Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

Coming...New Year's Day, 2011...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I don't tweet; until there's some financial need to do so, I just don't need to be that level of plugged in to a worldwide conversation.  Eventually, I'll be on board, but I'm holding it off thusfar.

Were I to tweet - it would be today and it would be this.

Counterfactual Royal Rumble 2010 is coming New Year's Day.  It is not to be missed.

Road to Royal Rumble 2010 - Part 2

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Part One is here.

Johnny Nitro took a big step at Survivor Series 2009, joining Shawn Michaels – and that pairing, along with the Flock (Tyson Kidd, Harry Smith, Natty Neidhart) takes up a lot of space in the Road to Royal Rumble 2010.  Michaels, as mentioned in Part I, appears every time there is a Bret Hart video to cut a promo on the Hit Man, promising to make Bret “bow down” at the Rumble.  Nitro asserts himself as the leader of the Flock (he doesn’t shave his head, doesn’t wear all white – unlike Shawn and the Hart kids).  The bit the Flock did previously, going to Mexico to get lucha fans to admit that Michaels was better than Mysterio and therefore, the greatest luchadore of all time, going to Japanese and Indian restaurants after Michaels wins over Funaki and Khali to get similar proclamations from fans – builds to this point – Nitro and the Flock going to Canada to goof on the Harts, particularly Bret.  Harry gets fans to tear up Bulldog posters, Tyson gets fans to make fun of Stu, Natty gets fans who don’t remember the Anvil’s name – all under the direction of Nitro – there’s a lot of juvenile cackling – all building to the group going to the old Hart house – and urinating on the front lawn (presumably, there’s snow, it’s December.)

It’s childish DX type stuff, they can shoot it all at one time and roll it out in highlight packages, gives them opportunity to do multiple takes to make sure Nitro doesn’t flub the lines – the idea being to demonstrate Nitro as not one of the Flock, but in charge – to connect this group to the juvenile aspect of the old Clique group (giving a Michaels rub while not actually using Michaels in those segments) and to ratchet up the Bret discussion as we get closer to the Rumble. 

When we hit January, it’s time to build 3 matches out of this.

Michaels, recall, has been cutting promos based on the Bret video packages – well, as that occurs, MVP has been sending tweets about those promos “Is the Messiah ducking the greatest IC Champ of all time” “How about challenging someone in this century, Messiah?”  Leading to Porter actually interrupting a Michaels counter-package, coming down the ramp to stop the package right in the middle.

With Michaels in the ring – MVP on the ramp – Porter tells Shawn that for a guy who can’t keep MVP’s name out of his mouth, he sure has a way to avoid stepping into the same ring with him.

Michaels looks offended, but doesn’t respond.

Porter says the Oldest Intercontinental Champion of All Time might be in the ring – but the Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All time is standing right in front of him.  And MVP is about to walk down to that ring and prove it by whipping some Messiah ass.

Michaels points dead at Porter – says the only way MVP is getting in Shawn Michaels’s ring is if he’s coming to bow down and confess that the Messiah is his wrestling Lord and Savior.

MVP double takes – drops his mic – and starts to walk to the ring – when he is jumped from behind by Nitro and the Flock.  They beat him down – toss him in the ring – and force him to his knees in front of Michaels.  Nitro yells at him - “Beg for forgiveness!  Confess your sin – you dare take the name of  Shawn Michaels in vain – beg for forgiveness from your Messiah!”


Save by Shelton Benjamin.  Benjamin – who lost to Michaels at Survivor Series in what led to Nitro joining the Flock – hits the ring hard and suplexes Nitro, Harry, and Tyson as Natty quickly hustles Shawn outside. 

That gets us a couple of weeks of MVP and Benjamin teaming together, they can go over Harry and Tyson in singles – but lose a handicap when Nitro is added to the mix – Nitro pinning Benjamin again (after a superkick, we work hard to get the superkick over as a finishing move for Nitro)  And that leads us to one more Nitro v. Benjamin, a Once and For All match, the suggestion being that this is the very end of their long, long feud. 

As those couple of weeks are playing out – Michaels isn’t involved – instead, he unexpectedly appears on Fight Night to beat the hell out of Matt Sydal.

Sydal lost to Rey at Survivor Series, but both in the build to that match and then the follow up from it – was being put over by the announce as a young high flyer – death defyingly athletic.  Since JR took over Fight Night, he had been referring to Sydal as “A blue chipper – the finest natural athlete in the WWF today.”

And out of nowhere, Michaels attacks Sydal postmatch during a Friday in early January.  Michaels, furious – without an ounce of Messiah placidity, but with all of that aggrieved Shawn Michaels fervor, points at JR – tells him this is his fault – as long as Shawn Michaels is still getting a paycheck, that means he is the greatest athlete in the WWF.  Everyone here keeps trying to shove me out the door, “greatest intercontinental champion this, greatest natural athlete that.  It’s BS, it’s BS and I’m not having it anymore.”

That’s your IC match.  Michaels v. Sydal.

MVP cuts a Raw promo about that, says he doesn’t have anything against Sydal,  but Michaels is ducking him – and with Nitro fighting Benjamin at the Rumble, the guy who winds up out in the cold is MVP – and right then comes the following response – in loud, bombastic voice:

“At the Royal Rumble, I will beat the black right off your ass!”

Porter does the full on double take and looks up the ramp at the voice.

Michael Cole.

No, Cole’s not challenging MVP – Cole, you may recall, has been the voiceover guy for WWF for years, has no character whatsoever, he just talks in that overly exaggerated announcer voice – but he also speaks Japanese, so he has been the translator for Yoshi Tatsu, and Tatsu is extra cocky heel, meaning that Cole, still in that voiceover style, translates what Tatsu says. 

“You Americans smell like hamburger.”
“You have had very few sexual partners.”
“I will take your ladies to my hotel for oral pleasure.”

Cole isn’t a heel, he’s uncomfortable saying all of these things, but he still says all of them in full announcer voice.

So when MVP threatens him, Cole winces, flinches, ducks – but his voice doesn't demonstrate any of that when he translates Tatsu's promos.

It’s MVP v. Tatsu at the Rumble.

That’s 5 matches down, let’s knock out the last singles match while we’re here – in my Survivor Series post, I suggested that early in this build, the LWO would attack Rey.

They won’t – instead, who they attack is Chavo.

The Colons jump Chavo, their former stablemate, a couple of times early in the build – Carlito then cutting a promo on Rey, saying Rey can stop it – if he joins the LWO.

That’s been in the works for awhile, LWO trying to get Rey to join, for years, really – and now it is placed before him – we will keep attacking Chavo unless you join. 

Rey appears, in the ring, to be about to accept an LWO shirt – but Chavo, all bandaged up, makes his way – saying not to do it.  Not to give in – Chavo says he made the same mistake once, and he wound up doing some terrible things – some unforgiveable things, when aligned with Carlito Colon. 

Carlito offers Rey a proposal – just like he did with Chavo years before – they can wrestle for it.

If Rey beats Carlito at the Rumble – the LWO will back off Chavo.  If Carlito beats Rey – then Rey joins the LWO.

6 matches down.  The 3 tag matches to go.

The title match has been the one we’ve wanted to see for a year.  Defiance, who won the shot at Survivor Series, vs. the champs, Division One.

To recap – Swagger, DiBiase, Nemeth, and Kelly were all at WWFU (The Underground) together (developmental, which has a reality show online.  Swagger was the top babyface, although his ‘by the book” attitude didn’t endear him to any of the other trainees (except for Nemeth, who admired Swagger’s work ethic and looked to him for guidance) particularly DiBiase, who treated developmental clearly as a stepping stone.  DiBiase, although the top heel, was more popular with the boys (like the Hooligans and the Harts, for example) than was Swagger, and popular with a girl, Swagger’s sister Kelly, who kept her budding romance with DiBiase on the down low as long as possible. 

At Rumble 2009, Swagger beat DiBiase in a contract match – later that evening, DiBiase locked his just gone public girlfriend Kelly in a dressing room – and DiBiase joined Randy Orton in a reconfigured Defiance to take out Taz (then head trainer) Van Dam (making a one night only appearance against Orton) and Swagger.  Nemeth spent a couple of months fighting an uphill battle against Defiance, drawing him closer to Kelly – and when Swagger returned for a WM Silver housecleaning, it was the beginning of Division One (D1).  They won the tag straps at Summer Slam, beating Defiance earlier that night in the finals of a tag team tournament to name a number one contender to DMW’s tag titles – D1 kept at Survivor Series and Defiance won a 4 way to get this shot. 

