Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

The Real Tag Team Champions

Monday, June 01, 2015

Conclusion of a series.  Part 2 is here.

1.Mar '85: Midnight Express (NWA) d. Tito Santana/Brutus Beefcake (WWF)
2. Nov '85 Rock n Roll Express (NWA) d. Midnight Express (TNA)
               d. Kimura/Fujinami (NJPW)
3. Apr '86 Hart Foundation (Bret/Davey Boy) d. Rock n Roll Express (NWA)
               d. Maeda/Kido (NJPW)
               d. Kimura/Fujinami (NJPW)
               d. Muta/Koshinkaka (NJPW)
               d. Maeda/Tanaka (NJPW)
               d. Fujiwara/Yamizaki (NJPW)
4. Nov '87 Road Warriors (NWA) d. Hart Foundation (WWF)
              d. Rougeaus (WWF)
              d. Kimura/Fujinami (NJPW)
              d. Saito/Choshu (NJPW)
              d. Jumbo/Yatsu (AJPW)
5. Jul '88 Stan Hansen/Terry Gordy (AJPW) d. Road Warriors (NWA)
6. July '88 Jumbo Tsuruta/Yoshiaki Yatsu (AJPW) d. Hansen/Gordy (AJPW)
7. Aug '88 Genichiro Tenryu/Ashura Hara (AJPW) d. Jumbo/Yatsu (AJPW)
              d. Jumbo/Yatsu (AJPW)
8. Nov '88 Brainbusters (WWF) d. Tenryu/Hara (AJPW)
9. Dec '88 Stan Hansen/Terry Gordy (AJPW) (2) d. Brainbusters (WWF)
             d. Rockers (WWF)
10. Feb '89 Jumbo Tsuruta/Yoshiaki Yatsu (AJPW) (2) d. Hansen/Gordy (AJPW)
             d. Takano/SS Machine (NJPW)
11. Apr '89 Brainbusters (WWF) (2) d. Jumbo/Yatsu (AJPW)
             d. Choshu/Iizuka (NJPW)
             d. Hansen/Tenryu (AJPW)
             d. Jumbo/Yatsu (AJPW)
12. Aug '89 Rockers (WWF) d. Brainbusters (WWF)
             d. Saito/Hashimoto (NJPW)
             d. Hansen/Tenryu (AJPW)
13. Dec '89 Stan Hansen/Genichiro Tenryu (AJPW) d. Rockers (WWF)
             d. Piper/Jake (WWF)
14. Mar '90 Miracle Violence Connection (AJPW) d. Hansen/Tenryu (AJPW)
             d. Muta/Chono (NJPW)
             d. Rude/Jannetty (WWF)
15. Apr '90 Steiner Brothers (NWA) d. Gordy/Williams (AJPW)
             d. Orient Express (NWA)
             d. Jumbo/Kabuki (AJPW)
             d. Hase/Kensuke (NJPW)
             d. Road Warriors (WWF)
             d. Saito/SS Machine (NJPW)
16. Dec '90 Miracle Violence Connection (2) (AJPW) d. Steiners (NWA)
            d. Dustin/Eaton (NWA)
            d. Hase/Kensuke (NJPW)
17. Mar '91 Steiner Brothers (NJPW) (2) d. Gordy/Williams (AJPW)
            d. Hansen/Spivey (AJPW)
18. Jul '91 Miracle Violence Connection (3) (AJPW) d. Steiners (NJPW)
19. July '91 Mitsuharu Misawa/Toshiaki Kawada (AJPW) d. Gordy/Williams
            d. Steiners (NWA)
            d. Muta/Hase (NJPW)
20. Dec '91 Miracle Violence Connection (4) (AJPW) d. Misawa/Kawada (AJPW)
            d. Money Inc (WWF)
            d. Dustin/Windham (NWA)
            d. Vader/Bigelow (WWF)
21. Mar '92 Jumbo Tsuruta/Akira Taue (AJPW) d. Gordy/Williams
            d. Steiners (NJPW)
22. Nov '92 Steiner Brothers (3) (WWF) d. Jumbo/Taue (AJPW)
            d. Norton/Borga (NJPW)
            d. Hawk/Kensuke (NJPW)
23. Dec '92 Hollywood Blonds (NWA) d. Steiners (WWF)
24. Dec '92 Mitsuharu Misawa/Toshiaki Kawada (AJPW) (2) d. Austin/Pillman (NWA)
25. Jan '93 Miracle Violence Connection (5) (AJPW) d. Misawa/Kawada
