Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

The Road to Survivor Series Concludes 2005

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Part 2 is here.

Coming up soon, as soon as next weekend, Survivor Series ’05 – and here’s your card.

Eddy Guerrero Tribute Matches:
1. Undispuuted Titles: Rey v. Juvie
2. Worldwide Titles, Winner Gets Triple Crown: Benoit v. Angle

Survivor Series Lineup
3. Unified Tags: Orton/Cena v. Bradshaw/Booker
4. Weapons Match: HBK v. HHH-M (Clique Disbands if Michaels loses)
5. Flair’s Farewell: Flair v. Leviathan (w/AA)
6. Carlito Colon v. Nova
7. Executioner Lashley (debut match) v. Chris Masters
8. Dead Men Walking (PAUL/Kane) v. MNM

As discussed, two weeks out from Survivor Series, former Triple Crown holder, 2 time WWF Champion Eddy Guerrero died at home, they pull the plug on the last two weeks of new shows, running Guerrero matches from the archives. As Vince, who will make a rare appearance at Survivor Series will explain at the top of the show, the first 6 matches will continue the great story of the World Wrestling Federation – and the final two will just be pure wrestling, in tribute to one of the great wrestlers who ever lived.

Additionally, Survivor Series will mean the debut of Joey Styles on the announce, he will join Taz to be the permanent announce team.

But not on this card anywhere are the two guys in the biggest program in the Counterfactual WWF. Matt Hardy and Edge.

We won’t review their full history, go back to the run up to Summer Slam 05 if you are new and want to hear about the Ring Boys, the breakup, and the long tag feud.

Where we are here is, at Summer Slam, Matt returned after quitting live on PPV a year before, working in an Unsanctioned Match without a contract. He and Edge, who had denied wholeheartedly the rumors of an affair with Lita, had a bloody, stiff battle, that ended with Lita appearing, chairshotting Matt, and Edge turning heel.

The following night on RAW opens with Edge and Lita.

Edge is now the Edge we see in the current WWF. He laughs at the fans, laughs at the boys, laughs at Matt, laughs at the Clique.

He says he lied. And he feels great about it.

He never wanted the fans to cheer his name. Never wanted to be brothers with a has been like Shawn Michaels.

He’s Edge, one half of the greatest tag team of all time, and when he came back after being gone a year and a half with spinal surgery, he didn’t come out for the fans or for Michaels – he came out for his brother.

Because the only guy in this company he cares about is Christian.

And he wants Christian to come to the ring.

So, he does. Recall that the big, emotional moment of the run up to Summer Slam was Edge’s promo “we don’t have the same last name, but in every way that counts, we’re brothers” where he promised to Christian that he didn’t sleep with Lita, and that he swore it on their friendship.

Christian, giving nothing away, enters.

Edge walks them through their history – talks about their plans to take over – says the reason he gave up the IC wasn’t just to kick Matt Hardy’s ass in the main event at Summer Slam, it was because the IC is Christian’s rightful belt. Christian’s gonna be the IC – Edge is gonna be the WWF Champ (see, it’s like that) E and C on top of the world.

Edge says he apologizes – but Christian understands, he couldn’t tell Shawn and Paul – couldn’t have the boys find out – so he had to keep him in the dark – but it’s better now, everything’s out in the open – these idiot fans don’t understand and those jackasses in the back don’t understand – but you and me understand – tell me I’m your brother, Christian – tell me I’m your brother and we’ll take over the world.

Christian, of course, doesn’t – he appears that he will accept, but he lays Edge out with the Crusader, hits his catchphrase – the people go nuts.

And that starts their program – up to whenever Christian’s last day in the company is, they build to a Loser Leaves Town. Which obviously turns out to be Christian.

Edge isn’t a normal heel, the idea is that his sleeping with Lita has broken some type of taboo – so he has no support from anyone in the back. He’s shunned by the boys, but he doesn’t care – he and Lita, doing their act, maintain an air of being above the rest of the company.

London gets taken out of this program entirely, but Michaels, even though he’s in the thing with Hunter, remains in the corners of the Edge/Christian stuff with an air of seething hatred toward Edge, as it taps into the puritanical Michaels thing which has been surfacing over the year.

The night Christian leaves – when Edge wins the blow off – gets the clean fall – a huge moment of triumph – that’s the moment Matt returns for the first time since Summer Slam.

He returns with a nail gun.

And, in as close to a crucifixion as we can get – Matt nails Edge to the canvas.

It needs to be freak out extreme – since Matt is playing Pillman – enough that people understand when Matt isn’t given a job by the company, isn’t booked at Survivor Series.

He nails Edge to the canvas – security comes out of every corner – paramedics – Edge needs to squeal. It’s gotta be graphic.

Enough so that Matt’s dragged away and not on the Survivor Series card. Edge needs to be hospitalized – the announce in future weeks (before Eddy, obviously) saying he was touch and go for awhile and that Matt might be charged with attempted murder.

It’s not enough to get Edge sympathy in the back, but everyone understands Matt can’t ever come back either. Michaels cuts anti both of them promo. He took Edge in like his brother, and Edge betrayed him. He took Christian in like a brother, and Christian is now in Orlando. He took in Paul London like a son, and now he has a hard time getting Paul on the phone. He’s betrayed, he is a man alone – and he faces HHH-M for the Clique name.

And as for Matt Hardy – Matt started out as a Clique ringboy – and here he is all these years later, so warped and bitter, than he mocks the crucifixion of his lord and savior with a nail gun.

Shawn’s praying for this soul.

It’s not a turn..not even close…but if Shawn started rubbing some fans the wrong way, that would be okay.

I like the shadings.

So, that’s the big angle – the promise is that Edge will make his return at Survivor Series, in Detroit, for the first time since being nailed to the canvas.

Add that to the above card – it’s coming as soon as next weekend – it’s Survivor Series. Call your yadda, yadda!

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