The story doesn’t need propelled as much as re-established here – it’s Swagger and Nemeth (Nemeth and Kelly now officially a couple) against Orton and DiBiase (with their manager, Professor Malenko) D1 v. Defiance for the tag team titles at the Rumble.  A much anticipated showdown.

Two undercard tags.  The Miz pinned Leviathan at Survivor Series with Cena and Hunter knocked out by Danielson and Low Ki.  Cena attempts to tell Leviathan that it’s okay – Leviathan, in his pink polo shirt with upturned collar and sunglasses, says its not okay, if Cena hadn’t gotten choked out with Josh Matthews’ tie, it never would have happened.  But Leviathan forgives Cena, because he’s too busy reading scripts to worry too much about it (I’m thinking Burn Notice).  Cena tries to motivate Leviathan, giving a rabble rousing “we are Weapons of Mass Destruction! Let’s not go out like this!” speech – but Leviathan can’t be bothered, he wants Cena to run lines with him – leading to a big comedy spot where Leviathan brings in “fans” to the ring, gives them Burn Notice scripts (Leviathan talks about his big audition, he makes sure the fans understand that what they have are “sides”, he says that’s big time Hollywood speak and they don’t need to know what it means, just read the words) – and in the scene in the ring, the fans (plants, obviously) blow their lines and Leviathan Demon Bombs them.

It’s an exasperated Cena and a distracted Leviathan, the former tag champs WMD – in a rematch with Hunter and the Miz, working like a well oiled machine, the announce constantly talking about how the Miz, who previously was a comedy act, is really coming into his own under the tutelage of Hunter.

And finally, the opening tag is for the number one contender spot at WM 26.  Young Money v. Undertaker/Cody Rhodes.

Young Money’s act (autotune, big T-Pain like hats, giant chains around their necks that read “Big Ass Chain”) is probably going stale in 2010, but hopefully they start to build some momentum when they win enough matches on the road to the Rumble.  The relationship between Dustin and the Undertaker over who is the real mentor for young Cody has always been uneasy, and it cracked noticeably during the Yakuza run in attack at Survivor Series – enough that when Dustin calls Cody out to the ring to demand that he chooses, chooses who his partner is – him or the Dead Man – Cody chooses the Undertaker.

Dustin is hurt, leaves the ring – and we don’t see him the remainder of the build.

Also important in this stretch, but not part of the Rumble – the full on bloody war between Regal and Finlay, with the Hooligans (Sheamus and McIntyre) taking the side you’d expect each to take.  They won’t meet at the Rumble (dark, actually) but instead the build is for a First Friday in February Fight Night after the Rumble in a Winner Goes to Mania, Loser Retires match – it’s constantly pushed by JR as the Rumble gets closer.  

First Friday in February.  First Friday in February.  Regal v. Fit for free on Fight Night. 

And of course, the new GDI – Thursdays on WGN, Danielson and Low Ki traveling the world and beating guys with Steamboat as their face and Josh on the announce. 

Coming in January – Royal Rumble 2010.  Let me suggest, this is not the show to skip. 

Bret Hart Appreciation Night (Bret returns to the WWF for the first time since 1997)
WWF Title: Chris Jericho v. Matt Hardy
IC Title: Shawn Michaels v. Matt Sydal
Tag Titles: D1 v. Defiance
Cage Match: There Will be a Winner: CM Punk v. Christian
Once and For All: Johnny Nitro v. Shelton Benjamin
MVP v. Yoshi Tatsu
Rey Mysterio v. Carlito Colon (if Rey loses, he joins the LWO)
WMD v. HHH-M/Miz
Number One Contender Match: Young Money v. Undertaker/Cody


Road to Royal Rumble 2010 - Part 1

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Survivor Series 2009 is here

(Outside of the narrative – this is the five year anniversary of this blog; I started writing the story 7 years ago; I think I did the first ten years longhand on a legal pad in a week, and then, as you can see by looking through the archives, started posting in December of 2005.  It hasn’t brought me fortune or glory, but it’s a fun story to tell, I think about the booking more than I care to admit, and I’m glad there are some of you out there who have enjoyed it as well.  As long as they keep putting out shows, I’ll keep going.)

The RAW the night after Survivor Series 2009 is sort of a big deal.  The WWF Title match for the Rumble is set up in the very first segment – and that’s not the biggest announcement made that night.

Matt Hardy, who cashed in his title shot the night before following Chris Jericho’s successful defense over Chavo Guerrero, only to have the match almost instantly thrown out when Punk and Christian attacked Matt (he ended their match earlier in the night with chairshots), enters to open the show, with that same chair, still stained with blood, prepared to shut down the show unless he gets what he wants.

You know the bit.  He sets up the chair in the ring, crosses his arms – and demand that Chris Jer-

Before he can get it out – Jericho, suit on and belt slung over his shoulder, comes to the ring. 

Matt, furious, indignant that his title shot was aborted at Survivor Series – makes his demand, “Chris Jericho 
– I Demand a Re-“


“I am not leaving this ring until –“


“I will shut down this –“

“Jesus will you shut the hell up?  Yes – you get your title shot back – at the Royal Rumble, you get your title shot back – and I am going to beat you in the middle of the ring and end you, Matt Hardy.  End your complaining, your whining, your crying, end this...husk of a person that you have become, end this version of Matt Hardy who is extinguishing his legacy every single day.  Whatever you were – whatever you meant – is dying in this very ring – and at the Royal Rumble, I am snuffing you out.  At the Royal Rumble, I beat you, Matt Hardy.  At the Royal Rumble, I end you.”

Matt swings the chair.  Misses.  Jericho snatches it from his hand and tosses it the mat. 

They go nose to nose.  Jericho gets the last line.

“At the Royal Rumble.  I end you.”

That’s your title match – Chris Jericho v. Matt Hardy.

In the build, we establish that (1) Matt has his shot back, meaning he can cash it in any time he wants, as long as it is at the Rumble.  It gets no emphasis, but it’s expressed at least once. And (2) Matt admits that although he dropped a cell phone atop Punk and Christian at Survivor Series, seemingly saying he set them up in a text scheme before Survivor Series (Christian was told his wife was in an accident, Punk that Maria wanted to see him – both men believed the other had done it) the truth is that while it was genius – he really can’t claim credit for it.

That admission comes during a dueling promo with Christian, who will be, once again, meeting Punk at the Rumble – this time in a steel cage, in order to prevent interference and ensure a winner.  “There Will Be a Winner” is the tagline for the match.  Matt warns Christian not to interfere in his title match, Christian tells 

Matt the truth is he isn’t good enough to beat Jericho, isn’t good enough to be WWF Champion.  Matt taunts Christian about the text about his wife – said that he didn’t leave it – and if he didn’t leave it – then maybe it was Punk after all. 

Or maybe.  Maybe it was someone else.

We see Punk twice.  Once in a dark room, using that single cam technique that became associated with Punk and Maria in the summer of ’09 – Punk’s watching his Summer Slam match with Christian, looking at the moment when he pulled Maria in front of him and then Christian punched her in the mouth – over and over he watches – zooming in on his pulling Maria in front of him, zooming in to watch the pull – over and over again.
And then again on the go home RAW.  When, for the first time since Summer Slam, he cuts a promo. 

He says he’s always been sort of an asshole.  Threw down the WWF Championship belt.  Started his own TV show.  Tore friends apart.  Got guys fired.  Hijacked a Wrestlemania main event.  Just done whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

And he says he’s not apologizing for any of it.  And if you want to hate him, that’s okay.  He is who he is.  He is true to himself, even the ugly parts. 


“But there was one person who always liked me anyway.  Liked me more than I deserved.  Liked me when I didn’t deserve to be liked. 

And she got hurt.
And it’s my fault.
And I’m sorry, Maria.  I’m sorry.”

Punk drops the mic and exits. 

Punk v. Christian in a cage.  There will be a winner.

But that’s the last RAW before the Rumble.  Lets go back to the first.

Joey Styles announces as they come back from commercial after that first segment that everyone watching needs to call everyone they know, text everyone they know, hop on facebook and twitter and all the blogs – because at the end of tonight’s show, there will be one of the biggest announcements in the history of RAW – an announcement about the Royal Rumble that everyone will be talking about.  It is a moment you cannot miss.

