Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

The History of the Intercontinental Championship

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The History of the Intercontinental Championship
(Part II in the series of Counterfactual Title Histories)

PAT PATTERSON (wins “tournament” in “Rio”, 09/79)
PEDRO MORALES [2] (11/81, NYC)
DON MURACO [2] (01/83, NYC)
TITO SANTANA (02/84, Boston)
GREG THE HAMMER VALENTINE (09/84, London, Ontario)
ROWDY RODDY PIPER (Wrestlemania 1985, NYC)
MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE (Wrestlemania II 1986, Chi)
BRET HIT MAN HART (Wrestlemania IV 1988, Atlantic City)
MR PERFECT CURT HENNIG (Royal Rumble ’89 Houston)
RAVISHING RICK RUDE (Wrestlemania V, 1989 Atlantic City)
THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN TED DIBIASE (Survivor Series ’89 Chicago)
BRET HART [2] (Royal Rumble ’90, Orlando)
RODDY PIPER [2] (Survivor Series ’91, Detroit)
RANDY SAVAGE [2] (Royal Rumble ’92 Albany)
THE HEARTBREAK KID SHAWN MICHAELS (Survivor Series ’92 Cleveland)
OWEN HART (Survivor Series ’92 Cleveland)
SHAWN MICHAELS [2] (Royal Rumble ’93 Sacramento)
RAZOR RAMON (Wrestlemania X 1994, NYC)
OWEN HART [2] (Royal Rumble ’95, Tampa)
RAZOR RAMON [2] (Wrestlemania XI 1995, Hartford)
SHAWN MICHAELS [3] (Summer Slam ’95 Pittsburgh)
25. VADER (Royal Rumble ’96, Fresno)
CACTUS JACK (Survivor Series ’96, NYC)
KEN SHAMROCK (Survivor Series, ’97 Montreal)
AL SNOW (Wrestlemania XV 1999, Philly)
SEAN WALTMAN (Summer Slam ’99, Minneapolis)
LIONHEART CHRIS JERICHO (Survivor Series ’99 Detroit)
EDDY GUERRERO (Wrestlemania XVI 2000, Anaheim)
CHRIS JERICHO [2] (Summer Slam ’00, Raleigh)
LORD STEVEN REGAL (Survivor Series ’00 Tampa)
STEVE AUSTIN [2] (Wrestlemania XVII 2001, Houston)
(belt joins the NWA US Title and the ECW TV Title and is renamed the Worldwide Championship)
TAJIRI (Summer Slam ’01, San Jose)
TAZ (Survivor Series ’01, Greensboro)
ROB VAN DAM (Royal Rumble ’02 Atlanta)
SHAWN MICHAELS [4] (Summer Slam ’02 Long Island)
ROB VAN DAM [2] (Survivor Series ’02, NYC)
REY MYSTERIO, Jr. (Royal Rumble ’03, Boston)
TAJIRI [2] (Summer Slam ’03, Phoenix)
CHAVO GUERRERO (Survivor Series ’03 Dallas)
EDDY GUERRERO [2] (Wrestlemania XX, 2004, NYC)
THE LIZARD KING CHRIS JERICHO [3] (Summer Slam ’04, Toronto)
EDGE (Royal Rumble ’05, Fresno)
(Edge relinquishes belt in order to wrestle unsanctioned match against Matt Hardy at Summer Slam ’05)
CHRIS BENOIT d. Kurt Angle (Survivor Series ’05, Detroit)
DAVE FIT FINLAY (Royal Rumble ’06, Miami)
HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY-McMAHON (Wrestlemania XXII 2006, Chicago)


Mike said...

Nice work on the histories.

As you go over the histories of your counterfactual titles, two questions for you:

1) Who is the weakest worker during your history that you put the world title on? The British Bulldog?

2) Flip the first question around- Was there a strong worker (that worked in the WWF) that you wanted to put the world title on, but could never fit it in your history?

jcj said...

1. Oh, sure. Davey Boy. And even though he was just a transition champ, and even though that was early enough to be a pretty good version of Davey Boy, and even though it was good storytelling given what we were establishing with Bret - I still was concerned I was sacrificing something.

The answer to that question won't always be Davey Boy, by the way, I feel sadly confident.

2. Taka. I don't recall specifically, but he did work consecutive shows, so had I wanted to, I could have wedged him in (unlike Dean, for example) but I decided it was unmanageable within the storyline. I maybe should have done that differently. I maybe could have elevated Rude or DiBiase or Vader a belt higher. I regret not doing more with Bad News Allen, although I wouldn't have strapped him up. There are guys now who I'd give a run with the big belt, but I'll keep that to myself in case I ever get the chance. There are a couple of guys in other American organizations who I'd like to give the monster multi-year run to were I to have the opportunity. In fact, part of where I've got the long term book headed is in the hopes that by XXIV or maybe XXV, they'll give me one of the guys I want to use.

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