Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

Road to Survivor Series 2010-Part 2, Battle Royal 11

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Part I is here.

The 11th Number One Contenders Battle Royal is on the 900th episode of RAW, the longest running show in the history of something or other.  There are a couple of weeks of programming between Summer Slam and the big, big battle royal, all driving hard to the event, selling its importance given that recent WWF history has really been shaped by the last two Battle Royals.  It was 2 years ago that Jericho (from position #30) eliminated Edge and then went on to take the WWF Title from Punk, a title he just relinquished right now, at Summer Slam.  It was 4 years ago that Punk became the only man to win from position #1, and immediately after taking the title from Flair, he threw down the WWF Title belt, splitting the company in pieces, creating GDI, and becoming the ultimate heel in WWF history.

With recent history as a backdrop, the potential for Battle Royal 11 to be a real monument is what's pushed on the programming; you cannot possibly miss the battle royal, as it perhaps is a pivot point into a new era for the World Wrestling Federation.

Just a couple of specific moments in the couple of weeks between Summer Slam and the 900th episode of RAW.  We've already discussed the night after Summer Slam (its back in the Summer Slam post) as it includes Edge's Triple Crown ceremony, with Jericho's leaving the company.  

3 days later, Bret Hart appears on GDI.

He appears after an opening squash, Low Ki going over an enhancement guy named Alex Riley.

There's no need to notice Riley, he's been around since mid summer doing jobs for GDI; he wears a high school letterman jacket with his name on the back, which is how anyone would know his name as a guy strictly doing squash jobs.  Every couple of weeks, Alex Riley gets his ass kicked on TV.  

Just something to note.

As Riley exits, he's passed by an entering Bret Hart, who probably receives a loud and mixed reaction.

Bret asks Low Ki to hang out, asks Danielson to come to the ring.  

Bret said he wanted to thank Danielson personally for exterminating CM Punk and protecting the main event of Summer Slam, allowing Edge to become WWF Champion.

He says it as if its an actual thanks.  But its not - he's putting Danielson into the position of having done a job for him, and not just any job - but a job that involved injuring a man who, despite Danielson's intense dislike of him (despite almost everyone's intense dislike of him) is still a folk hero - CM Punk.  There should be GDI fans devoted to Punk who are hot at Danielson for having worked him over at Summer Slam, and now might look at Bryan as a sell out.

Danielson says he didn't do it for Bret, or Edge, or their belt - CM Punk put Ricky Steamboat in the hospital, so Bryan Danielson put CM Punk in the hospital.  Its not a deal.  It's justice.  

Bret says he's grateful regardless, but that's not really why he's here.  Bret says there has been a settlement in the GDI lawsuit over Steamboat's injuries on Fight Night.

GDI will receive some television considerations, promotional considerations, some future considerations to be discussed at a later date, GDI has reacquired the contract of the man who lost the Intercontinental Championship at Summer Slam, Matt Sydal, and GDI will receive 10 matches of their choice at WWF events between now and Wrestlemania 27.

Bret makes clear that's any match at all, with the only exception being the WWF Title at Survivor Series, to be decided between Edge and the winner of the Battle Royal on the 900th RAW.

Low Ki says that's fine.  They don't want a free pass to the WWF Title - in fact, what they want to do is use the first two of those 10 matches for two spots in that Battle Royal - because there's no better way to show that they are the best wrestlers in the world, than to beat 28 WWF wrestlers by themselves and then face off, one on one, to see who goes to Survivor Series to take the belt from Edge.

Fans chant best in the world.

Bret gets what seems the parting line - says he wouldn't mind seeing that, because the thing about being the best there is - is there really can't be two.  "Is it you, Low Ki?  Are you the "best"?  Or is it Bryan Danielson - are you the best wrestler in the world?"

On that line, Bret exits - but as he leaves Danielson gives what sounds to be a warning, "hey, Bret - tell Regal to watch his mouth."

Once GDI is invited, that becomes part of the conversation - as there isn't anyone, on RAW, Fight Night, and especially the Underground, as was made clear in Regal's commentary at Summer Slam, that likes GDI, either historically, because of Punk - or specifically now, with Danielson and Low Ki calling themselves the best wrestlers in the world.  In fact, we see the very end of a full locker room meeting on the 899th RAW, with  a screen shot of Danielson and Low Ki in the background and Bret saying, "you all know what you need to do"

With that as the backdrop - we hit the 900th episode of RAW.