Striker says he knows what it is – Joey says that Matt Striker does not know what it is – but he will later tonight.

They promo that throughout the night, maybe keeping a graphic on the screen all night.  51 minutes to the Royal Rumble announcement.  34 minutes to the Royal Rumble announcement. 

Also throughout the night, Striker tries to talk about the new GDI – but Joey shuts him down at every chance, saying they are in full blackout about other companies.  “Those guys on WGN” Joey calls them.  Striker is excited – Ricky Steamboat, Bryan Danielson, and Low Ki – Joey tells Striker he’d better watch out, or Fight Night will lose its other host.

Josh Matthews and Striker have been the voices of Fight Night.  But not anymore.

Arn Anderson opens the first Fight Night after Survivor Series by saying that Josh Matthews, as many people know, left the company Sunday and we wish him luck in his future endeavors. 

Maybe there’s a GDI chant.  That would be fine.

Sometime around the Rumble, there should be a couple of fans wearing GDI shirts kicked out of RAW.  

They should be in the front row and then, when the camera is on them – they take off their shirts to reveal the GDI shirts – the camera immediately leaves them and security takes them away.

Back to the first Fight Night.

Arn says due to Matt Striker’s constant disobeying of the company rule not to talk about other wrestling promotions – as punishment, he is also being removed from Fight Night.

So – beginning tonight, Arn says – there is a new permanent voice for Fight Night.

Jim Ross.

JR’s music hits – he comes to ringside – puts on his headset – and says this ain’t RAW, this is Fight Night – we don’t talk – we fight – let’s go – and the matches start. 

But back to that first RAW.

After the last commercial break, Joey is in the ring – he says he has had many big moments in his career, Barely Legal, the first ECW PPV – when he first joined the WWF and became the voice of RAW – his first Wrestlemania – but right now, right now might be bigger than all of them.

Joey says Royal Rumble 2010 is going to be a tribute show – a tribute show for one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.  He has not stepped foot in a WWF ring since 1997.  But he will be at ringside in Atlanta.  Royal Rumble 2010 is an Appreciation Night…for a Triple Crown Winner.  A 3 time WWF Champion.  The Best There is – The Best There Was – The Best There Ever Will Be – Number Two Bret Hit Man Hart!

The music plays (the old music, no updated version) A highlight package, the first of several we will see between now and the Rumble, plays – it’s a fast look at the big moments – Bret winning the WWF Title and the Triple Crown at WM 8, Flair submitting to the sharpshooter; Bret regaining the belt from Michaels at WM 11; Bret and Davey Boy holding up title belts – Bret and Anvil holding up title belts – Bret’s final WWF Title, Survivor Series ’96, beating Michaels.  Bret holds up 3 fingers and the WWF Title belt.

The package ends.  The people, one assumes are excited – and that’s when Michaels’s music hits.

This is going to be the pattern during this build.  A handful of these highlight packages will be put together, documentary style, telling a story – one with all the Wrestlemania main events, one about the full Hart Foundation, all of the Harts who own hockey jerseys, one that has brief interviews with current and former wrestlers talking about Bret’s being their role model, and one focusing on the end of Bret’s career in the NWA, on the deaths, on Bret’s stroke.  It’s very clearly understood that the guy coming to the Royal Rumble isn’t the Hit Man anymore – that it was a serious stroke, and really it was only through a heroic effort that he’s still alive and walking.  It’s in that piece that we see Bret for the first time, quiet, contemplative, he has a walking stick, and he talks – he doesn’t know what to expect when he comes back to the WWF.  He doesn’t know if anyone will still remember him all these years later.  He just hopes to see some clean matches, some good, clean finishes, and hopes that at least a few of the fans are happy to see him.

(those two ideas become points of emphasis as we get closer to the show - that to pay tribute to Bret, we want clean matches - no run ins, no interference, clean, hard fought matches with winners and losers; and that Bret's health is a real issue, he is not a wrestler, not the Hit Man - seeing him in that last highlight package, older, moving slowly, with the walking stick, needing help to get around - it's not the guy we remember, he had a stroke, it's a real thing.)

And after all of those highlight packages – Shawn will appear to offer a rebuttal.  When there are clips of Bret beating Shawn – Shawn will show clips of his beating Bret.  When they show the Harts – Shawn will show the Clique.  When they show Bret’s title wins – Shawn will show his own title wins. 

And at the end of all of it – Shawn includes the promise that he first makes at the end of that first RAW – when after the first clip package, he, Nitro, and the Flock come to the ring – and Shawn ends the segment by saying that at the Royal Rumble – at Bret Hart Appreciation Night – the Hit Man will do what he’s been waiting 12 years to have him do – the Hit Man will bow down before Shawn Michaels. 

Two matches down.  7 to go.  Be back soon

TNA Bound for Glory - 2010

Monday, December 06, 2010

Slammiversary was here.

Real world Final Resolution means Counterfactual Bound for Glory.  It's not until real world Lockdown that we'll have counterfactual Final Resolution.

TNA World Title:  Alex Shelley d. Kurt Angle
X Title: Chris Sabin d. Doug Williams
Tag Titles:  RVD/Jeff Hardy d. Sabu/Stevie Richards
AJ Styles d. Samoa Joe
James Storm d. Abyss
Bobby Roode d. Frankie Kazarian
The Pope Elijah Burke d. Jay Lethal
Dudleys d. Tommy Dreamer/Raven

Shelley becomes the only man ever to win the TNA Triple Crown.  Sabin wins his first ever TNA singles belt; the Machine Guns do the Eddy/Benoit post WMXX embrace, raising their belts high.  Van Dam and Jeff keep the tag belts; AJ gets some revenge against a returning Joe; Roode and Kazarian, former tag champs, explode - Storm beats Abyss decisively, Burke gets a questionable heelish win over Lethal, and the ECW guys bleed to open the night.

The build for Royal Rumble 2010 should appear within a week.  

Survivor Series 2009

Monday, November 01, 2010

You can get to the build here. 

Survivor Series 2009 – Washington DC

Joey/Striker/Josh on the announce.

(Dark – LWO d. Flock, Tatsu d. Dustin)

The show opens with Howard in the ring (the Fink has been the ring announcer for every PPV in WWF history) about to announce the new owner of GDI Wrestling…

When he’s cut off by Josh Matthews – who leaves the announce to the surprise of Joey and Striker, and enters the ring.

Josh reminds us that until recently, he was the voice of GDI – and while he loves Fight Night and knows that Arn and WWF management saw the move to Friday as a promotion – he felt a little more at home with the independent spirit of GDI. 

Today, he says, he got a phone call from the new owner of GDI – and he was offered a job.

Josh knew he couldn’t accept – because GDI isn’t a part of WWF anymore – as part of the sale agreement, they have purchased some time – time to tell the fans how to find their company – Thursdays at 8 Eastern on WGN – but going back to GDI would mean quitting the WWF – and that was just too much to ask – even from someone of the status of the new owner.

Then, Josh says, the new owner told him who the 2 wrestlers were who would be the cornerstone of the GDI franchise – the 2 wrestlers who would be appearing – for free – on WGN – every single Thursday night – that swayed Josh.  That to get the chance to see the (catchphrase coming) Best Wrestlers in the World each and every week – it’s not something he could pass up.  It’s the future of professional wrestling.  It’s GDI.

Matthews, who had taken off his jacket when he entered the ring – then removes his shirt and tie – to reveal a GDI t-shirt (merchandise!).

Josh says “Arn – thanks for the opportunity – I quit.”

(Arn’s at ringside)

“It is my pleasure – as the voice of GDI Wrestling – to introduce to you my brand new boss – the sole owner of GDI wrestling – Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat – and The Best Wrestlers in the World – Low Ki and the American Dragon Bryan Danielson!”

As they hit the aisle – they act like superstars.  They walk slowly – they soak up every second of applause – Danielson and Low Ki (both wearing the GDI gear) hit turnbuckles when they get to the ring and Ricky Steamboat leads the applause.  Joey gives the “oh my god” from the announce – “Bryan Danielson and Low Ki are at Survivor Series.”

Steamboat takes the mic.

He says he has always appreciated every one of his WWF stints – the two things in his career about which he is most proud is being the WWF Champion in the main event of the very first Wrestlemania, and returning as the general manager to reunite the company after it was torn apart.  To that – to all the great moments in his Hall of Fame career – nothing tops this moment.

