slam 10. After his first year ever not wrestling for a title at a Summer Slam, the Hit Man returned at East Rutherford in ’97, this time, challenging Austin for the WWF Title he dropped to him at XIII.

It was Shawn, recall, who left Summer Slam ’96 with the belt – but he dropped to Bret, winning his 3rd WWF Heavyweight Title, a record, at Survivor Series ’96 in a match that saw a full on Harts v. Clique v. Austin brawl.

Bret kept at Rumble ’97, in what I think is my favorite angle in the Counterfactual, he beat Shawn one last time in a lumberjack match (Clique on one side, Harts on the other) that culminated a bloody evening long (months long) battle between the two factions. Pillman, as guest ref., turned on the Harts postmatch, appearing to join the Clique – but then turned on them too – joining Austin, who had been at war with both sides – in demolishing the full group.

That led to the title switch at XIII – and at Summer Slam ’97, Bret, re-turning face in this program with the heel Stone Cold, got his rematch against Austin.

Cactus, who, recall lost an IC shot a year previous in his WWF PPV debut – Vader powerbombing him off the ramp – went into Summer Slam ’97 with that strap. He beat big Leon at Survivor Series ’96, in MSG, in a steel cage to take the title – kept the title at Rumble ’97 in a Death Match over Terry Funk – then beat Vader in the blowoff at XIII with Ken Shamrock as the special guest referee.

And that’s your Summer Slam ’97 match – Shamrock is the shooter, the UFC legend, a no nonsense babyface whose push insults the wrestler Foley. Mick says he can beat Shamrock at his own game, in a UFC style match – in an Octagon (or as close as we could come, depending on the deal Counterfactual Vince cut with Counterfactual UFC).

Your tag champs – the 3rd version of the Hart Foundation to hold the straps – Owen and Davey Boy.

Mero and Bart, recall, left Summer Slam ’96 with the belts – belts they kept, going over Furnas and LaFon (I’m sorry) at Survivor Series ’96. But they fell to Owen and Davey boy at Rumble ’97, a historic win as it made Davey a 3 time tag champ with 3 different partners – and gave Owen the Triple Crown.

The Harts kept at XIII, going over Furnas and Lafon in the tape traders match, following which the champs went nose to nose with the returning legends, the Road Warriors --- and that feud, a big star babyface feud, carries us through the summer –and into Summer Slam ’97, where they met for the titles.

What else is on the big card?

Well, more Owen – he’s gotta wrestle twice, as he’s been locked in mortal battle with the totally insane Pillman all summer – Pillman stalking Owen’s family, attacking Owen in public – restaurants, airports, hotels and so Owen meets him at Summer Slam.

Hunter and Goldust have been feuding all year – Hunter as heel Clique, Goldust now as babyface, with a series of gold painted wrestlers with him (Ron and Don, Sid) as the Golden Girls. They meet in a falls count anywhere at ’97. And there were, presumably, some other matches too.

Results: This is infamously known amongst WWF Counterfactual fans as Screwjob Summer Slam, as we took a lot of shortcuts for the sake of storyline.

Austin and Bret fought to a draw when Michaels, as special guest ref, turned heel and took both of them out. Bret actually temporarily paralyzed Austin with a piledriver (see, like that) and when he went to cover – Michaels superkicked him, then covered both guys for a ten count and a draw. This will lead to the belt getting held up and put on the line in a big four way at Survivor Series ’97.

Foley kept the belt against Shamrock, but lost via DQ when, in the Octagon, he pulled out a corkscrew and then thumbtacks to go all garbage on the shootfighter, turning himself heel.

The Road Warriors took the tags, their second WWF straps, when Pillman attacked Owen, leaving the Bulldog to take the Device. That segued into the Pillman/Owen singles – which Owen won – leading to Pillman’s being attacked by Austin, who couldn’t put up with the loss to a Hart – Pillman was saved by Owen, who carried him from the ring.

RIP, Brian.

