Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

Summer Slam 1994

Saturday, January 28, 2006

X is here.

Summer Slam -1994 ChicagoGorilla and Cornette continue on the announce.

(Dark – Sean Waltman d. Bob Holly)

1. Headshrinkers d. Rougeaus (countout)
-Winners of the match to get a title shot against Lex/Bam Bam later tonight, but the Rougeaus don’t show and get counted out. We go to the back and see they’ve been laid out in the locker room, including Levy, and the only evidence as to the perpetrator is a pink and black Hart Foundation jacket. Huh.

2. Savio Vega d. Mike Rotundo
-The new Tito! Arriba! In fact, if Tito’s on the payroll at this point, they make him Savio’s manager. If not Tito, they dig up Pedro Morales.

3. Adam Bomb d. Prime Time Brian Lee
-The Bomb continues. He’s a beast, he can’t be stopped – he’s ADAM BOMB! He calls out the Taker (who hasn't been in a WWF ring in 10 months, but his match is next) saying he hasn't come back 'cause he's ascared.

4. Undertaker d. Mabel
-Undertaker’s first appearance since his Rumble title loss to Bret. Since he tapped out, he’s no longer undead. He makes the turn to the current version of the Taker – ‘cept he’s younger. So, he’s basically badass biker Undertaker, who actually is a better worker than the undead caveman undertaker. So, now he brawls, no longer impervious to pain. He’s a real boy. He wipes out Mabel – the Bomb comes down to the ring – and they brawl after the match.

5. Jeff Jarrett (w/Road Dogg) d. Tatanka
This is not a good show. Think of Jarrett and Savio as getting similar undercard pushes.

6. Tags: Luger/Bigelow d. Headshrinkers
Why did you buy this show, seriously?

7. IC: No DQ: Razor Ramon d. Diesel (w/Waltman)
Okay, this is better. We’ll cover up their weaknesses with lots of garbage, chairshots – Waltman’s bringing out the ladder and bumping – everyone bleeds – we’ll have a shot of all three men brawling heavy in the middle of the ring, the Clique Explodes! Razor keeps and has now beaten Michaels and Diesel back to back. Razor points to a fallen Waltman afterward – “Hey, Chico, Hey porn star – you next – you next for the Bad Guy.”

(As we near the beginning of the title match, the video wall flashes the letters…H….B…..K……and we see a shot of San Antonio, Texas – – home of Shawn Michaels. Cactus. Dust. Michaels in a cowboy hat. He says hello, WWF, hello Chi-town, did ya miss me?

Huge mixed pop for Michaels.

Michaels says he’s enjoyed his time off since X, he’s been on the road winning titles in the WWF for 6 years without a break – and it’s been good to go home. And he’s not quite ready to come back to the grind. I mean, how many times can a man beat Marty Jannetty before he starts to get a little bored?

So, he’s decided, with great regret --- that he is not coming back to the WWF.

Boos, many, many boos.

But Shawn says – no, no, I’m not leaving the World Wrestling Federation – I just said I’m not coming back – I am the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, the best wrestler on the planet – and I don’t come back to the WWF…

…the WWF is going to come to me. At Survivor Series – right here in my hometown of San Antonio Texas – I will be wrestling….

..for the WWF Championship.

That’s right. And I don’t care who climbs out of that cage first tonight – Owen Hart, Bret Hart – Corey Hart – it doesn’t matter to me, boys. Just come on down to San Antonio in November for Survivor Series – and shine up my belt real nice before you get here.

He's Shawn Michaels, after all.

8. WWF Title: Cage Match: Owen Hart d. Bret Hart
They did this match, best cage match I ever saw, so we’ll do it the same way. Just flip some stuff. With Owen about to win by escaping the cage (it's pinfall or escape) Neidhart runs in to slam the door on him.

Neidhart laughs. Strokes the beard. Yells to the camera “Hey Rougeaus – make sure you clean the blood of my jacket before you send it back.” Recall, Neidhart turned on the Harts to join the Rougeaus many, many years before. It all comes full circle.

So, that mystery is solved.

Neidhart goes inside the cage – he and Bret double team Owen – Neidhart eventually attacking Owen while Bret climbs, climbs, trying to get out of the cage – and he’s stopped by Davey Boy. All the Harts ARE BACK!

Davey Boy climbs from the outside – knocking Bret back into the cage – Davey Boy climbs in – and it’s the four Harts brawling in the ring – Owen and Davey Boy the faces – Bret and the Anvil the heels –

Eventually, Owen and Bret each climb, climb, climb – Anvil and Davey Boy each trying to stop them --- Owen kicks Anvil away just a second before Bret can shed Davey Boy – and Owen falls to the floor and keeps the belt.

The NWA show….Dusty and Dustin team up for the first time in the NWA for a win. Regal loses to Bobby Eaton. We say goodbye to Mick Foley as Cactus Jack loses to Sting in a Loser Leaves Town…I wonder what will become of him…the Nasty Boys regain the tag straps…Austin loses his US to Arn – and Vader regains the World strap, going over Terry.

Fall Brawl – 1994 Roanoke
NWA Title: Vader d. Terry Funk
US Title: Arn Anderson d. Steve Austin
Tags: Nasty Boys d. Mero/Orndorff
Sting d. Cactus Jack

Bobby Eaton d. Steve Regal
Kevin Sullivan d. Paul Roma
The Patriot d. Mark Bagwell
Dusty/Dustin Rhodes d. Armstrongs

ECW returns in November – it is now Extreme Championship Wrestling – I’m uncertain, if I don’t shed the NWA from WCW – how we get to the ECW creation story, since the birth of ECW is one of wrestling’s more infamous moments. Dunno. Regardless, Dreamer gets a win, as does Stevie Richards. Taz beats Cactus Jack in a tremendous, outstanding brawl that involves Taz suplexing Foley through a flaming table..