Steamboat says everyone knows about his problems with CM Punk – but he has to admit that the idea of GDI – of a maverick wrestling company standing on its own – that’s always sounded good to him.  So when he had the opportunity to buy it from the WWF – he knew that was going to be the final chapter in his career.  
Steamboat quickly hits the bullet points – GDI will now go international, wrestlers exclusive to GDI taking on the world – GDI is completely severed from the WWF – but as part of the purchase, he secured some time – like right now – and occasionally you’ll be able to see them.

But most importantly – its Thursday nights on WGN where the fans can see The Best Wrestlers in the World – Low Ki, first ever champion of both ROH and TNA, former IWGP Jr champion – and Bryan Danielson, former ROH champ and GHC Jr Champ.  Steamboat says the WWF has great wrestlers – you will see great wrestling tonight and every night you watch WWF.

But if you want to see the best wrestlers in the world – you have to watch WGN on Thursday nights.
And that tears it for John Cena – and HHH-M.

Cena and Hunter hit the ramp – Cena cutting fiery promo about how he and Hunter don’t like each other and never will like each other – but they’re standing in the back about to give all they have, and they have to listen this crap.  You GDI guys can go to Thursday nights – and you can start right now.

Cena and Hunter come to the ring – and they get the crap kicked out of them.

It’s fast – leaving them both incapacitated  quickly – the one spot I want for sure is Danielson choking out Cena with Josh’s discarded tie.  When Miz and Leviathan run in to help their partners – that’s when Arn gets in the ring – telling them to stand down – Arn then yelling at Steamboat – Arn and Steamboat go nose to nose until the GDI crew pulls Steamboat away – Steamboat, Josh, Danielson, Ki all exit up the ramp – maybe a small GDI chant wouldn’t kill me.

Leviathan then takes a cheap shot at the Miz – and we roll right into the first match.
1.                        1.   HHH-M/Miz d. WMD
-Neither Hunter or Cena ever recovers to get into the match; Leviathan has the early advantage – and given his size and Miz largely, until the past few months, been treated as a comedy act – it looks to be easy for him.  But then Miz comes back – the announce putting over how much he is benefiting from the time with the veteran Helmsley- McMahon.  Miz gets his offense in – Leviathan hits a powermove from behind to briefly grab control – but Miz cradles him for the upset.  Cena and Hunter come to – watching the replay on the video wall – Hunter praises  Miz – Cena tries to console Leviathan, who blows him off.

2.  Number One Contender Elimination Match: Defiance d. Young Money/Taker and Cody/DMW
-Winner gets the Rumble shot.  DMW is gone first – their feud with the Taker and Cody got juiced in the build, they go first on a Tombstone from the Dead Man to Kane.  Taker/Cody go quickly then – I’ve made reference to this before, since Silver – Yakuza has, out of nowhere, appeared a couple of times to wipe out Cody and then immediately retreat – he does that again here, grabbing him from the apron and stomping him out.  Dustin, in the corner of his little brother and the Taker – seems slow in coming to Cody’s aid – so the Undertaker pulls out his plancha – crashing into Dustin, who had just arrived to break up Yakuza and Cody.  All 4 men are down, allowing Yakuza to exit.  Taker gets counted out – eventually, Dustin exits angrily, of the belief clearly that Taker bowled him over intentionally.  Leaving Defiance and Young Money for the long segment – which eventually ends with some type of Dean shenanigans – say Orton is cradled by Kingston; Dean distracts the official, Ted enters to roll them over, and it’s Orton who has the hold when the referee counts the fall. 

       3. Montel Porter d. Johnny Nitro (countout)
-We have some not so clean finishes at Survivor Series 2009.  I feel the righteousness of your workrate based anger.  MVP wrestles as the babyface here – Nitro is full cowardly heel – and eventually, he just quits – throws his hands up and exits the ring.  A dissatisfying end for sure.

      4.  Rey Mysterio d. Matt Sydal
-This is for two reasons (1) work and (2) to get Sydal over.  Sydal loses here – Rey offers a postmatch handshake to get Sydal some applause.  Announce puts over the young high flyer.  Soon – maybe the following Fight Night, but no later than a couple of weeks – is a rematch, so we can do this on TV – and so it can end with an LWO run in and beatdown of Mysterio.  Too much going on to do it at this show – but that’s happening early in the next build.

       5. CM Punk draw Christian (no contest)
-You want to be aware of this program.  Punk’s been the top heel of the past few years – and his run of almost uninterrupted success, including 2 WWF World Title runs, has hit a wall when he was (correctly) blamed for Christian’s shoot punching Maria in the face at Summer Slam.  Maria left him (and the company) and Punk went unhinged – the addition was a texting incident – Christian receiving a text that his wife had been in an accident – Punk that Maria wanted to see him at the arena.  Both men believe the other was setting them up.

This has to be a fight – just a fight – not too many fall attempts – it’s largely a superintense, highly personal, attempt by two men to hurt each other – and it ends in a bad way.

Matt Hardy enters and takes both men out with chairshots.

We don’t do a lot of chairshots anymore – garbage matches, when we do them, and I still think there’s a place for them, are largely glass tube based – the head impact is lessened and it makes for a greater visual image than say barbed wire.  But this angle is positioned as bigger than the rest – and one chairshot to each man (given the toll taken because of the stiffness of the match) is all it takes to knock them out.  Matt pulls a cell phone out of his jeans and drops it on the fallen men, leading us to believe, obviously, that he was the one who made the texts.

The following night, we’ll learn that was not the case.  But we don’t know that tonight.

The referee – as neither man gets up – waves off the match.  No finish. 

       6. WWF Tag Team Championship: D1 (Swagger/Nemeth w/Kelly) d. Regal/Finlay (w/Hooligans)
-Division One keeps their straps – I think this is a helluva match, really designed to give the young champs some credibility, as there’s just no way they don’t come out of this elevated.  Fit takes the fall, doesn’t matter which of the champs gets it.  The story coming in was a sense that Fit and Regal maybe couldn’t afford to lose this match, given the youthful direction of the company – and it fits their characters (which we’ve been reminded of given the Hooligans replication of the dynamic) that after the fall, Fit and Regal shake hands – and then instantly start punching each other.  It’s less out of dislike – and more because that’s what has to be done.  Sheamus and McIntyre start breaking it up – but then they fight as well, because that’s how this goes.  

They’re gonna start fighting in a few weeks on Fight Night (a lot of Fight Nights just have a couple of matches 
– I like tv that really focuses on one or two programs, where everything can really focus intensely on a match 
– sort of the opposite of crash tv) with the thought being that that only one of them is going to stay on the roster.  Sheamus and McIntyre will be there again – and that’s going to allow Defiance to jump them, getting some payback for the Hooligans having taken them out a couple of times. 

      7.  WWF IC Title: The Messiah Shawn Michaels (w/Flock) d. Shelton Benjamin
-The first of the two attempts at the Triple Crown doesn’t lead to one – Benjamin losing to Michaels.  This is done for two reasons – one, work – before, well, you know, before it can’t be done, let’s do Michaels/Benjamin at a top card match on PPV.  Two – is the program – Michaels is looking for a tag partner for WM 26 – because 26 is a tag mania and Benjamin’s a 3 time tag champ – Benjamin’s been on a losing streak since losing to Nitro at Silver to blow off a long, long feud.  The Flock is the Hart kids, Michaels is saving souls – and Benjamin, having lost mentors Angle and then Arn – and best friend Haas – is a little vulnerable.

He loses here, no Triple Crown, no IC, in the best match he can have – the Flock enters the ring and Michaels takes the mic.

He says Benjamin lost – but he is not a loser – he lost because he is lost.  But now, he is found.  He joins the Messiah’s Flock – and will be Shawn Michaels’ tag team partner at WM 26.

Michaels extends his hand.

Benjamin pauses – and is about to take it – when Johnny Nitro begins to walk down the ramp.
Nitro’s got a mic.

Wait, he says, wait.

Nitro’s incredulous.  How, he asks, could you possibly want Shelton Benjamin to be your tag partner at WM 26 – when instead you could have the man who beat him at WM 25?

The Flock moves to attack Nitro – but Michaels tells them to stand down. 

