Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

The build is here.

Survivor Series 2007 – Miami
(Dark: Noble d. Regal
Kendrick d. Sydal)

Still rocking the multiple announce teams for our Thanksgiving eve tradition. Joey and Taz do the WWF Title, the ECW Title, the tag title and the Juggernaut matches. JR and Bradshaw do the opening tag, the IC, and the main event.

The first thing we see, and it’s present the entire show, is that countdown clock, now set to hit 7 somewhere around the 5th match tonight.

Show opens with Leviathan coming to the ring for a promo.

He says he’s supposed to unveil his mystery tag team partner for the opening match.

He doesn’t have one. He’s gonna have one. But not tonight.

He’s not gonna have one tonight for 2 reasons.

One, Because he’s been half of the tag team champs before – with Ric Flair. And when Ric Flair has been your tag partner, you can’t just pick up any ham and egger to replace him.
Two, Because he watches Monday Night Raw sometimes. And he knows that coming up this guy, this streetfighter…the Juggernaut….is gonna fight two guys. I couldn’t care less about some tatted up Samoan from the WWF – but if he can beat up two guys in one night – I can beat up two guys at the same time.

1. Leviathan d. Holly/Miz
-Batista squashes the oil and water tag. Any Real World kid they’ve been able to get, any C level reality star who has been added to the Miz menagerie over this stretch can come out here and bump for Leviathan. He buries everyone and gets the Bomb on Holly for the fall. Announce puts over the renewed fire in the eyes of the freaky monster Leviathan and speculates on when he’ll decide on a tag partner and how that will impact the tag team division.

Spoiler alert = before the Rumble, Leviathan will get not just a tag partner, but a manager as well.

2. Juggernaut d. Mabel
-Juggernaut’s music (featuring his catchphrase – I’M THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH!) hits early, before Leviathan’s off the ramp. The two monsters have a staredown – all 4 announcers talking over each other – Taz and Bradshaw amping up the NWA v. WWF element of the confrontation.

The first of two mystery opponents provided to fight Umaga is Mabel. He’s got the pajamas, he’s rapping, he’s on a mission to beat Eddie Little. People are raising the roof. It’s a whole pajama jammy jam.

Little squashes him. Beats him like he’s Randy Couture.

(editor’s note – Brock~!)

3. Juggernaut d. Kane
-It’s Kane’s return, gone for a year, maybe more – he’s the second mystery opponent – Eddie Little just beats the crap out of him – owns him – rips him apart – unmasks Kane postmatch – Kane covers up his face so he isn’t seen. The Juggernaut taunts the camera with Kane’s ripped and bloody mask…”Hey, Steamboat….Hey, Dead Man…Hey Midget Champion….Is That All You Got???/…..I’m the Juggernaut…..Bitch!!!!”

4. IC/TV Titles: MVP d. Randy Orton
-The NWA announce puts Little over as they take over again, then throw it to a pretape of Steamboat sitting with Dusty earlier in the evening – they’re noting with bemusement and irritation that the IC and tag matches have been flipped on the rundown sheet, and that it’s due to Hunter and Shawn pulling a power play. It’s a quiet, light moment with the two guys, Steamboat says he’d move the Clique to the NWA for cheap and throw the Juggernaut in too – they laugh at their mutual headaches.

Not laughing is Orton, he is clearly pissed as he enters at having the tag and IC matches flipped on the card, something that maybe has occurred one other time in WWF PPV history. It’s not noted by the announce, but an eagle eyed fan might see that Orton only enters with the IC and TV belts, not the US strap.

Bradshaw does a racially tinged announce, hitting the common sports stereotypes – he talks about MVPs natural athletic ability being contrasted with Orton’s heart, desire and smarts. JR tries to pivot the other way, Porter outsmarted Booker clearly, swerving his mentor and sending him out of the WWF – and Orton has shown tremendous natural ability in going over high flyers like Jeff, Helms, and Kendrick.

Bradshaw can’t be moved from the talking points. Orton’s gutty. MVP has lots of fast twitch muscles.

MVP goes over, winning the strap – Taz, not on the announce for this match, openly cheers the result – Bradshaw tells him to “pipe down, fat boy” – both color men stand and shout at each other before calmed down by the leads.

