Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

A Counterfactual History of TNA

Saturday, April 21, 2007

THE COUNTERFACTUAL HISTORY OF TNA(Part 12 of Counterfactual Title Histories. This is the full card history of TNA; now that it’s got 5 years, it’s taken a spot, in the context of the time period of American wrestling history that the Counterfactual covers sufficient to put together this history. Note that the look stops at the close of ’06, we’ll stay one show behind going forward, which, actually, will put Counterfactual TNA ahead of Counterfactual WWF in the timeline. It’ll all be okay.)

The 1st Show: 6/02
TNA Championship: Low Ki d. AJ Styles
X Division Title: Jerry Lynn d. Jimmy Yang
TNA Tag Team Titles: James Storm/Ron Killings d. Ken Shamrock/Rick Steiner
Psychosys d. Norman Smiley
Steve Corino d. Jeff Jarrett
Scott Hall d. Konnan
Sonny Siaki d. Buff Bagwell
Joey Mathews/Christian York d. Dupps

The 25th Show: 12/02
TNA: Low Ki d. Red
X: Jerry Lynn d. Chris Daniels
Tags: Maximos d. Killings/Storm
Kid Kash d. EZ Money
Jimmy Rave d. Tony Mamaluke
David Young d. Ace Steele
Jason Cross d. Shark Boy
Road Dogg/Brian Lee d. Harris Brothers

The 31st Show: 2/03
TNA: Paul London d. Low Ki
X: Jerry Lynn d. Steve Corino
Tags: America’s Most Wanted d. Maximos
Jimmy Rave d. Kid Kash
Sandman d. Raven
Tony Mamaluke d. Shark Boy
Ron Killings d. David Young
Road Dogg/Brian Lee d. Rock n Roll Express

First Anniversary 6/03
TNA: AJ Styles d. Paul London
X: Chris Daniels d. Jerry Lynn
Tags: AMW d. Chris Sabin/Frankie Kazarian
Sting d. Jeff Jarrett
Sean Waltman d. Justin Credible
DLo Brown d. Perry Saturn
Sandman d. New Jack
David Young/Don Harris d. Mike Sanders/Kenzo Suzuki

75th Show: 12/03TNA: AJ Styles d. Low Ki
X: CM Punk d. Chris Daniels
Tags: Abyss/Raven d. AMW
Sting d. Jarrett
Sabin d. DLo
Matt Bentley d. Disco Inferno
David Young d. Kevin Northcutt
Julio Dinero/Joe Legend d. Simon Diamond/Johnny Swinger

82nd Show: 2/04
TNA: AJ Styles d. Jerry Lynn
X: Ron Killings d. CM Punk
Tags: Abyss/Raven d. Terry Funk/Dustin Rhodes
Chris Sabin d. Roderick Strong
Sanjay Dutt d. Jimmy Rave
Elix Skipper d. Kid Kash
Jeff Jarrett d. Matt Bentley
Legend/Dinero d. Insane Clown Posse

2nd Anniversary Show: 6/04
TNA: AJ Styles d. Monte Brown
X: Sanjay Dutt d. Ron Killings
Tags: AMW (3/2) d. Abyss/Raven
Konnan d. Sonny Siaki
Road Dogg d. Disco Inferno
Chad Collyer d. Johnny Swinger
Hernandez d. Lance Hoyt
AMW d. Hernandez/Hoyt

Final Resolution ‘05
TNA: Chris Daniels d. AJ Styles
X: Sanjay Dutt d. Jeff Hardy
Tags: Chris Sabin/Petey Williams d. AMW
Monte Brown d. Frankie Kazarian
Bobby Roode d. Matt Bentley
Ron Killings d. Elix Skipper
Raven d. Jarrett
Scott Hall/Kevin Nash d. Dustin Rhodes/Chris Candido

Slammiversary ’05: 3rd Anniversary
TNA: AJ Styles (2) d. Chris Daniels
X: Alex Shelley d. Sanjay Dutt
Tags: Sabin/Williams d. Abyss/Raven
Samoa Joe d. Monte Brown
Samoa Joe d. Sean Waltman
Samoa Joe d. Red
Bobby Roode d. Matt Bentley
Killings/Skipper d. Road Dogg/Konnan

Turning Point ‘05
TNA: Samoa Joe d. AJ Styles
X: Christian d. Alex Shelley
Tags: Generation Next: Austin Aries/Rod Strong d. Sabin/Williams
Abyss d. Raven
Rhyno d. Monte Brown
Sanjay Dutt d. Sabu
Bobby Roode d. Kanyon
Dudleys d. AMW d. Killings/Skipper d. Road Dogg/Konnan

Final Resolution ‘06
TNA: Samoa Joe d. Homicide
X: Chris Daniels (2) d. Christian
Tags: Sabin/Williams (2) d. Generation Next
Abyss d. Raven
Styles d. Tanahashi
Shelley d. Lethal d. Dutt d. Waltman
Sting d. Roode
AMW d. Dudleys d. Killings/Skipper d. New Age Outlaws

Slammiversary ’06: 4th Anniversary
TNA: Joe d. AJ Styles
X: Low Ki d. Chris Daniels
Tags: AMW (4/3) d. Sabin/Williams
Aries d. Shelley
Sting d. Abyss
Christian d. Jarrett
Rhyno d. Roode
Dudleys d. New Age Outlaws

Turning Point ‘06
TNA: Joe d. Daniels
X: Homicide d. Low Ki
Tags: Generation Next: Aries (2)/Shelley d. AMW
Kurt Angle d. Sting
Christian d. Rhyno
Styles d. Abyss
Sabin d. Kazarian
Dutt/Lethal d. Killings/Bentley

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