…it’s ECW after all. Flaming table, daddy.

Dean Malenko, over from Japan with a couple of his friends, Eddy and Benoit, beats Brian Pillman, on sabbatical from the NWA. Public Enemy keeps the tags, 2 Cold Scorpio has left the NWA and wins the TV title, and Sabu keeps the World title, beating Shane Douglas.

November to Remember – 1994 Philadelphia
ECW Title: Sabu d. Shane Douglas
TV Title: 2 Cold Scorpio d. Sandman
Tags: Public Enemy d. Pitbulls
Dean Malenko d. Brian Pillman

Taz d. Cactus Jack
Stevie d. Ron Simmons
Tommy Dreamer d. Kevin Sullivan
Rottens d. Joe Malenko/Hack Meyers

The Survivor Series is coming – and it’s coming from San Antonio, hometown of the HeartBreak Kid, Shawn Michaels.

The Undertaker will wrestle at Survivor Series – and he and Adam Bomb feud on TV, once again, the Undertaker has to clear away the crap. Backlund's back, he still does the whole Mr. Backlund gimmick – but now he's feuding with a returning Lawler, so we sort of dig it. He’s our crazy old uncle – hasn’t had a new opinion since 1955, “This is not grappling! This is not grappling! Ladders and forks and long hair! Turn off your television sets, Mr. and Mrs. America! Pick up a copy of national geographic or an Atlas! Read an Atlas to your children! An Atlas! With topogo- logical maps! Learn some indeliginous rock formations! Learn Your Heritage! Learn Your Heritage! Young America has no appreciation of geology! I met her on a Monday and my heart stood still! Da-doo-ron-ron-ron-da-doo-ron-ron! Semper Fi, Tojos! Semper Fi!”

I love me some Counterfactual Backlund.

It’s time to do Jarrett/Savio. Whew. A nervous nation can only await the outcome.

Now for the top. Bret and the Anvil hit the ring the night after Summer Slam, wearing their Hart Foundation gear. Bret says he’s getting screwed. Owen’s gonna be wrestling Shawn Michaels, who Bret’s never lost to, at Survivor Series – and Razor, who Bret’s never lost to, will be wrestling Waltman for the IC That means the only belts that are still contestable at Survivor Series are the tag belts – and come on, Luger and Bigelow aren’t really much of a challenge.

But – Bret’s brother in law, the one Hart he can count on, his old manager the Anvil, came back last night – and Bret is challenging for the Tag titles on behalf of the Hart Foundation!

Hit Davey Boy’s music.

Face pop for the Bulldog, making another return to the WWF. Bulldog comes to the ring – says he’s disgusted with Bret, can’t believe he’s become this bitter person, how the whole family is just sad by how he’s treated his brother. And by the way – maybe he’s forgotten, but the Hart Foundation wasn’t just him – if the Hart Foundation’s gonna wrestle for the tag titles at Survivor Series – it’s gonna be the British Bulldog – and his partner…

Owen Hart.

Owen to the ring – the four guys in the ring – big brawl. Hart on Hart crime.

We do Harts v. Harts all the way to Survivor Series, we’re gonna do a best 3 of 5 series – winners get the Hart Foundation name – winners get to challenge for the tag straps.

Bret and the Anvil obviously are gonna go over. ‘Cause Owen’s busy that night. The only important finish to avoid (besides never having Neidhart pin Owen) is neither Bret or Owen ever submits.

It’s Razor/Waltman for the IC – in a ladder match, 'cause we're just gonna flog that shit – and we’ll do more Clique stuff – peeling off Diesel near the end, because we’re gonna do Diesel/Davey Boy to give us some Hart/Clique infusion.

See, ‘cause it’s Owen/HBK for the strap – more on Michaels in a second – so as part of the build for that we’ll have Diesel jump Owen, have Davey Boy save – and then there’s that – so we use a full build up of intrafamily fighting to set up two Clique v. Hart matches – and we still have Clique on Clique for the IC.

Shawn stays in San Antonio, doesn't come back, and they show taped pieces. We’re gonna learn about his life. Like we've done with the Harts, and then the Undertaker, and we also did it, recall, with Hennig and Rude, when we went back to Minnesota to talk about their growing up together. Now it’s time to learn about Shawn as a guy. So, we go to San Antonio and meet everyone.

Again, still no JR, so we're stuck. I'm up for suggestions as to whom would be good in that role. We get across how important the WWF Title is to him, how much he hates the Harts, how he hasn’t talked to any members of the Clique since he left, how proud he was of the IC run and of the ladder match – and the important other thing – the stakes are higher with the title match –

If Shawn wins, he’s a triple crown winner. ‘Member, that's the biggest deal there is. When Bret won, we brought back Pedro to give him the trophy – theirs are the only two names inscribed on it – if Shawn beats Owen – in his hometown – he not only becomes WWF Champion – he will take possession of the Triple Crown and step into immortality.

Hard to imagine it being a bigger match for Michaels.

It's Survivor Series '94. Owen and Michaels have come full circle and hook it up for the strap - Razor meets the Lightning Kid in an IC Ladder Match. Bret and the Anvil, wrestling as the Hart Foundation, take on Luger and Bigelow. How about Diesel/Davey Boy? Jarrett/Savio? Backlund/Lawler? Undertaker and the Bomb? It's a real show - it's Survivor Series '94!

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