It’s only after the match, when MVP holds only 2 of the 3 belts and Orton has left – that everyone recognizes that somehow that match was not for the US Title.

5.Unified Tags: HBK/HHH-M d. Cade/Murdoch
-Big night.

Michaels wins his 4th tag strap, his second with HHH. The Clique treats S&S like geeks, big timing them at every turn – treating them as clearly beneath them in the pecking order. They toy with them a little bit – then bury them good and hard, superkick/pedigree – and the fall.

Then comes the promised spot – where they bring out young Natty Neidhart.

Recall, they’ve punked out the remaining Harts – Teddy, Wilson, Harry, all beaten up and forced to make the Clique sign – and they said after they won the straps at Survivor Series, they’d bring out the Anvil’s girl.

They call her out now – we see her in the back – scared – but Hunter says he’s got the stroke – she’s got a performers contract – either she comes out to the ring or she’s fired.

Shaking, Natty comes down to the ring.

They taunt her a little bit. Hunter makes some level of sexual innuendo. Talks about a Clique double team. Hunter and Shawn close in. Natty cries as they make her give the Clique handsign. Hunter then kicks her in the stomach and readies her for a Pedigree….as the Clock…..Strikes…..Seven…….Seven….Seven….

The Break the Walls Down music hits….

There’s the explosion, and we see the Jericho pose – turned around, facing the curtain, with arms extended – wearing the #7 Pink and Black Hart Foundation hockey jersey – the long blond hair - big pop as he turns around and runs to the ring – making his return to the WWF…

Is Edge.

Edge, gone since the post Cell beatdown by GDI, sprints to the ring and cleans house.

Edge knocks Hunter and Shawn from the ring – saves the stunned Neidhart – Edge has surprised everyone – Edge has returned to the WWF!

(Spoiler alert: Jericho’s comin’ back the next night)

6. WWF Championship: Rey d. Undertaker
-The announce remains in shock through this match – Edge, not Jericho, was the subject of the countdown clock – Edge is back for the first time since WM XXIII, what is going on here…that type of thing.

Undertaker is the underdog here, he’s who fights from underneath – I know that’s odd, but in this world, Rey is a legend, a true legend, the last Triple Crown winner and while Undertaker is a multi-time Legends Champion (you’re welcome, Russo) he’s essentially an organizational soldier, a stable good guy veteran, a dependable hand, but he’s not Rey Mysterio.

Undertaker gives it all he has – he’s never been a singles champ, this might be his last chance, he recognizes that and gives it all he has – but he loses clean to the champ.

Handshake postmatch. Respect for the Dead Man.

Undertaker goes up the ramp, does that “look back to the crowd and to the ring” like he does – raises one fist at the top the way that he does – and is then grabbed in a choke from an emerging Juggernaut. Little grabs him in a choke and yanks him through the curtain to the back. Mysterio tears off from the ring to the back – the cameras now move backstage – the Juggernaut stomping the Dead Man out – the Juggernaut hurling Mysterio into a soda machine – a series of random workers appearing in various stages of dress to pull Little off of the Undertaker – the Juggernaut is out of control!!!

7.ECW Title: Punk (w/Maria, mmmm) draw Jeff (time limit)
-It takes some erasing of what you know, but Jeff now enters the ring in his Blood Dragon gear – he is officially, going forward Blood Dragon Jeff Hardy.

He doesn’t wrestle with the mask (sometimes, maybe, I could see a scenario where he’d do that, but not here) he takes the mask off in the ring.

Jeff Hardy = Blood Dragon. Wrap your head around it.

This goes whatever the time limit is – it seems like we have short matches tonight with the squashes, I’m thinking we can get 30 out of this.

Jeff has numerous nearfalls – but can’t put Punk away – it’s one of those scenarios where the time limit saves Punk’s strap – Maria pulls Punk away postmatch – Jeff begs for 5 more minutes – but they aren’t forthcoming. It’s a timelimit draw.

8.NWA Title: Nitro (w/Melina) d. Fit (w/Dean)
-And the big night for the heels ends with the switch.

Fit has dominated the new NWA, he and Dean are the hard hitting faces of the NWA, but they lose the strap here.

Fit inadvertently knocks Dean out during the match, there’s a highspot, Nitro moves and Fit splashes into Dean on the outside. He’s gone for the rest of the match – and that allows Nitro to use Melina for leverage on the pinfall.