Michaels laughs at Nitro – says yeah, you did beat Benjamin at Silver – but just tonight, you walked out of your match with Porter – “now, I hear he’s the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all Time, so I can understand how you might have been afraid – but let’s just pretend that you – and not Shelton – were to be my tag partner at WM 26 – what guarantee would I have that you wouldn’t just quit in the middle of the match?”

Nitro says “because the reason I quit tonight is that you asked me too.  And I do what my Messiah commands me to do.”

And with that – Nitro slaps Benjamin cold with a superkick.

Michaels now taunts the fallen Benjamin – “I was wrong, Shelton – you are a loser.”

And now a full group pose – Natty/Tyson/Harry/Michaels – and Johnny Nitro.  Johnny Nitro has joined the Flock. 

       8. WWF Championship: Chris Jericho d. Chavo Guerrero
-No Triples Crown at Survivor Series 2009, Jericho, a year after winning the belt – keeps again.  I like Chavo and think this is a good match and fits within the Jericho title run.  But the win serves the end angle of the evening – Matt Hardy, who gets a title shot anytime he wants after his win at Silver – uses the same chair from earlier in the evening to waffle Jericho postmatch – Matt yells at the timekeeper – yells at the referee – yells at Arn.

Arn motions to the official – this it is – Matt Hardy’s cashing in his title shot.

       9. WWF Championship Chris Jericho no contest Matt Hardy
-But there’s no match here (sorry).  Matt covers Jericho, still down after the chairshot, recall, chairshots knocked out Punk and Christian earlier – and once Arn motions that the match has started – the official moves into place and Matt gets the cover –

But Jericho kicks out.

Matt’s does the full shocked heel grimace – and that’s the end of the match.

Punk and Christian sprint to the ring and simultaneously tackle Matt – they reign down on him with blows – the referee stops the match – Jericho is still on the mat – Hardy rolls out – Hardy glares from the aisle – Punk and Christian glare from the ring – Jericho holds his head down on the canvas as Survivor Series 2009 ends.  

I'm back in December for the road to Royal Rumble 2010.  Your WWF Title Match - Chris Jericho v. Matt Hardy.

TNA Slammiversary 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lockdown is here. 

Real World BFG means Counterfactual Slammiversary.  The next TNA post will coincide with real world Final Resolution.  Slammiversary is the show to which my TNA calendar builds. 

TNA World Title:  Kurt Angle d. Nigel McGuinness
X Title: Doug Williams d. Brian Kendrick
Tags: RVD/Jeff Hardy d/ Roode/Kazarian
James Storm d. Hernandez
AJ Styles d. Jay Lethal
Sting d. Ken Kennedy
Abyss d. Matt Morgan
Nigel/Williams d. Angle/Kendrick

It's Kurt's 2nd run with the TNA Title; he had a brief stint in 2008. 

Survivor Series 2009 will be posted at the top of November. 


Road to Survivor Series 2009 - Conclusion

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Part 2 of the build is here.

6 matches set up. 

WWF Title: Jericho v. Chavo
Tag Titles: D1 v. Finlay/Regal
Rey v. Sydal
Porter v. Nitro
Number One Contenders: DMW v. Taker/Cody v. Defiance v. Young Money
WMD v. HHH-M/Miz

2 to go.

The Messiah Shawn Michaels won his 5th IC Title (no one else has won more than 3) and his 11th overall WWF championship belt (I don't literally know who is second - I think it's Bret with 7) when he defeated Rey at Summer Slam. Michaels takes an out of nowhere dig at MVP at one point - saying that other guys get handed nicknames like "Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time" - but 5 sure seems like a greater number than one. 

Real world Michaels would do stuff like that in recent years - in the middle of a totally unrelated program, he'd make a reference to some perceived slight, usually about workrate, something to the effect of "other guys win the awards for best technical wrestler - but somehow, little old me is the one still here."  It's like that - just a shot he needed to take, 'cause that's who he is. 

 He has a light, confident stretch here - the Flock (Harry, Tyson, Natty) do some comedy pieces - ideally, they'd go to Mexico (and other Latin American countries, if there's a tour) and ask fans who the greatest Lucha Libre wrestler who ever lived was.  The answer they'd get is Mysterio - they'd then show the fan, say on a phone (I'm doing a lot of phone stuff, hopefully there's a corporate tie in) the clip of Michaels beating Rey - and then get the fan to say that Michaels beat Rey - so that must mean Michaels is the greatest wrestler in Latin America.  And then they'd tear up whatever lucha paraphenalia they had, in the way, recall, Michaels burned his old gear and the Flock set fire to all manner of old Hart memorabilia. 

Michaels, within just a few weeks, targets and dispatches both Khali and Funaki - the Flock, say goes to Indian and Japanese restaurants, revisiting the bit they did in Latin America, allowing Michaels to claim he has virtually conquered the world - bringing the world underneath its one true Lord and Savior - the Messiah Shawn Michaels. 

As we hit October (do you know who Michaels is facing?  Can you figure it out?) Michaels and the Flock hit the ring after a Shelton Benjamin (ding, ding, ding) loss.

That's what Benjamin's been doing, if you were wondering, since losing the blow off to a year+ long feud with Nitro - he's been losing.

The Flock hits the ring after one of those losses - surrounding Benjamin - and clearing the path for the glorious entrance of Michaels - arriving in a bath of white light.

Michaels asks Benjamin if he knows why he is there.  Benjamin tells a joke that maybe Michaels thinks he's from Uganda, but he's not, he's from South Carolina, so he'll have to look somewhere else to finish his game of WWF Risk.

Michaels gets serious - tells Benjamin that he understands his pain.  His mentor Angle went off the rails crazy and abandoned him.  Michaels references the long Clique v. Team Angle feud in which they were both featured.  Michaels says that the new father in your life was Arn Anderson, who created Strong Style - and then he broke up their team, sent Benjamin away - and now no longer has time for him.  Michaels says Benjamin's best friend Charlie is long gone.  And after losing the biggest match of his life, at Wrestlemania Silver - Benjamin loses, and loses and loses again.  Because the truth is Benjamin is lost - he is losing not because he is a loser but because he is lost - but the Messiah knows how he can be found.

Michaels says Benjamin should join his Flock.  The Flock was lost - dying in developmental on the internet - without anyone looking out for their interests.  He's taking a shot at Jericho here - something like "if only they had a powerful person who, for one reason or another might be looking out for them - but they did not" - Michaels says he saved them - and he can save Benjamin too.

Shelton says why would you care - I've lost 15 matches in a row - what could I do for you?

Michaels puts over the tag gimmick for WM 26 - says he wants the platform of the main event of WM 26 to spread his gospel - and that means he needs a tag partner.  Michaels says he's got 4 tag titles - and Benjamin's got 3.  That they'd be the greatest tag team force of all time - Michaels and Benjamin, tagging together in the main event of WM 26.

Benjamin says "what's in it for me?"

Michaels says - Survivor Series.  An IC Title shot.  The Triple Crown.  Immortality.

Because Benjamin's won the WWF Title and the Tag Titles - but never the IC.

The Triple Crown, note, has been positioned as inarguable - a prize to rich to refuse - and Benjamin is overhwhelmed to consider it.

Benjamin accepts.  Says he will join the Flock - but not until after Survivor Series - he doesn't want anything to do with Michaels and the Hart kids before then - because he is bringing full force at Survivor Series - to take Shawn's IC Title - and to win the Triple Crown.

Shawn says he wouldn't have it any other way.

And that's that match - and since Chavo is also wrestling for the Triple Crown - this gives us two Triple Crown matches at the top of the card for Survivor Series - and that's how you add some value to a PPV.

One more match.

After his win over Steamboat at Silver, Punk and Maria shot a series of handheld vignettes to re-establish their relationship outside of the ring, they hopefully worked to humanize Punk, and to kick off the angle we saw at Summer Slam, Christian inadvertantly shoot punching Maria in the mouth when Punk pulled her in front of him in a Savage/Liz type of ringside maneuver. 

We do one more of those vignettes post Summer Slam, Maria packing up and leaving - she's silent, Punk's frothing, saying she should stay, he's sorry he couldn't protect her from that piece of shit Christian, he'll tear him apart, he will hunt him down, he'll eat his children. 

Maria, very calmly, tells Punk it's not Christian she's afraid of - it's him.  That it's Punk's fault.  That he doesn't know that is why she's leaving. 

