Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

Road to Survivor Series '06 - III

Monday, October 01, 2007

Part 2 is here.

Road to Survivor Series Part 3 – Battle Royal 9

(I'm knocking out the Road to SS20 this week, if you've missed parts 1 and 2, go to older posts)

1. CM Punk
-Punk makes his RAW wrestling debut – wearing a brand new GDI Wrestling t-shirt, announce puts it over as a big deal – 8 months since he showed up in the crowd at the Royal Rumble – CM Punk is wrestling on RAW.

2. 2 Cold Scorpio
-Announce puts this over too – 2 Cold appears unannounced, wearing a GDI t-shirt. 2 Cold never got established in WWF, but was a multi-time belt holder in both ECW and NWA – announce says, like battle royals past, wrestlers come from all over the world to get a shot at the WWF Title. And apparently he will be joining GDI on Tuesday nights!

3. Sugar Shane Helms
-Announce notes that Helms has never gotten singles respect here in the WWF, but he is a former tag champ and one of the most underrated wrestlers in the company.

4. Chavo Guerrero
-Again, Chavo lost to Carlito at Summer Slam and was forced to join the LWO, he continues to look uncomfortable in the LWO colors (think LAX) – he’s got a bandana covering his face – and hits the ring; he is attacked by Punk and Scorp – reuniting the original SpreeKillers, Chavo and Helms, who began tagging together back in the NWA in 1999. Chavo and Helms go at it w/ Scorp and Punk.

5. Shelton Benjamin (w/AA)
Arn brings in half of Strong Style – they dominated the tag ranks in the summer of ’06, mowing everyone down, but still could not get spots in Summer Slam – Benjamin spends the full two minutes suplexing everyone in the ring whenever they get up – dominating the ring until the next entrant.

6. Ken Kennedy
-He and Cena are doing a cocky babyface tag act – he’s met by Benjamin who suplexes him halfway across the ring – Benjamin gets in more suplexes until he’s stopped by a low blow by Punk.

7. Booker T
-Now the ring separates into individual battles – Book goes right after Punk, laying into him with kicks and chops. Helms battles Benjamin in another corner. Scorpio and Kennedy wind up working together on Chavo, who is about to be tossed over the top rope.

8. Carlito Colon
-Carlito sprints to the ring and clotheslines Kennedy (30) over the top rope to the outside. Even without thinking, Chavo joins Carlito automatically in a double dropkick that sends Scorpio (29) over the top rope to the outside! Chavo looks surprised and angry – he doesn’t like Carlito – doesn’t like being LWO – but Carlito has just saved him and the two of them have just teamed up – Carlito smiles and nods, tapping his chest.

9. Sandman
-Sandman makes the long entrance. With music and singing and beer and smash, smash, smash. Book and Punk continue, as do Helms and Benjamin. Chavo curses Carlito out.

10. Jamie Noble
-Sandman and Noble hit the ring at the same time – Sandman swings his cane, leveling both LWO members, getting a brief advantage against them before they 2 on 1 him. Noble comes in on Punk’s side against Book. Helms continues w/ Benjamin.

11. PAUL~
-Half of the tag champs, DMW, the Giant Paul enters. He tosses Noble (28). Announce notes that DMW is a mess right now, Kane is gone, having been destroyed by Lashley. Announce takes this chance to mention Rey and Benoit and Steamboat all suffered the same fate. Anyway – Kane’s gone, Paul and Hogan defended the titles at Summer Slam – but then Hogan was taken out by Lashley – but the rumors are the Undertaker, also taken out by Lashley, will return at Survivor Series to defend the tag titles with PAUL.

12. Paul London
-London goes right after Punk and lights him up, chasing him to every corner of the ring. Paul battles Book, the LWO goes after Sandman, Helms and Benjamin continue their fight. 9 men in the ring.

13. Elijah Burke
-Burke, childhood friend of Montel Porter (who wrote to Booker T while in prison, asking for advice, Book sent wrestling tapes and then trained Burke and Porter in Houston after Porter was released) hops in, obviously on the side of Book, they go after Paul. 10 in the ring.

14. Super Crazy
-That’s all 3 LWO members in the ring, and they toss Sandman (27) Burke can’t handle the monster Paul (26).

15. John Cena
-That’s half the entrants, Cena gets the joke spot as he’s tossed right out (25) by the LWO – and then Chavo immediately turns on Carlito (24). Announce expects Carlito to be angry – but he smiles, nodding at Chavo “good job – good job, Chavito.”

Chavo gets frustrated – why won’t these guys get mad at him?

Book takes advantage, tossing Chavo over – but Chavo is saved and brought back in the ring by Crazy!

16. Rob Van Dam (w/Stevie)
-As RVD hits the ring, Helms wins his war with Benjamin (23). RVD goes after the big man, PAUL, the LWO continues to battle Book, and London and Punk turn it up.