Nitro is bloody, as was he after quitting on the title match at Summer Slam – but he is redeemed – he has won the NWA title at the main event at Survivor Series – Nitro and Melina hug – Nitro holding the NWA belt aloft –

Recall, Summer Slam ended with the 3 way staredown, all 3 champs in the ring jawing at each other – and it appears we’re headed that way again – Nitro stands in the ring with Melina and his title belt – Punk, limping a little, being aided by Maria – comes to the ring – Punk, the ECW Champ makes his way slowly to the ring – and as Punk and Nitro stand with their belts in the air – Rey, limping very badly, moving very gingerly – Rey makes his way to the ring – all four announcers are on now – Joey and Taz putting over Mysterio, JR and Bradshaw putting over Nitro – all 3 champs in the ring –

Then the Juggernaut starts coming down the ramp – the Juggernaut makes the sign for the belt – Eddie Little making the sign for the belt and he’s coming to the ring –

--He’s stopped on the ramp by the Undertaker – the Dead Man and the Juggernaut throwing hands on the ramp – Mysterio leaves the ring to join them… While the attentions of the men in the ring are on the ramp – Dean Malenko hops in the ring and begins to beat Johnny Nitro down! Malenko suckerpunches Nitro, Malenko on top of Nitro – Fit gets in the ring and pulls Malenko off – Fit pulling Malenko off, the three men rolling to the outside… and Jeff Hardy sprints to the ring – Jeff Hardy sprints to the ring and he and Punk start throwing shots – the Juggernaut and the Undertaker and Mysterio on the ramp…Malenko, Fit, and Nitro on the floor – Jeff and Punk fighting in the ring – all four announcers yelling – we’ll see you soon – see you soon on the Road to Royal Rumble 2008!!!!!

Counterfactual History of Survivor Series (abridged)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

A severely abridged version, just 'cause I feel like doing one. 

-Survivor Series began 20 years ago in Cleveland; a desperate Dynamite Kid spent the summer of '87 manhandling his Hart brothers, a fury of sweat and pharmacuticals, DYK lost his bid to recapture the WWF Title from Ricky Steamboat in the main event.  Rick Rude debuted at the first Survivor Series after months of vignettes - losing his IC shot at champ Randy Savage, who hit 18 months with that belt here.  The Hart Foundation (Bret/Bulldog) had their long run with the tag belts end at the first Survivor Series, when their manager/enforcer, The Anvil, turned on them to join the Rougeaus, who took the straps.  Underneath, Survivor Series '87 saw the blowoff to Hogan/Orndorff, with Mr. Wonderful's WWF run coming to an end. 

-A classic PPV a year later from Cleveland - Randy Savage wins the WWF title, beating Dynamite in Billington's last ever PPV.  The Harts blew up after losing those tag straps - and their feud culminated here, Bret keeping his IC over Davey Boy which ended this run for the Bulldog.  The long feud between Rude and Jake Roberts ended here in a steel cage - with Jake getting his babyface win - but that glory was fleeting, as the postmatch saw the birth of the Heenan Family, Rude-Hennig and the new tag champs, Arn and Tully.  Survivor Series became known as the show where careers are born - last year it was Rick Rude - this year saw the PPV debuts of both Curt Hennig and Owen Hart - with Perfect going over.

-A year later, Survivor Series was in Chicago; the main event saw a giant swerve and a world title switch.  The Heenan Family has imploded, with Bobby siding with Rude and Hennig turning face - Perfect and Savage formed an alliance that would lead to Randy giving his new friend Curt his first ever WWF title shot here.  This was a mistake; Perfect and Bobby pulled off the swerve, cheated to win - and Hennig took the title.  That came immediately after Bobby dumped Rude in his IC loss to DiBiase, taking the Million Dollar Man's cash and seemingly leaving the WWF.  Bobby solidified his nickname by swapping out his IC Champ for a WWF champ and pocketing big, big coin in the process.  The Rockers came into - and left Survivor Series the tag champs, they beat the Rougeaus here.  Shawn Michaels, in 2007, will be challenging for the tag titles yet again - he and HHH-M will take on Murdoch and Cade for the straps. Bret ended Arn's WWF run; Roddy Piper returned to action - as a heel aligned with Jake Roberts - and they beat Snuka and Terry Taylor, respectively, in singles matches.  And the tag team of Hulk Hogan and Dusty Rhodes continued their run underneath. 

