Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

Road to Survivor Series '06 - I

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Summer Slam is here.

The Road to Survivor Series ‘06 -I

The Solution opens up in the ring the night after Summer Slam. It’s full on gloating, HHH says the Solution is bulletproof, Flair says they’re the..Woooo…best thing going today.

HHH says he’s still Worldwide Champ, another successful title defense for the greatest sports entertainer alive.

Flair says he’s the greatest wrestler who ever lived, and now it’s he, not Mysterio, not Steamboat, not Lou Thesz, not the fat guy in the front row, who is an 8 time World Heavyweight Champion, and for the first time in his career, he is the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Flair and HHH hold up their 6 belts.

Executioner Lashley stands motionless, with the hood on, in the corner, he hasn’t been addressed.

Flair says the Solution has fighting champions – and that the Number One Contender’s Battle Royal is about to return – and Flair will take on the winner of that Battle Royal in Philadelphia at Survivor Series 20!

Hunter says both he and the Executioner will enter and they will work together, so where the other 28 men will all be pitted against each other, all battling it out for the chance to be the main at Survivor Series 20, Hunter and Lashley will be a finely tuned team – and when one of them wins – then the gold will be kept all in the family.

The LWO music plays – Carlito, Crazy – and a few steps behind, in the LWO colors for the first time – Chavo – enter – staying at the top of the ramp.

Carlito says if Hunter wants to talk about family….he’s talking about the LWO. That two weeks from now (or something like that) on the season premiere of RAW, all 3 (emphasis on 3) members of the LWO family will be in the Battle Royal – and you can bet they’ll all stick together.

We note how uncomfortable Chavo is wearing the colors he is now forced to wear after losing at Summer Slam. Crazy has a bandana over his face and is waving a mash up flag of Puerto Rico and Mexico.

HHH says they aren’t family, it’s a Mexican guy who’s never won a match, a Puerto Rican Sideshow Bob, and Chavo who looks like he’s cutting a hostage tape.

Flair says he doesn’t care if Chavo wants to be LWO or not – he’s known Chavo since their NWA days, knows Chavo from the Four Horsemen – and he knows Chavo can’t get the job done when it counts.

Chavo fumes a little hotter – when a new version of Booker T’s old theme hits, a version fused with real world MVP’s theme, and through the crowd, Booker, Porter and Burke make their way through, remaining amid the people.

Book says he’s known Flair and Chavo since the NWA – and back then, he would have taken them both on. But something happened to him in the WWF, he started to settle, he started to look at wrestling like a job, he started to show up only when he got paid – and even though he just held tag team gold – that he was starting to forget who Booker T was.

But last night, his boys showed up.

He introduces Porter and Burke.

He points at Lashley, says the Executioner met them last night – and the rest of the WWF will meet them all at the Number One Contender’s Battle Royal when they eliminate 27 other guys and win a shot at the Undisputed Championship of the World…now can you dig that….sucka!

HHH says Booker’s washed up. Says he can bring all the ex-cons he wants (we don’t know yet about Porter’s background, that story will be told between now and SSeries, HHH is teasing) but the monster Lashley will eliminate the whole lot of them without breathing hard – we’re gonna have some black on black crime up in this bitch…sucka!

The video wall lights up – it’s at whatever indie arena GDI will emanate from the following night – in the ring are London/Kendrick/Noble/ and CM Punk

Punk says they aren’t family over in GDI. They don’t even like each other.

But he says – they like the Solution even less.

And they are coming to RAW.

Punk says all 4 of them – including himself, Punk making his WWF TV wrestling debut – will be in the Number One Contender’s Battle Royal. And wouldn’t it just be a kick in the head, Nature Boy, if one of the men in this ring took your title back to Tuesday nights.

HHH says he’s still not sure who Punk is. And all he remembers about London and Kendrick is kicking their asses in the Clique. And Jamie Noble’s too small to see.

They’re vanilla midgets, HHH says. They don’t know how to work.

Flair says you guys won’t work together – you all hate each other – that what none of you people (talking to both the other factions too) understand is that the Solution is family, they can trust each other – they’ll stick together to keep the gold in the family – and no one else in the WWF will ever do that.

The lights dim – a spotlight hits the top of the aisle, the LWO is off to the side now, so there’s a clear path from the top of the aisle down to the ring. A disembodied voice says “Ladies and gentlemen. The Hardy Boys.”

The old Hardy theme hits – and for the first time in years, Matt and Jeff are together.

They walk all the way to the ring, absorbing the fan reaction.

They stop. Jeff takes the mic – turns to Matt, “so..what’s new?”

Jeff points to the ring – says he may have been gone a few years and he understands a lot has changed.

But the last time he checked – what made people family wasn’t that they wore the same color tshirt.

What makes people family is when the same blood pumps through their veins.

Jeff says that he didn’t come back last night just to knock Edge off the ladder.

He came back for good.

And he and Matt are the only two men in the battle royal who can be counted on to stick together. And when Matt and Jeff Hardy reunite in two weeks – when the greatest tag team in the history of professional wrestling reunite in two weeks in the Number One Contender’s Battle Royal –

Before he hits the punch line – Edge comes out from under the ring – spills into the ring – and spears Ric Flair.

Before anyone can react – Edge rolls out of the ring – making the motion for the title around his waist to the shocked reaction from the Solution – fans scream – and that ends the segment.

The Number One Contender’s Battle Royal is coming. And it’s Soon.

Place your bets….

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