Joey/JR/Josh are your announce team for this special edition.  Regal sits with Bret in the front row.  As always, the Champ comes to ringside.  Edge comes to the announce, doesn't put on a headset, but puts his feet up on the table, smiles broadly and waits for entrant number one...

1. Zach Ryder
-Ryder and the rest of the Douchebags come to the ring (not Slater) to cut their promo.  Sunglasses, Affliction shirts, Axe body spray.  They get more and more orange every time you see them.  The announce notes that every single #1 entrant in Battle Royal history has, at one point or another, held some type of WWF belt.  The rest of the Douchebags remain at a cluster at ringside as number two begins to come to the ring.

2. Chavo Guerrero
-The veteran Guerrero is next; he has his LWO t-shirt, as at 26 he gained control of the name over the Colons.  Chavo shakes his head at Ryder.  These kids today.

3. Drew McIntyre
-Drew (w/Fit) makes his return from injury, the announce notes that speculation is McIntyre particularly might be coming back too soon, but it shows how every man desperately wants to be in this Battle Royal.  Drew big mans both guys.  As he beats on Ryder, Finlay turns and grins at Regal - and the announce notes that Regal is head trainer of the Underground, and Ryder is one of his students, but Regal and Fit were both mentors of the Hooligans.

4. Ted DiBiase
-Also making his return is Ted, Jr.  Defiance and The Hooligans are, of course, longstanding rivals, so it isn't a surprise that Ted goes right after Drew.

-DMW just lost their attempt to to regain the tag belts at Summer Slam, but both Ted and Drew have reason for anger at PAUL, given DMW's having taken both men out.  They stop fighting each other to attack him, but PAUL uses typical big man tactics to swat both away, then a big headbutt to Chavo, and then he grabs Ryder high in the air for a chokeslam...

...but that chokeslam never happens.  The music of man number six causes PAUL to put Ryder back on his feet.

It's "The Final Countdown."

6. Bryan Danielson
-As Danielson appears at the top of the ramp, each man (save Ryder) readies into an athletic stance.  Knees bent, balls of the feet - PAUL yelling "come on boy, let's go" as he scowls at the American Dragon.  Ryder is confused, he was about to get chokeslammed by the monster and did not - he's spun into position by Ted and Drew, they point to Danielson as if reminding him that there's a job to do.  There's been no one more vocally anti GDI than Regal, and post his Summer Slam announcing put down of GDI, he's continued a tirade against the idea that independent wrestling is better training than the Underground.  He takes as a personal offense that Danielson and Low Ki, neither of whom work for WWF, have anything to do with a WWF event like this.

The Douchebags who remain at ringside look like they might attack Danielson, but it's Finlay, perhaps curiously, as he has no affiliation with the Undeground, who steps in front of them and points Danielson's direction to the ring.  Bryan smiles at Fit, but takes a moment before entering to stare hard at Regal, who recall, is in the front row next to Bret.  Regal stands, yelling at Danielson to get in the sodding ring, and after surveying the scene - with 4 or 5 men at ringside yelling at him, with both Finlay and Regal snarling - and with five WWF wrestlers all in the ring awaiting to take his head off - Danielson enters.

(The clock, one notes is 2 minutes between wrestlers, but mysteriously it was turned off here).

Danielson gets roughed up.  All 5 men just pounding on him, a full on gangbang.  He just gets punched and stomped to death - and then picked up by Ted and Drew - and flung toward the ropes.

7. Heath Slater
                         (30 - Slater, by Danielson)
Danielson is flung to the ropes exactly as Heath Slater (not so much paying real close attention to the proceedings) enters the ring, Danielson smacks dead into Slater, immediately sending him back over the top for the quickest elimination in battle royal history.  Slater falls atop the Douchebags who remained at ringside.  Danielson's survival causes PAUL and Chavo to immediately grab Ryder and whip him at Danielson looking to knock the Dragon over - but Danielson backdrops Ryder over the top - right onto Slater and the rest of the Douchebags.
                           (29 - Ryder, by Danielson)
PAUL is frustrated - shaking his head and walking toward one side of the ring with his hands on his hips; Drew and Ted take advantage - throwing him over the top.
                           (28 - PAUL, by DiBiase and McIntyre)

8. Primo Colon
Chavo's rival Primo enters - and we get a demonstration in how much the locker room wants to see GDI beaten, as the two of them immediately set upon Danielson - and are joined by DiBiase and McIntyre - Danielson stays on his feet now, attempting to fight off all 4 men, a moment where he punches his way out of danger would be good.