Punk's devastated after she goes.  Alone - he quietly looks at the camera and says "it's done, just...just stop." and the shot goes dead.

The following RAW is Christian's first appearance since Summer Slam; he cuts brief promo - says he's just going to say it once - he's sorry to Maria.

He's then cut off by Matt Hardy.

Matt's smiling - joyous - he says he's never had a better time in his whole life than Summer Slam.  He says not only did he wipe out Punk and Christian with Twists of Fate - but he hijacked the entire show by keeping everyone guessing if he would cash in his marker for a title shot at any time - and he might just hijack every single show just like that.  Maybe he cashes it in tonight - maybe he calls Jericho to the ring right now and takes his title -- or maybe he waits all the way until Wrestlemania 26 and wins the WWF Title then.  It's all up to Matt Hardy.  Matt says the only thing that could have made Summer Slam better would have been if Christian hit that red-headed whore (Matt's maybe subconsciously thinking of someone else here) harder.

And that's when Punk sprints to the ring - he doesn't make it - he's tackled by security on the ramp - and it needs to be a swarm of them - he needs to be screaming at Christian that he'll kill him - just howling in rage, security needs to physically have Punk entirely lifted in the air, he fights the entire way that he's going to kill Christian - Punk needs to be maniacal, scary - enough so that we'll get the dictate that comes from Arn going forward, that Punk cannot step foot inside any WWF arena before Survivor Series - or he will be arrested on the spot.

At Survivor Series, of course, he gets a rematch with Christian.  'Cause Punk's unhinged, but there's money to be made.

That scene with Punk getting carried out ends with Matt, taking advantage of Christian's distraction - laying him out again with the Twist of Fate.

Fast forward a month.  RAW needs to be in Chicago.

RAW opens on the announce - Joey says there was an incident earlier today, and the RAW production crew has painstakingly been reconstructing footage in order to best bring to you this developing situation.

They show security cam style footage from the cafeteria at the arena; there's an early evening time stamp.  Joey, in a "breaking news" style, explains that wrestlers are eating dinner before RAW - we can see, some in costume, some not, various faces/heels eating together - nothing that would be too shocking, but Yakuza can eat with Killings and it's not the end of the world. 

Joey directs us to Christian - and narrates as Christian seems to receive a text message and quickly stands and runs from the cafeteria.  I told you we were doing some phone business in this build.

Back to the announce.  Joey asks "what was that text?" - "multiple sources have confirmed that Christian shouted "my wife - my wife's been in an accident" as he ran from the cafeteria."

Cut to a security cam in the outside parking area for the wrestlers - Joey says note the time stamp, which is just moments after the previous stamp - Joey says watch this side of the screen - we see a man walking briskly - Joey says enhance and slow it down - and clearly it is CM Punk.

And when we zoom even further, we see he's holding a phone. 


Joey says its crucial to pay attention here - as we see another figure, running - when we zoom we see it to be Christian. 

The two men see each other - there's wild gesturing - when we zoom we see both men are screaming - and then they full on brawl, right in outdoor parking.  Fans should see it, as it's outside - and then it's broken up - both men disheveled, blood - clothes torn - they both break away from whomever has ahold of them - other wrestlers can be there breaking them up - and eventually they're separated. 

We then cut to interviews with wrestlers who were there - explaining that while it was garbled - Christian accused Punk of having sent the text - Punk apparently - it looks like Punk apparently sent Christian the text about his wife - in order to lure Christian out of the building - in order to attack him. 

And - as it turns out - the text was a fake - Christian's wife was not in an accident.  It was a set up.  If in fact, there was a text at all.

But other wrestlers say Punk was yelling at Christian - that Punk was yelling about a text - a text from Maria - Punk got a text from Maria (Punk lives in Chicago, just a few minutes from the building - that's why Chicago's important here) that she was in town, that she went to the arena to see some of her friends, and she really, really needed to see him now. Punk was yelling that Christian set him up - set him up to come to the arena and get arrested.

And - as it turns out - that text was a fake - Joey says Maria was not in the building tonight.  It was a set up.  If in fact there was a text at all.

There's much speculation - did Punk send Christian a text that his wife was in an accident?  Did Christian send Punk a text to lure him to the arena?

A couple of weeks pass - Christian returns in the go-home RAW and cuts angry promo.  Says Punk put Maria in harm's way - he didn't mean to hit her - but if she gets hit - she gets hit.  But Christian's wife has never been part of this - he's been a wrestler for over a decade - and has deliberately kept his wife out of all of this.  Punk's crossed a line you don't cross - and at Survivor Series - he'll pay the price.  Punk then appears on the video wall, live from his home in Chicago - Punk is completely serious - says Christian's why Maria left him - says Christian wasn't content with just ruining his life, he tried to get him arrested with a fake text message.  Punk says he has nothing left to lose - and at Survivor Series - he pays the price.

So - that's the show.

Two Triple Crown Matches as Chavo and Benjamin each have the opportunity to join the most exclusive club in wrestling as they wrestle Jericho and Michaels for the singles belts.

Division One puts their tag straps on the line against the veterans, Finlay and Regal.

The 3 singles matches - Punk/Christian, Rey/Sydal, Nitro/Porter.

The two tags - the 4 way elimination match to be number one contender and the opener between WMD and Hunter/Miz.

Plus - the revelation of the new GDI. 

It's coming in November.  Survivor Series 2009. 


I'll be back in October with the next TNA show.   

Road to Survivor Series 2009 - Part Two

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Part 1 is here.

3 matches down; 5 to go.

The WWF Championship program begins in the same fashion as did the tag title program, a RAW, say a few weeks after Summer Slam, begins with Commissioner Arn Anderson in the ring with the WWF Champion Chris Jericho.

Arn puts Jericho over – says Survivor Series will mark his 1 year anniversary as WWF Champion – and now it’s time to name the man he’ll face. Arn says it’s been a challenging decision – and he has been unable to talk to the man he’s going to bring to the ring right now, as he arrived late to the building tonight – Johnny Nitro.

Nitro comes to the ring with girls, he’s wearing a fur coat and sunglasses, the clip of RAW after Silver where Arn said that following his blow off win over Shelton that he should go home and train for a title shot down the line plays – Nitro clearly expects to be named number one contender – and he and Jericho go nose to nose.

Arn says he’s sorry he has to do this in front of everyone – but he has to go back on his word. Arn then calls to the ring Chavo Guerrero.

Chavo – gone since the beginning of ’09 comes down the ramp, he’s got new gear as he’s left the LWO – the clip plays of Jericho, back before the Rumble, telling Chavo to go home and train as he wanted to give him a shot at the WWF Title – which would mean a shot at the Triple Crown – Jericho’s biggest ever rival, certainly the biggest rival of his NWA and early WWF days was Eddy – Chavo has had a very good career here – IC and tag title champ – and now he, Nitro, and Jericho all stand in the ring.

Arn says it’s a timing issue – before he became Commissioner, Jericho promised a shot to Chavo – then Arn promised one to Nitro. The only fair thing, Arn says – is for Nitro and Chavo to fight for it – on the season premiere of Fight Night (which we’ll say is the last Friday in September).

Chavo nods his head – moving toward Nitro – but Nitro says nope – says it’s his shot and his shot alone, and he doesn’t want to bruise his hands on Chavo’s face.

Nitro exits – and he’s passed on the ramp by an entering MVP.

Porter, billed as the Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all Time for his year and a half long title run, lost his shot at Jericho’s belt in what (hopefully) was a good match – one that people wouldn’t mind seeing again. Because he gets to the ring and cuts what sort of sounds like his first ever babyface promo.

He says he’s a man, you cant survive in jail as long as he did and not be a man – and a man admits when he got beat. And he got beat at Summer Slam 1-2-3. But - Porter says – but - there’s no question in his mind that he can beat Jericho at Survivor Series – and if that chance to fight Chavo for the shot is available – Porter will gladly step up and take it.

Nitro then comes back to the ring and gets in MVP’s face, tells Porter he’s showing him up – trying to punk him out.

MVP laughs – tells Nitro that all he’s trying to do is become WWF Champ – when the day comes that he decides to punk Nitro out – he’ll know it.

Now Jericho interrupts as the ring gets heated – says the truth is that he’s been WWF Champ for a year – and he plans to be WWF Champ for many more – there will be time for him to beat both Nitro and Porter.

