Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

2012 TNA Final Resolution

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bound for Glory was here. 

Real world Lockdown makes this is the last Final Resolution, replaced by...Turning Point, I think.  

So, I thought I'd do a little booking....

TNA Title: Austin Aries d. Chris Daniels
Lumberjack Match: Kurt Angle d. Samoa Joe
Tag Titles: Aces&Eights d. Tex Mex
X Title: Bobby Roode (w/Williams) d. Chavo Guerrero
Frankie Kazarian d. RVD
Jeff Hardy d. Garrett Bischoff
Joey Ryan d. Kenny King
Dudleys d. Gallows/Knox

Let's start from the bottom.  The Dudleys broke up a couple of years ago, then reunited for one last end of career type ride, taking the belts at Lockdown. They gave them up at Slammiversary and without saying so seemed to call it a career.  When TexMex was jumped at Bound for Glory they fought off Aces&Eights and unmasked half of them - Knox and Gallows.  That's an opening match here and it goes quick - a nostalgic 3D is the finish.  The announce puts over their career accomplishments.  It is Final Final Resolution after all and who knows what we may have seen for the last time.

Kenny King threw down the ROH tag title in a trash can upon his TNA arrival, he says he's the greatest tag team wrestler alive, that all he needs is a partner to take the titles - Ryan is a veteran, he says he's who King needs to get the TNA belts, King blows him off - and there's that match.  Ryan cheats to win.

Jeff and RVD are two time tag champs (their finisher, Van Dam hits the frog splash and then Jeff the swanton) but Jeff became discontent and finally turned on Rob - for a few months, he's attacked Van Dam, saying he is trying to send RVD a mysterious "message."

Garrett is a super green job guy, scared, trying to distance himself from his father - who once managed Jeff.  If you're unaware, Bischoff came to the WWF to manage the Hardys, he got in between the brothers, Jeff wound up leaving the company and Matt turned heel - Jeff takes it out on Garrett here, is super cruel in picking at him, taunting him, before finally getting the fall.  Jeff stays after the match, sitting on the timekeeper's table.

Van Dam gets screwed, there are two decisions that go against him, not intentionally, but they are clear referee mistakes, say his foot is on the rope when he is pinned, but the official misses it, and some other mistake that doesn't implicate Kazarian since he is a babyface - Van Dam had a pinfall but the official was out of position and was late to start the count, that kind of thing.  It's the story of the match.  He shakes his head in irritation after the fall - Jeff looks to get his attention "Do you get it?  Do you get it now?"  

A win here and Bobby Roode becomes the longest reigning X Champ in TNA history - Doug Williams is in his corner, they cheat when they can like they do - and Roode gets the fall.  The two Horsemen stomp him out postmatch - who runs in to save - RVD.  Van Dam pulls Chavo out of the ring, and is in his ear as they go up the ramp.

The tag titles.  Tex Mex is a two time champ - Storm has won 6 tag titles, he is called the greatest tag wrestler who ever lived.  They beat Aces&Eights at Bound For Glory - it consists of 4 men, Gallows and Knox who were unmasked, as previously mentioned, and two masked men - it's the other two who are in this match, Knox and Gallows at ringside.  Knox and Gallows cheat when they can - but TexMex is obviously tough to get over.  The critical point comes when two more masked men, two new members of Aces&Eights come to ringside - they try to get in the ring and are knocked off the apron by Hernandez, but the distracted official misses the double team on Storm...'s a 3D.

Knox and Gallows leap into the ring - the Dudleys unmask - they've won their third TNA tag title (four for Bubba).  The two new Aces&Eights members enter - and now they unmask - it's Future Endeavors, Ken Kennedy and Elijah Burke.

Then comes what might be Kurt Angle's "final resolution"

This is the blowoff to Angle's long feud with Joe and the Horsemen - the Horsemen have spent their run retiring people - Jarrett, Sting, Flair - the Machine Guns - and finally the time has come for Angle - it's a retirement match.  As we get closer, there are reminiscences about Angle's career, and, to make matters worse, teases that the Horsemen may add that 4th member.

So, it's a Lumberjack match, designed to put someone outside the ring who isn't a Horsemen - Roode is there, Williams is there, Kazarian, Ryan, King, other (non AJ, AJ left after Bound for Glory and no one has heard from him) members of the locker room not working tonight, all six now unmasked members of Aces&Eights.  

The lumberjacks, of course, wind up brawling - and when it becomes chaos on the outside three more masked men in Aces & Eights gear run down to the ring - the now 9 - 9 members of Aces and Eights beat everyone down on the outside - Joe attempts to save his stablemates, who are getting stomped into the ground, and he gets roughed up, thrown back in the ring - and Angle is able to finish him off.

Angle celebrates while the 9 members of Aces&Eights throw Williams and Roode back into the ring - Angle is concerned, putting up his hands - but Kennedy and Burke hold open the ropes for him to leave - he thinks about staying - the Horsemen are outnumbered 9 to 3 and that obviously strikes him unfair, but he shakes his head  "you want em ' go to it" - and he exits.

The unmasked men get in some beating on the unprotected Horsemen then the masked men finish them off - one hits the 3 Amigos on Williams and then unmasks.  Chavo.  

The other two go to the buckles, coming down on Joe and Roode with a frog splash and a swanton and then unmask.  RVD and Jeff.

Then the title match - the ring gets cleared - it's just Aries and Daniels, Aries keeps in as good a match as they can have - and afterward the 9 unmasked members of Aces&Eights sprint to the ring, they take both of them apart - stomping both of them out, Kazarian, friend of Daniels, runs in and is stomped out - TexMex, already stomped out earlier tonight, make their way down and get stomped out - Hulk Hogan - old man Hulk Hogan, on the periphery of TNA makes his way down the ramp - and, it's unfortunate, but after a pause, he is too old to hit the legdrop on Aries ('cause that's what he should do) but instead he rips off whatever t-shirt it is that he is wearing to reveal a second t-shirt... that says Future Endeavors.

And then all the Aces and Eights members take off their shirts to reveal Future Endeavors shirts -

...the ten men raise their arms - and Hogan, almost 30 years since he was World Champion, grabs the TNA Title belt and raises it aloft.

TNA comes back with Lockdown when they hit real world Slammiversary.  Which I think is moved back to August, so you'll get to sit on this for awhile.  

I'll be back in three weeks with Wrestlemania 28.  


Booyaka said...

Sliiiiiiiiight problem with the FE stable. Burke left TNA back in January, and may be gone from wrestling for good.

Jim said...

I'm aware. Final Res was in December.

Booyaka said...

Oh, I understand that he was still in the company, but it just seems weird to reveal him as a member of this huge stable, only to be (probably) killed by Joe in the space between PPVs.

Jim said...

I want as many options as I can have. Burke's unimportant, so maybe all that happens is the Horsemen kill him to show they aren't backing down. Or maybe, between now and Slammiversary, 2 or 3 other guys leave, get hurt, die, whatever - then I can have Burke taken out as part of a broader story. Maybe MVP shows up and then I have my WWF storyline to continue. Just keeps that item in play

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