17. Charlie Haas
-Immediately after Benjamin’s exit – Haas enters, he, Arn, and Benjamin have a quick confab – and Haas goes after Helms.

Lights out.

Lights on.

18. Sabu
-Sabu is in the ring holding a glass light tube, his new weapon of choice after beating Cactus Jack at Summer Slam in the glass light tube match. Sabu cracks Paul clean over the head – blood flowing from the big man and Sabu/RVD knock him over (22).

19. Tommy Dreamer
20.Brian Kendrick
-Kendrick goes into the Punk/London fight, and it becomes a GDI 3 way.
-the LWO keeps trying to eliminate Book
-Helms and Haas continue to fight
And RVD/Sabu eliminate Tommy (21).

21. Lord Steven Regal
That makes 11 in the ring. Seems like a lot.

22. Shawn Michaels
Superkick to Crazy (20). Superkick to Chavo (19). Superkick to Booker…but Book is able to hang out and Shawn continues to try to toss him over. Haas and Helms continue their fight, the announce notes that Punk and Helms, entrants 1 and 3, are both still in the ring, Regal is wearing out Punk with headbuts – and Van Dam and Sabu find themselves face to face with London and Kendrick – RVD motions to all 3 guys that this should be a tag match – London and Kendrick, former tag partners in a war since Kendrick returned to the WWF at Survivor Series ’05 nod to each other – and it’s on.

23. Hunter Hearst Helmsley McMahon
London and Kendrick take out RVD (18). London then turns on Kendrick (17).

24. Montel Porter
Porter joins Book – the two men taking out Haas (16) and Helms (15)

25. The Executioner Bobby Lashley
-Uh oh.

(14) Regal. (13) Porter. (12) Booker (11) Sabu

This now happens really quickly.

26. Matt Hardy
-Matt is of course on his way to the main event at XXIII where he and Edge will blow off their long feud in the third ever Hell in a Cell.

But right now, he gets to the ring at the exact moment that Booker hits the floor.

Lashley was directly challenged by Book/Porter/Burke at Summer Slam, and we see his angry exuberance now, as he physically overwhelmed Porter and Book – he beats his chest and trashtalks Book and Porter on the outside when HHH slaps him on the back --- it will be a matter of some debate – but as HHH slaps Lashley, the Executioner, still in a frenzied state – doesn’t recognize that he’s being congratulated – and just automatically tosses HHHM over the top.

Huge pop. (10).

Flair now emerges from the back, yelling at Lashley – HHH stands bug eyed on the outside – did he mean to do it – did he not – and as the moment continues…

(9) Lashley is dropkicked over the top rope by Matt Hardy.

And Matt Hardy (8) is superkicked over the top by Shawn Michaels.

27. Edge
And Edge enters, even before the two minutes are up, to spear Michaels.

The Solution has been eliminated – and they remain on the outside, Flair and HHH yelling at Lashley. At Summer Slam, Michaels won Matt Hardy’s contract from Edge in the Ladder Match, but Michaels has just eliminated Matt from the Battle Royal – and now there are only 4 men in the ring. Edge and Michaels, former stablemates who have been feuding all year – and London and Punk, who continue their battle. 4 men in the ring. 3 men left. Who will go on to Survivor Series to meet Ric Flair???

28. Randy Orton
-Orton walks slowly to the ring, taking his time, surveying the landscape, taking the full two minutes. Edge v. Michaels. Punk v. London

29. Fit Finlay (w/Dean)
-Fit is the one who tosses Orton in the ring – Fit putting the boots to Orton –then going over and lighting up both Edge and Michaels – Michaels takes shots from both Fit and Edge, battling back furiously – and then is stunned when he eats a superkick from one of his protégées, Paul London – London eliminates Shawn Michaels (7)!! But there’s no time to celebrate – London is then tossed out of the ring by CM Punk – still in the ring from position number one! (6) Out of nowhere, Orton RKOs Fit – and tosses him over (5)

30. Jeff Hardy
-Jeff doesn’t let Orton enjoy his triumph (4).

And now there are 3 men left – Edge. Punk. Jeff.

We get a long 3 way sequence.

Will it be Edge – former tag and IC champ – will he get his first shot at the WWF Title – a shot at the Triple Crown – as he readies for the main event at XXIII?

Will it be Punk – the man too good for WWF TV – the leader of the Tuesday night revolution, GDI wrestling?

Will it be Jeff Hardy – making his return to the WWF – the former tag champ cost Edge his ladder match at Summer Slam –

And costs Edge here.

Jeff eliminates Edge (3)!!

Jeff Hardy and CM Punk are the last two men in the ring – there has never been a man who has gone from 30 to win the Battle Royal – At the 80 minute mark, Punk having broken the record for the longest survival in the history of the Number One Contender’s Battle Royal – at the 80 minute mark ---

He wins.

Punk tosses Jeff from the ring.

CM Punk…CM Punk…in his first RAW match….CM Punk is going to Survivor Series to wrestle Ric Flair for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World as the road continues.

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