Elsewhere, Hunter beat Dustin – and the Nation of Domination (which was now the Rock, DLo, and Mark Henry) which had been doing the heel Rock gimmick, turned face so he could do his face Rock schtick.

Summer Slam returned where it all began, MSG, in 1998, for a whizbang show.

Your WWF Champion…Owen Hart.

In the most emotional moment in Counterfactual history – Survivor Series Montreal was a four way for the vacant belt – one fall to a finish – winner got the belt – the guy who loses left the WWF forever.

It was Bret of course, in the sharpshooter, losing to his little brother – and postmatch, finally, once and for all, putting the bad blood behind them by placing the WWF Title around the teary eyed Owen’s waist.

Owen kept over Austin at Rumble ’98, Steve beat Michaels in a 3 match series on TV to get the shot – and then Shawn got his own shot in the blowoff to their ten year feud – losing to Owen at XIV.

With Bret and Shawn both gone from the company – we needed a new challenger for Owen’s belt at Summer Slam – that challenger was Cactus Jack, who won the every-other-year battle royal, previously won by the Bulldog, Razor, Hakushi, and Owen to be named number one contender.

The previous year, Jack lost his IC to Shamrock in their rematch at Survivor Series Montreal – then hooked up with his friend/rival Terry Funk to win the tag straps at the Rumble over the Nation – they dropped those straps at XIV to the Outlaws – and Cactus then set his sights on Owen, who he called the Canadian golden boy, a boy of privilege, everything handed to him by his harder working relatives while Foley slept in his car.

They’d meet in a No DQ at MSG at Summer Slam – a win for Cactus wouldn’t just give him his first WWF Title – it would also give him the Triple Crown.

Also going for the Triple Crown on that same night – Steve Austin.

Shamrock, as just mentioned, won the IC in Montreal. He kept over Vader at the Rumble – then kept over Austin at XIV, however, he lost in a DQ. Shamrock and Austin had begun to double turn since the Rumble – and in what might have been the most high profile Mania match (in the Octagon with Tyson as guest referee) Shamrock grew frustrated as he couldn’t get Austin to submit – eventually taking a shot at Iron Mike.

The turn completed over the summer – Shamrock insulted that a guy like Austin is in the ring, decides he won’t wrestle against him again in the Octagon – they do Summer Slam MSG as a submission match in a four sided ring.

The tags are a 3 way. Rock and DLo took the straps in Montreal – taking out the Warriors and the Outlaws in a 3 way – then, as mentioned, dropped to Jack and Funk at the Rumble – who, in turn, as mentioned, lost to the Outlaws at XIV.

The long Nation v. Outlaws feud rolled into Summer Slam – but also joining that feud was the other half of the Clique, HHH and Waltman. Tension between those two groups had built all summer, boiling to the point where the Clique lost an 8 man to the Ring Boys (more on them in a moment) and the fracture led to the inclusion of the veterans in this match.

K-DX came over from Japan this year, really helping me out for this show. Funaki and Teioh worked the opening tag. Taka was turned on by his boys this summer – and he and Togo met in a singles. Dustin was no longer Goldust – now, he was one of the Confederate flag waving Southern Men, along with Jeff Jarrett, and in singles matches, they were taking on Mero and the Abolitionist Ulysses Morley (Val Venis).

That left a singles match, the first appearance on PPV for a member of the Ring Boys.

The original ring boys were the Hardys, serving as such for the Clique over the past couple of years – occasionally, they’d get to do a squash job – and sometimes they’d work dark in a spot match to entertain the crowds. The idea, as with the ring boys in Japan, is that they’d do all the grunt work while training to be workers. And with the Clique, there was a lot of grunt work to do, as one could imagine.
In ’98, they were joined by Adam and Christian, who were assigned to the Harts (well, just Owen) and the four became friends, although with a Clique/Hart tension as undercurrent. That Adam and Christian were Canadian helped matters there.

In the big battle royal over the summer – the four men got to work – and in a significant upset – they eliminated Vader. They followed that up with the 8 man win over the Clique – so, finally, with the crowds chanting “Let Them Play” at WWF officials – it was Adam (trying to get his buddies to call him Edge) who got a singles shot at Summer Slam against Vader.