-The title run for Mr Perfect continued a year later; Hennig beating Kerry Von Erich here - Survivor Series saw us in the early stages of a feud that continues in 2007 - The Harts v. The Clique - Bret kept his IC against Shawn back in 1990 -- in 2007, Shawn and Hunter have promised they'll be taking out the last Hart in the company, Natty Neidhart, once they recapture the tag titles. Meanwhile...the countdown clock keeps ticking.   The Road Warriors won the tags, squashing the Orient Express.  The Hogan/Dusty tag team had ended with Dusty turning heel - and that feud ended here with Hogan winning a baseball bat on a pole match.  The Survivor Series again is the show for debuts - 1990 was the Undertaker's.  In 2007, the Dead Man takes on Rey Mysterio for the WWF Championship. 

-Woooooooo!  Ric Flair took the WWF Title from the British Bulldog at Survivor Series '91, becoming the first man since Buddy Rogers to hold both the NWA and WWF Titles.  Bret lost the IC to Roddy Piper; Bret had 2 nearly 2 year IC runs, as that became known as the Hit Man's personal property - Piper used the ringbell to knock Bret out for the win.  The blowoff to the Rockers feud was here - Shawn going over Marty.  And Hulkamania died at the hands of the Undertaker. 

-Survivor Series returned to Cleveland to see Bret Hart keep his WWF Title, defeating the former champ Flair in a submission match -- and it also saw Owen Hart win his first ever championship in the WWF, beating his heated rival Shawn Michaels for the IC (a title that Michaels had won earlier in the evening against Savage) Another debut in '92 - The Steiner Brothers came to the WWF and took the tag straps from Money Inc - Survivor Series - where WWF careers begin. 

-Bret's year long title run rolled on here as he beat Lex Luger in the main event.  The Clique had now taken shape - Shawn was IC Champ and kept his strap over Sean Waltman - postmatch, Razor Ramon turned face, aiding Waltman as he was getting beaten down by Michaels and Diesel.  The Steiners kept the straps, beating the Rock and Roll Express of all teams, in 1993.  The hot feud at the time was Owen and Randy - Savage had turned maniacal on Owen, and got DQ'd here for using what would become known as the WWF fork to bust the Rocket up. 

-Survivor Series '94 went into the belly of the beast - San Antonio, home of the Heartbreak Kid and therefore, Ground Zero for the Clique.  Shawn got his big babyface moment - beating Owen Hart, his longtime Hart Foundation nemesis, and taking his first WWF Title.  That glory was momentary - Diesel turned heel postmatch and attacked Shawn in front of the hometown crowd.   The Clique also got the IC match - the champ, Razor, beating Waltman in a ladder match.  Bret and the Anvil, getting huge heel heat with their Hart Foundation hockey jerseys and Canadian flags, won the tag straps, beating Luger and Bam Bam Bigelow.  And that Clique/Hart violence got started early, with Diesel going over Davey Boy. 

-An all time great show from Washington DC; the Hit Man, as a heel - kept the WWF Title over the babyface Bulldog in the main event that saw Owen (who beat Ahmed Johnson earlier) attack his brother postmatch.  And in the IC - the champ was Shawn Michaels, who kept over Shane Douglas, who was doing an anti-WWF gimmick.  The Clique won the tag straps - Raxor and Diesel, working as cool heels, took the straps from Billy and Bart Gunn - Hunter, Waltman, and Sunny were all part of the gang at that point.  Clique and Harts.  Harts and Clique at the top of the card.  Hunter, incidentally, worked his first Survivor Series earlier in the night, beating Bob Holly - and both men will be wrestling in tag matches a dozen years later at Survivor Series 2007. 

-Madison Square Garden.  The Harts and the Clique met head on in the main event - the Hit Man took Shawn's WWF title, his 3rd WWF title.  Cactus Jack won the IC, beating Vader in a cage.  Your tag champs - Bart Gunn and Marc Mero, who kept over Furnas and LaFon.  Steve Austin beat Owen in a hot match; Austin had positioned himself right in between the Harts and Clique, going after both dominant factions.  2 Cold Scorpio made his WWF debut - beating Al Snow in a No DQ match.  Also debuting - the Rock - it's Survivor Series after all, where WWF careers begin - the Rock was a heel - the newest blue chip recruit of the Nation of Domination - and he went over the Undertaker in 1996.