9. Windham Rotunda
The announce says this is the first day on the job for Mike Rotunda's son Windham and his tag partner, both men are expected to be in the battle royal - and because of that Rotunda doesn't come in the ring going after Danielson, instead he double legs DiBiase.

Mike Rotunda - who comes to the ring with his son, as his manager, recall was the previous trainer at the Underground - and his tenure ended with an Orton boot the head.  So, Windham comes in and goes right after DiBiase - Fit starts yelling at Rotunda to get control over his kid, that they need to eliminate Danielson - and Rotunda starts screaming back, and now it looks like the two of them are going to go.

10. Joe Hennig
And here's Rotunda's tag partner - the announce tells us it's Curt Hennig's son Joe, and he gets in between Rotunda and Finlay - putting his hands on Fit - and that leads McIntyre to leave his team up with Chavo/Primo against Danielson, going underneath the bottom rope to the outside to grab Hennig.  DiBiase and Rotunda are fighting on the inside - McIntrye and Hennig are fighting on the outside.
                                   (27 - Primo, by Danielson)
Then it happens fast.  Danielson tosses Primo.  McIntrye and Hennig get into the ring as..
                                   (26 - Rotunda, by DiBiase)
...Ted dumps Rotunda and then,
                                   (25 - Chavo, by Danielson)
Danielson's cleared his side of the ring, followed quickly by...
                                   (24 - Hennig, by Ted/Drew)
....and then a flying crossbody leaves only one man in the ring...
                                   (23 and 22 - DiBiase and McIntyre, by Danielson)
...when Danielson's caught by DiBiase and McIntyre, but his momentum carries all 3 over the top...but Danielson's the only one who holds on.

Danielson hops to a midbuckle, yells out "Best.  Wrestler.  In the World..."

11. Harry Smith
Harry and Tyson went back to the Underground, sent by Bret, over the summer, but make their return here; he and Danielson do a full two minutes designed to show Danielson's agility.  Harry does power stuff for a minute, the announce noting that Harry has a strength advantage - but then Danielson counters with speed.  That's what Josh gets over; there's not a style, not a type of opponent that Danielson can't adapt to - so after Harry gets his power stuff over, Danielson out quicks him, and uses a highspot to send him over.
                                  (21, Harry, by Danielson)
Danielson goes back to a midbuckle.  Presumably there will be members of the crowd who join the catchphrase.

Best.  Wrestler.  In the world.

12. Yoshi Tatsu
Tatsu and his manager, Michael Cole, come down the ramp - here, Tatsu is much quicker than Danielson, and he gets a minute of spots to demonstrate that.  But Danielson slows him down, takes out a leg and then works over Tatsu on the mat - Josh again, hitting the point - you are watching an artist in the ring, he is a once in a generation athlete.  Danielson locks on cattle mutilation, Tatsu taps and taps and taps - Danielson releases the hold - and easily throws him over the top rope.
                                (20, Tatsu, by Danielson)

Back to the buckle.  This time - Danielson points right at Bret and Regal.

Best.  Wrestler.  In the World.

13. MVP
It's Porter's first match since the Mania double main event win - so it should be positioned as a reasonably big entrance.  Hopefully, MVP gets a big babyface pop as he slowly comes to the ring - he and Bret, recall, were tag partners at Mania - so Bret stands and applauds as MVP enters - and Porter acknowledges him before getting in the ring and squaring off with the Dragon.  They do the best fast two minutes they can.

14. The Miz
Miz, note, last saw Porter when he posed over his body at Mania; MVP had to carry the bulk of his side of the tag match, given Bret's physical limitation, and as it was a no DQ, wound up on the wrong side of a pretty healthy 4 on 1 beatdown.  Miz enters and quickly negotiates with MVP, Miz saying look, you and me, we have bad blood, but we have a job to do, everyone understands, it's us against him....