26. May '93 Toshiaki Kawada/Akira Taue (AJPW) d. Williams/Gordy (AJPW)
27. June '93 Arn Anderson/Rick Rude (NWA) d. Kawada/Taue (AJPW)
            d. Hercules/Norton (NJPW)
            d. Hansen/DiBiase (AJPW)
28. Oct '93 Cactus Jack/Sting (NWA) d. Anderson/Rude (NWA)
            d. Public Enemy (ECW)
29. Dec '93 Mitsuharu Misawa/Kenta Kobashi (AJPW) d. Cactus/Sting (NWA)
            d. Hawk/Kensuke (NJPW)
            d. Quebecers (WWF)
            d. Nastys (NWA)
            d. Bigelow/Luger (WWF)
            d. Mero/Orndorff (NWA)
30. Nov '94 Hart Foundation (Bret/Anvil) (WWF) d. Misawa/Kobashi (AJPW)
31. Dec '94 Mitsuharu Misawa/Kenta Kobashi (AJPW) (2) d. Bret/Anvil (WWF)
                  d. Harlem Heat (NWA)
                  d. Backlund/Bulldog (WWF)
32. June '95 Toshiaki Kawada/Akira Taue (AJPW) d. Misawa/Kobashi (AJPW)
                  d. Smoking Gunns (WWF)
                  d. Savage/Flair (NWA)
                  d.Chono/Tenzan (NJPW)
                  d. Hirata/Hashimoto (NJPW)
                  d. Razor/Diesel (WWF)
                  d. Bubba/Mikey (ECW)
33. Jan '96 Steve Austin/Dustin Rhodes (WWF) d. Kawada/Taue (AJPW)
                 d. Hansen/Albright (AJPW)
                 d. Road Warriors (NWA)
                 d. Kawada/Taue (AJPW)
                 d. Harlem Heat (NWA)
34. May '96 Mitsuharu Misawa/Jun Akiyama (AJPW) d. Austin/Dustin (WWF)
                 d. Yamazaki/Iizuka (NJPW)
35. July '96 Masahiro Chono/Hiroyoshi Tenzan (NJPW) d. Misawa/Akiyama (AJPW)
                 d. Gunn/Mero (WWF)
                 d. Williams/Ace (AJPW)
                 d. Hall/Nash (NWA)
                 d. Eliminators (ECW)
                 d. Haku/Barbarian (NWA)
36. Jan '97 Hart Foundation (Owen/Davey Boy) (WWF) d. Chono/Tenzan (NJPW)
                 d. Kawada/Taue (AJPW)
                 d. Kimura/Fujinami (NJPW)
                 d. Waltman/Konan (NWA)
                 d. Kensuke/Choshu (NJPW)
37. Mar '97 Dudley Boys (ECW) d. Owen/Bulldog (WWF)
                 d. Kobashi/Ace (AJPW)
                 d. Nakanishi/Kojima (NJPW)
                 d. Williams/Albright (AJPW)
                 d. Road Warriors (WWF)
                 d. Yamazaki/Kensuke (NJPW)
38. Oct '97 Great Muta/Masahiro Chono (NJPW) d. Dudleys (ECW)
39. Oct '97 Kenta Kobashi/Johnny Ace (AJPW) d. Muta/Chono (NJPW)
                 d. Steiners (NWA)
                 d. Rock/DLo (WWF)
40. Jan '98 Terry Funk/Cactus Jack (WWF) d. Kobashi/Ace (AJPW)
41. Jan '98 Toshiaki Kawada/Akira Taue (AJPW) (2) d. Funk/Jack (WWF)
                d. NAO (WWF)
                d. Cho-Ten (NJPW)
                d. Juventud/Silver King (NWA)
                d. Tenryu/Koshinaka (NJPW)
                d. Rock/DLo (WWF)
                d. Smiley/Miller (NWA)
                d. Impact Players (ECW)
                d. Nash/Goldberg (NWA)
42. Jan '99 Kenta Kobashi/Jun Akiyama (AJPW) d. Kawada/Taue (AJPW)
                d. Tenzan/Kojima (NJPW)
                d. Saturn/Page (NWA)
                d. Kensuke/Koshinaka (NJPW)
43. Mar '99 Hardy Boys (WWF) d. Kobashi/Akiyama (AJPW)