Results: Cactus won the WWF Title – doing so by setting Owen on fire, which hopefully is enough to make him a heel even in New York.

Austin won the IC, choking Shamrock out with the million dollar dream. He and Foley, who were doing a longstanding cold war thing, both winning the Triple Crown.

Rock and DLo regained the tags, Rock getting the Rock Bottom on HHH (those two also in a slow burning feud) when the Clique finally exploded for good – the Outlaws turning on Waltman/HHH.

Taka beat Togo, Jarrett, as did he with Savio, ended Mero’s run in a figure four he refused to break. Morley went over Dustin – and Adam/Edge beat Vader, ending Vader’s run and catapulting the Ring Boys.

A year later we were in Minneapolis for Summer Slam '99.

And the match at the top was years in the making – Cactus v. Austin for the big belt, the Wrestlemania main event that never was comes to Summer Slam 12.

Foley and Austin, recall, left Summer Slam ’98 as Triple Crown winners and singles. belt holders. They both kept at Survivor Series, Cactus beating Shamrock in the first ever Hell in the Cell (Shamrock tossed him off the cell, Foley took that bump, you know, that bump – in what would be the cornerstone of his eventual face turn) while Austin beat Regal in his debut.

Owen came back for Rumble ’99 – vowing revenge for Summer Slam – and beat Foley in the most extreme WWF match of the era – hooking Foley in the sharpshooter while both men were on fire – Cactus submitting – a match so violent it led to a mutual respect between the men, and furthered the Foley turn. Austin kept at the Rumble, over Crazy Al Snow, back from ECW and on a crazy rampage to win the IC.

Cactus retook the big belt at XV in Philly, Owen’s last match in the Counterfactual (RIP, Owen) while Austin lost the IC to Snow in the falls count anywhere. Cactus and Austin feuding without wrestling in a singles match, really since they joined the WWF, boil all summer long – both men wanting the Triple Crown that they have shared for a year – their feud getting to a point where not only was Governor Jesse Ventura to be brought in a special guest referee for their Summer Slam title match – not only would that title match be for undisputed possession of the Triple Crown – but the match would be career for career – the loser’s wrestling career would be owned, would be in possession of his biggest rival – the winner.

You know what happened to the IC, I just told you – so it was Al Snow who went into Minnesota with the belt – a belt he’d put up in a 3 way against Sean Waltman and D Lo Brown.

Crazy Al came back from ECW crazier than ever – immediately challenging the Undertaker who apparently did not pay him the proper respect in the locker room upon his return. Al got the win over the dead man at Survivor Series, at the same show, Waltman got one over 2 Cold, who had joined the Nation – the HHH/Rock feud spilling over to include Waltman and the rest of the NOD. Waltman and DLo hooked up at the Rumble in a tag title match, the Nation keeping over the Clique. At XV, while Waltman was teaming with Hunter to beat the Outlaws, D Lo and Rock were losing the tag titles to the Hardys (where, in the postmatch, Edge and Christian turned on their friends, joining HHH and Waltman as the New Clique, with a turning Trish as their manager).

The IC is set up in a summertime twist – the Nation feuds with HHH and Waltman all summer – but then, the teams are split for one match HHH tagging with the Rock and Waltman with DLo – winning team gets to go to Summer Slam for a 3 way for the IC.

Waltman and D Lo went over – and now, in Waltman’s hometown, they both meet Al.

I’ve just mentioned the tag lineage. Rock and DLo kept the belts they regained at last year’s Summer Slam at Survivor Series over the Outlaws – then kept at the Rumble over HHH/Waltman, but lost to the Hardys at XV. With that shocking, devious turn by E and C at XV, we had our tag title set up for Summer Slam, Hardys against Edge and Christian.