MVP agrees, backing away - and the second Miz takes his eyes off him - Porter takes off his head with a Yakuza kick.

MVP goes off on the Miz, letting out months of frustration, just beating him all across the ring, the Miz on his bicycle trying to escape.  Danielson, puts his arms up in a "you guys can handle this" gesture, appreciating the chance to rest.  MVP not letting up on Miz.

15. Wade Barrett
Barrett enters and Danielson's got to go back to work, they go one on one while MVP wears Miz out.

16. Johnny Nitro
The IC champ goes to save his stablemate, and now MVP is fighting off 2 men.

17. Kane
The big red monster joins Barrett, and now Danielson is fighting off 2 men.

18. Justin Gabriel
Barrett's partner hits the ring, it's only 3 on 1 momentarily, as Kane winds up on the ropes, and almost despite themselves, Empire can't help but take advantage.
                                     (19 - Kane, by Empire and Danielson)
Just a beat later, MVP is able to overcome the doubleteam and toss Miz.
                                     (18 - Miz, by Porter)

19. Truth Killings
Half of the tag champs, Killings comes in and gets in some shots at everyone - on both Nitro and MVP, who are fighting by themselves, and on Danielson and both members of Empire; it's there where he remains, Killings taking out Gabriel.
                                     (17 - Gabriel, by Killings)
Killings does a little bit too much celebrating, thrusting his pelvis at the fallen Gabriel, and Barrett takes advantage.
                                     (16 - Killings, by Barrett)
But that puts Barrett near the ropes.  And with Nitro and MVP still working it out on the other side of the ring, that leaves Barrett alone with Danielson.
                                     (15 - Barrett, by Danielson)

20. Tyson Kidd
Just as Kidd hits the ring...
                                      (14 - MVP, by Nitro)
Johnny Nitro wins his battle with MVP, but that left him totally exposed and unaware that another rival just entered the ring - and he sprints right to him
                                      (13 - Nitro, by Kidd)
 Kidd yells at his former girlfriend Natty Neidhart, at ringside for Nitro; it is intensely, intensely personal between Nitro and Kidd - and apparently now Harry and Tyson have returned from their second stint Underground, back to the main roster, Tyson Kidd slides under the bottom rope and he starts chopping away at Nitro, feverishly chopping at Nitro on the outside.

21. John Cena
Hopefully, the new garbage wrestling Cena, coming off a Summer Slam destruction of Mr. Jennifer Hudson, gets a face pop in his hometown.  Cena comes to the ring with a glass light tube - which he plants squarely over Danielson's head.

Which gets him DQ'd.
                                                     (12 - Cena, DQ)
He yells out W-W-F as he steps over the top rope and exits - I'd like a shot of Danielson, blood streaming down his face, rising from the shot, anger, fury, taking over his entire body, Tyson Kidd re-entered after Danielson went down, looking to get the elimination - but now has to face the wrath of the Dragon, who blasts him from the ring.
                                               (11 - Kidd, by Danielson)
Danielson tosses Kidd from the ring - he's alone in the ring one more time, but now in a monumental fury, that is immediately taken from him as he turns around to eat a spear from Edge.

The World Champ, looking for all the world like he has been asleep the entire match, entered as Danielson was overcome with anger and turned the opposite way, and now sends him hard to the mat.  Edge runs his hand through his hair, as long as it has ever been, smiles, yells out.  Best.  Wrestler.  In the World.

And exits.

There are only 9 men left.  Only 1 man in the ring.  And he is barely, barely staggering to his feet when the next man's music plays.  I'm betting you guess who it is.

22. Low Ki
Low Ki hits the ring, and without even as much as a beat, kicks the totally defenseless Danielson in the head and throws him over the top.
                                                  (10 - Danielson, by Low Ki)
When Danielson regains his footing, he stares hard at Low Ki from the ramp, before exiting.

23.  Cody Rhodes
Cody has to take a quick and destructive beating, designed to get over Low Ki's offense, it has to be brutal.
                                                  (9 - Cody, by Low Ki)

24. Rey Mysterio
Low Ki starts nodding, yeah, yeah, yeah, the Legendary Rey Mysterio is coming to the ring to go one on one with Low Ki.  Who will become the Number One Contender??