                d. Gunn/Ace (AJPW)
                d. Takayama/Omori (AJPW)
                d. Goto/Okara (NJPW)
                d. Nakanishi/Nagata (NJPW)
                d. Misawa/Ogawa (AJPW)
                d. Dudleys (WWF)
44. Oct '99  Kenta Kobashi/Jun Akiyama (AJPW) (2) d. Hardys (WWF)
                d. Dudleys (WWF)
                d. Smiley/Luger (NWA)
                d. Guido/Nova (ECW)
                d. Kash/Chetti (ECW)
                d. Sandman/Anderson (ECW)
                d. Funk/Hogan (NWA)
                d. Hardys (WWF)
45. Feb '00 Vader/Steve Williams (AJPW) d. Kobashi/Akiyama (AJPW)
46. June '00 Scott Steiner/Mike Awesome (NWA) d. Vader/Williams (AJPW)
47. July '00 Tenzan/Kojima (NJPW) d. Steiner/Awesome (NWA)
               d. Edge/Christian (WWF)
               d. Helms/Moore (NWA)
               d. Guido/Mikey (ECW)
               d. Kea/Smith (AJPW)
               d. Taz/Raven (WWF)
               d. Spike/Rhyno (ECW)
               d. Page/Kanyon (NWA)
48. Apr '01: Dudleys (2) (WWF) d. Koji-Ten (NJPW)
               d. Tenryu/Anjo (AJPW)
               d. Kea/Muta (AJPW)
               d. Scorpio/Vader (NOAH)
               d. Fujinami/Nishimura (NJPW)
               d. Kea/Muta (NJPW)
49. Jan '02: Hart Foundation (Jericho/Storm) (WWF) d. Dudleys (WWF)
               d. Morishima/Rikio (NOAH)
               d. Tenzan/Chono (NJPW)
               d. Storm/Killings (TNA)
               d. Kronik (AJPW)
50. Aug '02 Chris Benoit/Eddy Guerrero (WWF) d. Jericho/Storm (WWF)
               d. Daniels/Morgan (ROH)
               d. Akiyama/Saito (NOAH)
               d. Kea/Kojima (AJPW)
               d. Maximos (TNA)
51. Jan '03 Team Angle (Haas/Benjamin) (WWF) d. Benoit/Guerrero (WWF)
               d. Harris/Storm (TNA)
52. Mar '03 Shawn Michaels/HHH-M (WWF) d. Haas/Benjamin (WWF)
               d. Red/AJ (ROH)
53. June '03 Kenta Kobashi/Tamon Honda (NOAH) d. HBK/HHHM (WWF)
               d. Muta/Arashi (AJPW)
               d. Tanahashi/Yoshie (NJPW)
               d. Backseat Boys (ROH)
               d. Special K (ROH)
54. Nov '03 Yuji Nagata/Hiroshi Tanahashi (NOAH) d. Kobashi/Honda (NOAH)
               d. Briscoes (ROH)
               d. Tenzan/Nishimura (NJPW)
               d.Haas/Benjamin (WWF)
               d. Takayama/Suzuki (NJPW)
55. Jan '04 Kaz Hayashi/Kojima (AJPW) d. Yuji/Tanahashi (NOAH)  
               d. Misawa/Ogawa (NOAH)
               d. Flair/Leviathan (WWF)
               d. Punk/Cabana (ROH)
               d. Whitmer/Maff (ROH)
               d. Briscoes (ROH)
               d. Punk/Cabana (ROH)
               d. Harris/Storm (TNA)
56. June '04 Yuji Nagata/Kendo KaShin (AJPW) d. Kaz/Kojima (AJPW)
57. Aug '04 Rey Mysterio/RVD (WWF) d. Yuji/Kashin (AJPW)
              d. Reyes/Romero (ROH)
58. Nov '04: Kurt Angle/Shelton Benjamin (WWF) d. Mysterio/RVD (WWF)
              d. Sabin/Williams (TNA)
59. Dec '04 Hiroshi Tanahashi/Shinsuke Nakamura (NJPW) d. Angle/Benjamin (WWF)
              d. Helms/Rhyno (WWF)
              d. Whitmer/Maff (ROH)
              d. Kea/Juggernaut (AJPW)