-Montreal.  Bret's WWF career ended here in a 4 way match where the winner (Owen) got the vacant WWF Title and the loser (Bret, who submitted to his baby brother) had to leave the company.  Austin and Shawn were the other two participants).  All 4 men were deeply antagonistic toward each other, it was, probably, the most significant WWF match ever.  Ken Shamrock took the IC in the Octagon from now heel Cactus Jack.  Rock and DLo, as the now babyface Nation - took the tag straps in a 3 way against the Road Warriors and the Outlaws.  Vader beat Davey Boy.  Phil LaFon beat Doug Furnas.

-A year later Cactus Jack and Ken Shamrock met again - this time in the very first ever Hell in a Cell Match for Foley's WWF title.  Cactus took the monster bump from the top of the cage - but was still able to hold onto his belt.  The IC Champ - Steve Austin, and he retained over Steve Regal.  The tag champs coming in were Rock and DLo, this was their second run now - and it continued as they once again beat the Outlaws.  Al Snow beat the Undertaker, Waltman beat 2 Cold, and in the opening tag - the Hardys, after 4 years working as the Ring Boys for the Harts, made their PPV debuts - beating Too Cool. 

-Cactus Jack, a year later, is still your WWF Champion - and in '99 he kept in a 3 way match against Rock and Hunter - the Rock/DLo feud with the Outlaws (who were in the Clique) moved to a Rock/HHH feud - and that came to a head here in this title match.  The IC match saw the PPV debut (see how this goes?) of the newest Hart - the Lionheart Chris Jericho - who took Waltman's title from the Clique.  8 years later, that countdown clock is again ticking - the number 7, Jericho's Hart Foundation jersey number - is flashing - and Survivor Series is coming soon.  The Dudley Boys, with Stevie Richards as their manager, took the tag straps here in a tables match, beating the Hardys.  Another huge, historic PPV debut - Kurt Angle, whose first ever PPV match had been building and building and building - beat PAUL~  DLo beat Al snow; Davey Boy, in his last ever run, beat Christian while Edge beat Ulysses Morley. 

-In 2000 the WWF had been taken over by the Alliance, with Chris Benoit the WWF Champion - Benoit kept here, beating Steve Austin.  The IC Champ was once again Chris Jericho, on his second run now - but that run ended here at the hands of Steve Regal.  The Clique exploded in the tag title match - Edge and Christian came in as the champs - Hunter and Waltman the challengers - the two halves of the Clique tense with their leader, Trish, trying to keep things together -- until Waltman turned on Hunter and E/C kept their belts.  Eddy Guerrero beat Dean Malenko in an Alliance matchup; Angle beat Perry Saturn, continuing his unbeaten streak since his career began a year before.  The Dudleys destroyed Lita in their  opening tag loss to the Hardys.  7 years later - Jeff remains - and he'll be taking on CM Punk for the ECW Title at Survivor Series '07. 

-Kurt Angle was your WWF champion coming into Survivor Series - and 6 years ago the WWF was going head up against the NWA, Angle putting up his belt and the ECW belt against Booker T in a lumberjack match with WWF/NWA guys surrounding the ring.  Taz took the Worldwide belts from Tajiri.  The Dudleys kept the Unified Tags against Raven and Tommy Dreamer.  The Rock, representing the WWF, beat Regal, representing the NWA -- Diamond Dallas Page, representing the NWA, beat Steve Austin, representing the WWF.  Chris Jericho beat Justin Credible.  Rob Van Dam beat the Spreekillers, Chavo Guerrero and Shane Helms, in a handicap match.  And Edge and Christian beat the Hardys in the opening tag.

- 6 years after '96, Survivor Series returned to Madison Square Garden in a spectacular night of professional wrestling (you're welcome).