And now Chavo has to cut a fiery promo – he’s got to get right in Jericho’s face – if Jericho’s looking past him , he’s making a mistake. Jericho’s a golden boy, Jericho walked off the street into a TV title in the NWA, he walked off the street and into an IC title in the WWF – he left this place for years, to drink, to play in his band, to try to make it in Hollywood – to find himself – and he walked back in here and into a WWF Championship – into a Triple Crown.

Chavo says he’s been wrestling since he was in the womb – and has never even one time wrestled for the World Heavyweight Championship.

But whether he has to beat MVP (he stares at Porter) Nitro (he stares at Nitro) he will – and at Survivor Series he’ll take Jericho’s title – just like Eddy used to do – and he’ll become the second Guerrero to win the Triple Crown –

And now everyone in the ring is jawing at each other when Arn announces that tonight – in this very ring – we’re gonna start sorting this out – Jericho and Chavo will tag up against Porter and Nitro.

It breaks down – Nitro winds up walking out, Porter chases him into the ramp and they start fighting – Chavo and Jericho take a count out win and Chavo leaves Jericho laid out with the Three Amigos suplex sequence and the frog splash.

MVP is given the Fight Night shot since Nitro refused it – Chavo beats him – Nitro enters the ring postmatch to laugh at Porter – and gets slapped across the face for it. They brawl – and they’ll meet at Survivor Series.

So will Chavo and Jericho, for the strap and the possibility of a Triple Crown for Chavo. There’s one more element to this match, in the go home Fight Night – Chavo beats Mysterio, and how we get there allows us to talk about another match for Survivor Series – Rey v. Sydal.

Rey lost his IC to Michaels at Summer Slam, and immediately after he’s in the type of program you’d see in the real world – he’s attacked by untalented monsters – say Kozlov and Jackson (they would have been the tenth team in that tag battle royal I mentioned in part 1, I think if you add Flock and LWO to the ones I gave you, we’re at ten).

They were eliminated by the LWO in that battle royal – and they set upon Rey. Kinda for revenge, but really that part is just to start putting them together – as really they go after Rey to make their bones. He’s a legend, they’re new. Boom.

They attack him in a big man/little man type of way, lay him out good – look fearsome.

This will need Rey to accept the aid of the LWO.

A little history – Carlito and Crazy were once the LWO, and Carlito won Chavo’s membership, but then coerced him to fully embrace his allegiance to the group. Carlito and Chavo turned face a couple of years ago backing Rey up when he was in a program with Booker and he was supported by Heat (the brief build for Chavo/Porter on Fight Night will reference that). Rey didn’t become a member – but that history of a good working relationship was in play in the build to Silver when the LWO, once again heels, now Carlito and Primo, used heel tactics against the Flock to protect Rey from them.

Rey again didn’t join – keeping his distance from ratifying their behavior.

But now he asks for help – there’s a backstage “I need you guys” moment from Rey – a knowing smile from Carlito – and the three men, together, wind up attacking and taking apart Jackson and Kozlov, using chairs and sticks and all manner of foreign objects smaller men might use to whip some monster ass. It’s a full on sneak attack – justice, perhaps, given what happened to Rey – but a sneak attack, and we make clear, in a separate match that same week, to continue to position the LWO as full heels, they wrestle and lose to say Young Money, and do all the heel things one could do (no Rey, he’s not there).

A few weeks later, Rey appears unannounced on GDI.

Now we rewind.

Not long after Summer Slam, Hunter appears on GDI.

This is unusual.

He announces that, after much negotiation, GDI has been purchased from the McMahon Family. Hunter says he personally has never seen the appeal of a bunch of independent wrestlers doing flips in small buildings – and will be glad to see it go. Hunter says the buyer was anonymous – but will apparently reveal himself at Survivor Series when he officially takes possession of GDI. Hunter says therefore GDI will become, as it once was, a totally separate company from the WWF – WWF talent will not appear on GDI and GDI wrestlers won’t appear on WWF shows.

So enjoy the next several weeks – because everything changes at Survivor Series.

Sydal, the top babyface, and Tatsu, the top heel – now program against each other in the last several episodes of GDI before the change. We’re told that both men will be, as part of the purchase, leaving GDI to go to the WWF main roster beginning at Survivor Series – we’re also told that 2 new wrestlers, who will be at Survivor Series with the new owner, will take their spots on GDI. Further, after Survivor Series, GDI will get a new announcer – its own announcer as it will no longer be using WWF talent – and that GDI will be leaving Tuesday nights on Scy Fy to move to Thursdays on WGN.

Tatsu, heel since his turn on Noble – will, for the first time, cut promos. The promos will be in Japanese.

He’ll need a translator – and he’ll get one in the form of a guy who has largely just been used to do voiceovers in this world (although he very briefly did some announcing years ago, even doing one Wrestlemania) Michael Cole.

Cole speaks Japanese. Crazy!

Tatsu will cut condescending promos “this building is a toilet – the fat lady in the third row smells like hamburger meat” which will, apologetically be translated by Cole. He doesn’t want to say “your women enjoy my taut buttocks” but he will. Part of the gig.

With not more than a few episodes remaining, say after a match between Sydal and some high Pac, that would be good, let’s pretend it was Pac (Jack Evans is more likely) Rey enters unexpectedly. If Rey Mysterio walks out unannounced in some small building in southern California, say there for a PWG/GDI taping, they will be pleased to see him.

Rey puts over the show – and puts over Sydal – says maybe people remember when Rey was the best high flyer in the world. Rey says he’d very much like to see how much air he can still put under his wings – he’d like to challenge Sydal – next week – right here on GDI.

So – it’s Matt Sydal, young, adrenaline fueled babyface in the biggest night of his life wrestling the legendary Rey Mysterio –

And after as many spots as we can cram in, the LWO enters and stomps Sydal out.

Rey pushes them off – and there’s a shouting match as the show ends.

The following RAW, Rey calls them out to the ring to give them the whatfor. Carlito says Rey can understand their confusion – one night he wants them to stomp out Jackson and Kozlov, even picks up a chair to help them do that – it looked to the LWO like Rey was going to lose to Sydal – and now that Rey is LWO, he doesn’t ever need to lose again.

Rey says, first of all – I wasn’t going to lose. And second – he’s not LWO.

Primo says maybe five years ago – but now, the young guys, like himself, have passed Rey by – he was going to lose to Sydal – and without the LWO – he’ll be losing a lot more.

Rey gets hot – Carlito calms everything down. Tells Rey he should reconsider. He’s respected Rey’s desire to stay solo – Rey’s always been a lone wolf and Carlito respects that – but times have changed, and it’s dangerous to be all alone in today’s WWF.

Rey says thanks, but he’s good – Carlito shakes his hand and the LWO leaves.

Rey apologizes to Sydal (who isn’t there) says he feels bad they didn’t get to finish their match – and challenges him to do it again – at Survivor Series.

So – we have that. Match number 6. Rey v. Sydal.

Rey then asks Chavo to come out.

Rey tells Chavo although he’s wrestling at Survivor Series, the most important match is Chavo’s – that finally, after his long career – he gets a chance to join he and Eddy as WWF Champions – and as Triple Crown winners. Rey says he’s proud of Chavo and Eddy would be too. Rey says he’d like to help get Chavo ready – so he wants to face him, one on one, on the go home Fight Night.

Chavo accepts – so the very last piece of TV before Survivor Series is Chavo beating Rey on Fight Night – the LWO entering – and stomping both men out – Sydal and then Jericho come to the ring – they beat back the LWO – Sydal and Rey do some double wipeout highspot – leaving Jericho and Chavo alone in the ring – Jericho extends his hand – Chavo knocks it away – the two men going nose to nose as the show ends.

6 matches booked.

WWF Title: Jericho v. Chavo

WWF Tag Titles: D1 v. Regal/Fit

Porter v. Nitro

Rey v. Sydal

WMD v. HHH-M/Miz

DMW v. Taker/Cody v. Defiance v. Young Money

2 matches left. I’ll be back no later than top of October to finish the build.


Road to Survivor Series 2009 - Part One

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The night after Summer Slam, Arn Anderson (with his new title of WWF Commissioner) opens RAW in the ring and brings out the new tag team champs – Division One (Swagger, Nemeth, Kelly). Restocking the tags has been Arn’s top priority, we are reminded, since his announcement at Silver that WM 26 would be a Tag Team Wrestlemania – with a tag match, for the first time ever, as the main event.