What else…well, Kurt Angle, who debuted at XV, Angle Slamming Jarrett to keep him from burning the American flag – was going to appear to name who would be his first PPV opponent at Survivor Series. A number one contender’s mini tournament would be held (not unlike the one set for Summer Slam ’05, just two weeks away, that one’s for the vacant IC, this one was for a Survivor Series shot at the big belt) Shamrock meeting HHH and Rock taking on Jarrett. PAUL~ the Giant (Big Show) with Skip McMahon as his mouthpiece (Shane) was dominating the undercard and was set to take on the Undertaker.

Cactus goes over Austin, following which the boys fill the ring as the Triple Crown is renamed the Owen Hart Memorial Triple Crown. Waltman wins the IC, capping a big night for the Clique that also saw HHH beat Shamrock and E and C – well, they still lost the Hardys via DQ – but they beat them down with multiple Con-chair-toes.

Angle made his announcement – saying he would make his PPV debut against the unbeaten PAUL, who went over the ‘Taker in a destructive fashion earlier that night. And the Rock matched HHH, by going over Jarrett.

How about one more Summer Slam in this recap – Summer Slam 2000, from By God North Carolina.

And by the time this show rolled around, the uppercard revolution was in full swing. Your WWF Champion – Chris Benoit. Your IC Champ – Eddy Guerrero.

Cactus kept at Survivor Series ’99, beating HHH and Rock in a 3 way, then held on in the interpromotional match against Taz at the Rumble in MSG. Waltman’s run ended at Survivor Series against Jericho, who promised to return the Hart name to glory. Jericho then disposed of another Cliquester, HHH at the Rumble. But just a few short weeks before XVI, the best PPV in Counterfactual history, the WWF was invaded by 3 NWA World Heavyweight Champions, Benoit, Guerrero, Malenko – along with Saturn – and that shook up the face of the company. Benoit took the WWF Title from Cactus at XVI, while Eddy, continuing their NWA feud, took the IC from Jericho.

Eddy and Jericho rematch at Summer Slam in a 2 of 3 falls – Benoit faces the winner of the battle royal, of course - and in 2000 – that was the Rock.

The Hardys were tag champs coming into Summer Slam, as they had been leaving the previous year. This was their second run, they dropped to the debuting Dudleys, managed by Stevie Richards, at Survivor Series in a tables match. The Dudleys kept at the Rumble over the Fightin’ Holly Brothers, putting them through double flaming
Tables – while the Hardys, now with Lita as their valet, were going over the Outlaws in the opener. XVI was the debut of the TLC collision matchup – it was the Hardys going over the Dudleys and E and C, Matt climbing to gather the belts to regain the straps. The Duds have moved center, maybe even babyface by the end of the summer, as part of an ECW ex-pat feud with the Clique – and that’s where they’re positioned for TLC 2, where they and E and C will challenge the Hardys for the straps at Summer Slam 2000.

What else…Stevie makes his PPV wrestling debut against Waltman…Hunter meets Taz (lots of Clique/ECW, see?) the unbeaten Angle takes on the newly turned Undertaker.

Results: Benoit gets the Rock to tap to the sharpshooter, as the unease he has with his Hart heritage begins to color his character. Jericho regained his title, taking out Eddy when Dean, who had problems with Eddy during the later part of the summer, chose not to intervene to same his stablemate. It was E and C grabbing their first ever tag straps, with some aid from their stablemates, Hunter and Waltman, seeming to quell any unease that had recently popped up between those two factions. Waltman was a winner earlier that night over Richards – not so Hunter, who lost to the Tazmission. And Kurt Angle stayed unbeaten, defeating the Undertaker.

That was Summer Slam 2000 – and that’s part IV of our Counterfactual recap – to read more about these, or any other cards, just go to the right side and scroll through – we’ve got every PPV…ever….one continuous WWF storyline from 1985 all the way through Summer Slam 2005 – which is only two weeks out – Matt Hardy in the Unsanctioned “You Screwed Matt” match against Edge – Eddy Guerrero defending his Undisputed Championship against Rey Mysterio in a 2 of 3 falls match, Rey trying to win the Hart Memorial Triple Crown. Check out all the excitement – Summer Slam 2005, coming in 2 weeks!

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