25. Nick Nemeth
Nemeth wants Rey; Nemeth enthusiastically wants Rey - Nemeth wants Rey to the point of ignoring Low Ki, who responds by kicking him multiple times.  And now it's a 3 way; Nemeth just desperate to compete against Mysterio, it isn't a personal thing - it's Nick Nemeth believing he is ready for that next step, and having gotten so close to beating Mysterio at Summer Slam, can't resist the opportunity to go after him now, even if it means not taking out Low Ki.

26. Ka$h Kingston
The other half of the tag champs, Kingston enters - it's every man for himself, all four men hitting high spots on the the others.  It should be a fast paced segment, with all four men fresh.

27. Randy Orton
Orton comes in slowly, deliberately, looking for an opportunity to strike - and he does, leveling Kingston with an RKO.

28. Sheamus
Orton's rival Sheamus enters just as Kingston hits the canvas - Sheamus aids Orton in grabbing the tag team champ and tossing him over.
                                                       (8- Kingston, by Orton and Sheamus)
Immediately, there's an opportunity to eliminate Nemeth, so Orton and Sheamus seize upon him, both men trying to push Nemeth out, and that leaves Mysterio to continue an actual wrestling match with Low Ki.

29. Jack Swagger
The other half of D1; Swagger's been out for months, training maniacally to return - and he comes in to save his partner, Division One, the longest reigning WWF Tag champs in over a decade, eliminating both of their tag rivals.
                                                      (7 and 6, Orton and Sheamus, by D1)

30. Dos Caras, Jr.
As promised - Dos Caras is in the Battle Royal - he gets the full entrance, with the car and Rodriguez introducing him.  The car hits the top of the aisle just as Orton and Sheamus are being eliminated.  Dos Caras hits the ring - and pretty quickly - he, Rey, Swagger, and Nemeth are all in a corner with Low Ki in the middle.

Rey takes over the ring - telling Division 1 that the priority is eliminating Low Ki.  Rey pointing at Dos Caras, saying he's either on the team or he is not. Dos Caras pauses - then attacks Low Ki.  All 4 men set upon Low Ki - and they are able to send him over the top rope.
                                                     (5 - Low Ki, by the Ring)
Caras takes advantage of the excitement of the elimination by going after Rey - and aiding him in pushing Mysterio over is Nemeth.
                                                     (4 - Rey, by Caras and Nemeth)
Nemeth celebrates - Nemeth pumps his fist and lets out a scream; Caras looks to take advantage again - but he's stopped cold by a Swagger waistlock - and a devastating high angle suplex that leaves him crumpled on the canvas.  Swagger scoops Caras up and throws him out.
                                                       (3 - Caras, by Swagger)
That leaves Division One.  Nemeth and Swagger.  Swagger and Nemeth.  Training partners in the Underground.  Tag team champions.  Kelly, Swagger's sister and Nemeth's girlfriend, puts her hands over her face at ringside.  After a moment Nemeth and Swagger slap hands.  It's time to go - one man is headed to Survivor Series to meet Edge for the WWF Title..

It's Swagger.

They go maybe a dozen minutes, have an actual wrestling match, but it's Swagger who gets the elimination.
                                                     (2 - Nemeth, by Swagger).

Nemeth puts his head in his hands at ringside, pounding at his temples.

But eventually he returns to the ring, Swagger extends his hand - they shake - they hug - Nemeth raises Swaggers hand - Jack Swagger - Jack Swagger is headed to Survivor Series!

About a month from now, the rest of the build for Survivor Series 2010.


Anonymous said...

Swagger? Have to admit, I didn't see that one coming. But a DQ in a battle royale?
Great work, as usual.

John DeWolfe said...

I couldn't remember what Danielson did at real world Survivor Series, so I didn't know if he was an option or not. But the whole time, I was just begging for an Edge screwjob - "Come on Jim, don't give away Edge/Danielson yet!". Good job getting me wrapped up in the battle royale.

Booyaka said...

Well, c'mon. Danielson worked Survivor Series in a US title match. Low Ki worked his only WWE ppv in an IC title match. If Danielson's purpose is to have the best match on the card...he's gotta wrestle low-ki.

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