Kurt Angle kept his Undisputed Championship, beating Jericho - and then was superkicked flat by Shawn Michaels.  Michaels had just lost his Worldwide Titles in a 2 of 3 belts ladder match to RVD.  Benoit and Guerrero, now part of the Horsemen (Flair/Leviathan/Chavo) kept their tag straps over Jamie Noble and Billy Kidman.  5 years later - Leviathan is wrestling the opening tag.  Brock Lesnar got DQ'd in his match against HHH, destroying Hunter with an F5 on the ramp - it was then that Angle, who was Brock's mentor, first saw what the fans and the locker room had been trying to tell him - that Brock was a bad, bad, dude.  Chavo beat Helms in a no DQ as the Spreekillers exploded.  Rey Mysterio beat Steve Regal.  Lance Storm beat Edge and the Hardys effectively turned heel, when their "mystery manager" was finally revealed to be Eric Bischoff. 

-Eddy Guerrero kept his WWF Title 4 years ago in Dallas in a 4 way that deliberately recalled Montreal - Eddy beating Brock/Austin/Angle to keep his belt.  The Horsemen took the IC - Chavo beating Tajiri while Flair and Ultimo Dragon brawled on the outside.  Michaels and Hunter came into Survivor Series with the tag belts - and they left with the tag belts beating the Dudleys - postmatch, HHH "acidentally" pedigreed Paul London.  Christian beat Chris Jericho.  RVD beat Booker T and was then attacked by Matt Hardy, with whom he was in a long, hot feud - Matt brandishing the WWF fork.  Jamie Noble earned what is still his biggest win, over Benoit.  And Bill Goldberg beat Scott Steiner.

-Survivor Series returned to Cleveland in 2004.  Benoit was the champ - and left the champ but not victorious, he went to a 30 minute time limit draw with his friend Eddy.  Jericho now full heel, beat another heel, Chavo, in the Worldwide Titles match.  Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin, part of the Team Angle heel stable (Haas, Regal) took the tag straps over RVD and Rey - Team Angle took out Van Dam postmatch in a deal they made with Heyman.  Christian and Leviathan had a no contest -- the Clique now was a babyface collection of Michaels, Edge, Christian and London.  Edge won his match, a 3 way over Kidman and Spike Dudley.  Shane Helms beat Booker T.  Randy Orton - 3 years later the Worldwide Champ, defending against Montel Porter - won the opening tag with his partner, John Cena.

-Eddy died before Survivor Series '05, the two main event matches were wrestled in tribute to him - Rey keeping the WWF title over Juventud Guerrera, and Chris Benoit winning the Triple Crown and the vacant Worldwide Titles over Kurt Angle.  Booker T and Bradshaw, in an unlikely alliance, took the tag titles over Orton and Cena.  The Clique ended in 2005 - and returns in 2007 - as Hunter remined all of us in his promo - Hunter beat Michaels in a match that saw London/Kendrick/Steamboat/Flair/Edge and Matt all play a role.  Flair turned heel the match before, reuniting with Arn as they both turned on Flair's protege Leviathan.  Carito Colon and Bobby Lashley both made their debuts here, getting wins.

-Then came last year from Philadelphia. 

CM Punk, as a momentary babyface, stopped the tyranny of the 51% Solution, beating Flair for the Undisputed Title - then throwing down 2 of the belts to cleave the company in thirds and set up the last year of our lives.  Flair is now gone - and Punk still has the ECW belt, a belt he's defending against Jeff Hardy at SSeries 2007.  The IC champ coming in was Hunter - who is right now just making his return, he and Shawn taking on S&S for the straps - but going out it was Shane Helms, who is out with injury.  RVD and Sabu took the tag titles last year in a glass tube tables match, beating Undertaker and PAUL.  Undertaker meets Rey for the WWF Title in this year's SSeries.  Matt Hardy beat Shawn Michaels a year ago - Matt has been gone since his post Mania main event beating by GDI - Michaels has just returned since his Mania loss to the Undertaker - and he and Hunter are wrestling for the tag titles. Edge beat a returning Jeff Hardy a year ago -- and Jeff is, once again, in the position of returning this year - Edge has also been out since Mania, also from the post main event beating by GDI.  Randy Orton had, what was to that point, the biggest win of his life, over Fit Finlay -- a year later, Orton is defending the Worldwide Title against MVP -- and Fit is defending his NWA Title against Johnny Nitro. 

That's your history of Survivor Series.  Survivor Series 2007 is coming very, very soon from Miami.

Call your cable company!

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