He puts over D1 as young and hungry and athletic – puts them over as graduates from The Underground – says they are exactly who WWF fans want to see as the new tag team champs. He then readies to announce their challengers, at Survivor Series, in Washington DC….

He’s cut off by WMD’s music. Coming down the aisle is Leviathan. He’s wearing a pink polo shirt with an upturned collar.

This is odd – as he’s been a superman babyface in his most recent incarnation, and he just returned from a long injury layoff last night to clean house after Cena’s victory over HHH-M.

He doesn’t do a superintense, screaming promo – he does real world late period heel Batista. The fans are going to cheer him, those who are inclined to cheer him, so it’s going to happen in stages. He’d been gone long enough, since the beginning of the year, that his change in attitude will be understood as based on the time off. He big times the young champs a little bit – is a little patronizing in demeanor. And he backslaps his former manager, and early career mentor Arn. Leviathan assumes WMD will be the number one contender – since he’s now back from injury and Survivor Series is in his hometown. Arn tells Leviathan that’s not exactly what he has planned – Leviathan flashes some surprise and anger – and then the Miz’s music hits.

The Miz was the primary victim of the housecleaning last night, as he and Hunter are partners. He’s full of braggart heel vinegar, the announce putting over whenever possible his growth under the veteran tutelage of Helmsley. He gets in Leviathan’s face – says WMD shouldn’t worry about the titles – they should worry about Hunter and the Miz kicking their ass.

Leviathan smirks. He’s gonna do a lot of smirking.

Before he can respond – Defiance, the full crew, comes down the ramp. Orton. Ted, Jr. Dean.

Defiance had it their way for a full year – from Mania to Mania, right up until the postmatch returns of Swagger and Regal – and there are some receipts being collected now. They lost to D1 at Summer Slam, then both Orton and DiBiase lost singles matches. Important for Defiance to have something to complain about, to rub against – here, Orton can snap at Arn how unfair it was that he and Ted had to wrestle twice last night – while their singles opponents, Regal and Cody, were fresh. Orton says he might start RKO’ing everyone in the ring if he doesn’t start getting some consideration.

And that leads to Undertaker/Cody coming to the ring. ‘Taker appeared for the first time since Silver last night – so those who are inclined appreciate seeing him as he immediately goes nose to nose with Orton, looking to intimidate him – Orton fumes in that way that he does – and the Taker then turns to Swagger/Nemeth and makes the sign for the belt around his waist.

Arn retakes control. Says in the main event tonight there will be a ten tag team battle royal – last surviving team – they go to the Survivor Series to meet D1 for the straps. They can do a full brawl in the ring as they hit the commercial.

That battle royal gets us 3 of the 8 Survivor Series matches.

The winners of the battle royal are Regal/Finlay – and they will meet D1 at Survivor Series.

Regal/Finlay spend most of the build down in developmental on the Underground, training with the Hooligans (Sheamus and McIntyre) to prepare for the match. The primary story to be told is that they are old warhorses – there’s a lot of time for them to tell stories, for them to casually hang out. I’ve mentioned this before in relation to the Finlay/Regal dynamic. There was a moment on real world RAW during the Funk/Foley tag team, where they showed them sitting in the seats before the show, no crowd, some noise in the background, but just very casually hanging out and being old war buddies together. And that’s the Regal/Finlay dynamic I’ve been working to express – they’re Funk/Foley – they’ve beaten each other to death and then gone out drinking. They’re frenemies. I’m looking to replicate that with the young Hooligans. Here, there should be a sense that Finlay/Regal are near the end. They spend time with the kids in developmental, see how much younger, more athletic they all are – Fit and Regal are highly self aware, they see their place in the universe – and spending this time with the Hooligans really drives home the importance of the moment – the number of title shots in the future are significantly fewer than the number of title shots in the past. They should be a cryptic “there is no tomorrow” thread that runs through their discussions. There’s a moment where Arn appears in the Underground late in the build and he sits in on one of these conversations – the 3 guys sharing stories (Fit, Arn, and Dean ran the company for awhile before Fit returned to the ring) and then Arn saying that he’s out to make the tag ranks more competitive – more athletic – younger. Arn says he’s been retired over a decade now, that guys like Regal and Fit – there’s only room for so many of them in the WWF.

Fit and Regal have been grizzled veteran babyfaces for awhile, and Fit’s always been a face in his WWF run; they served as mentors for D1 earlier in the year which both served to transition Fit/Regal into the mentor role for the Hooligans that has been firmed up and gives us something to play off of in this program. And with that backdrop – after a successful D1 tv match, they are jumped by the Hooligans, who hit their finish on Nemeth (this doesn’t come from nowhere – the Hooligans did this to Defiance at Summer Slam – and then did it again on Defiance at the aforementioned RAW battle royal; further, D1 are the heroes of The Underground – the first graduates to win belts – and Mike Rotunda, the head trainer, puts them over as the goal to shoot for – Sheamus and McIntyre believe they’re better than Swagger and Nemeth and it gnaws at them to have D1 shoved down their throats. So when they attack D1, it resonates in the Underground.

Regal and Finlay enter, one assumes to stop the Hooligans – but instead they viciously stomp D1 out – all four men really putting it to D1.

Regal and Finlay will cut promo on RAW, saying they like D1, they’re good kids and great wrestlers – but this is the WWF, there are no friends, they’ve been wrestling all their lives – and there is absolutely nothing they won’t do to keep their hearts beating another day, nothing they won’t do to cradle tag team gold.

Two other tag matches. WMD v. HHH-M/Miz will be the opening tag. Hunter and Shawn feuded with WMD back in 2008, Hunter took Leviathan out with the sledgehammer at the top of the year – Cena beat Hunter at Summer Slam in the match where Leviathan returned. The story told here is really the continuing character development – Leviathan grows increasingly full of himself, Cena tries to motivate him with full, rip-roaring Cena-like motivational speeches. Hunter and Miz are still mismatched, but Miz continues to endear himself to the veteran Helmsley, and Hunter enjoys Miz’s full on heel deviousness. It’s a program of Hunter/Miz acting like heels, Cena is full on white meat babyface, and Leviathan gets cockier and cockier.

The other tag match is a four way elimination match. “The surviving team” Arn says, playing off the name of the event “the surviving team will go to the Royal Rumble and face either D1 or Regal/Finlay for the tag team titles”

The four teams – Young Money (which was the last team eliminated in that RAW battle royal, and gets a push in this stretch, with Killings finally healthy) Defiance (eliminated at the battle royal after attacked that second time by Hooligans – Orton is told he cannot appear at the Underground for retribution – Hooligans don’t work on the main roster, Orton says that’s ridiculous and shows up anyway (cause they’re Defiance, so they have to defy authority sometimes)– they attack Hooligans and are backed down by the entire developmental crew (including Justin Gabriel, Wade Barrett, Zach Ryder, and Heath Slater). Arn punishes them in some way – okay, he bars Malenko from the ring at Survivor Series, that’s what he does. Undertaker/Cody and DMW are the other two teams. That feud, which existed earlier in the year when DMW told the Taker he had to choose between staying in their loose longterm alliance and keeping this budding mentorship with Cody – gets rejuiced at that battle royal when DMW goes right after Cody at the bell, dumping him over the top to eliminate he and the Taker. The DMW part of this is easy – they lost their belts at Summer Slam, they want them back – and if the Taker and his little buddy are in their way – then he can take a Double Chokeslam. The Undertaker/Cody story is the continued growth of young Rhodes – he was Mikey Whipwreck in 2008, but proved his mettle in continuing to come back after getting ass kicking upon ass kicking by BIG (Bradshaw’s stable). Undertaker took the summer off, and Cody’s mentorship was taken over by his big brother Dustin – Cody beat Ted, Jr at Summer Slam – but seemed to credit the Dead Man more than Dustin – and now Dustin’s been nudged aside with the Dead Man’s return. Dustin will be in their corner at Survivor Series, but the relationship between he and the Taker is a little edgy.

Those are the 3 tag matches at Survivor Series 2009.

WWF Tag Titles: Division One v. Regal/Finlay

Elimination Number One Contender’s Match: Young Money v. Defiance v. DMW v. Undertaker/Cody

WMD v. HHH-M/Miz

3 down. 5 to go. Part 2 of the Road to Survivor Series 2009 will come before the end of the month.


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