              d. Scorpio/Williams (NOAH)
              d. Orton/Cena (WWF)
              d. Whitmer/Jacobs (ROH)
              d. Carnage Crew (ROH)
              d. Whitmer/Jacobs (ROH)
60. June '05 Naomichi Marufuji/Minoru Suzuki (NOAH) d. Tanahashi/Nakamura (NJPW)
              d. Booker/GHB (WWF)
              d. Aries/Strong (TNA)
              d. Sabin/Williams (TNA)
              d. Rinauro/Mamaluke (ROH)
61. Oct '05 Takeshi Morishima/Yone (NOAH) d. Marufuji/Suzuki (NOAH)
              d. Tenzan/Chono (NJPW)
              d. Harris/Storm (TNA)
62. June '06 Kenta Kobashi/Tamon Honda (NOAH) (2) d. Morishima/Yone (NOAH)
              d. Nakanishi/Omori (NJPW)
63. Sep '06 Alex Shelley/Austin Aries (TNA) d. Kobashi/Honda (NOAH)
              d. KOW (ROH)
              d. RVD/Sabu (WWF)
64. Nov '06 Chris Daniels/Matt Sydal (ROH) d. Shelley/Aries (TNA)
              d. Dudleys (TNA)
              d. Morishima/Yone (NOAH)
              d. Dreamer/Sandman (WWF)
              d. Kawada/Kea (AJPW)
65. Feb '07 Briscoe Brothers (ROH) d. Daniels/Sydal (ROH)
66. Mar '07 Shingo/Doi (ROH) d. Briscoes (ROH)
              d. Bernard/Tomko (NJPW)
67. Mar '07 Briscoes (2) (ROH) d. Shingo/Doi (ROH)
              d. Chavo/Carlito (WWF)
              d. Akiyama/Rikio (NOAH)
              d. Christian/Rhyno (TNA)
              d. Kojima/Taru (AJPW)
68. Sep '07: Motor City Machine Guns (TNA) d. Briscoes (ROH)
              d. Murdoch/Cade (WWF)
              d. DLo/Bull (NOAH)
              d. Marufuji/Sugiura (NOAH)
               d. HBK/HHH-M (WWF)
               d. WMD (WWF)
               d. Richards/Romero (ROH)
               d. Muta/Doering (AJPW)
               d. Makabe/Yano (NJPW)
69. Apr '08: Briscoes (3) (ROH) d. MCMG (TNA)
              d. Christian/Rhyno (TNA)
              d. Kea/Suzuki (AJPW)
              d. Saito/Smith (NOAH)
70. June '08 Tyler Black/Jimmy Jacobs (ROH) d. Briscoes (ROH)
71. Sep '08: MCMG (2) (TNA) d. Black/Jacobs (2)
              d. Generico/Steen (ROH)
              d. Edge/Christian (WWF)
              d. PAUL/Kane (WWF)
              d. Dudleys (NJPW)
              d. American Wolves (ROH)
              d. Magnus/Williams (NJPW)
72. Aug '09 Division One (WWF) d. MCMG (TNA)
              d. Tex Mex (TNA)
              d. Briscoes (ROH)
              d. Morishima/Kensuke (NOAH)
              d. Rikio/Yone (NOAH)
              d. Dudleys (NJPW)
73. Jan '10 Yujiro/Naito (NJPW) d. D1 (WWF)
              d. Roode/Kazarian (TNA)
              d. Muta/Funaki (AJPW)
74. Mar '10 Yuji Nagata/Inoue (NJPW) d. Yujiro/Naito (NJPW)
              d. Young Money (WWF)
75. Apr '10 Kings of Wrestling (ROH) d. Yuji/Inoue (NJPW)
              d. RVD/JHardy (TNA)
              d. Smith/Walker (NOAH)
              d. Kea/Akebono (AJPW)
              d. Takayama/Sano (NOAH)
              d. Bernard/Anderson (NJPW)
              d. Young Bucks (TNA)
              d. Defiance (WWF)
              d. Doering/Kono (AJPW)
              d. Empire (WWF)
              d. Bubba/Kendrick (TNA)
76. Apr '11 Haas/Benjamin (2) (ROH) d.KOW (ROH)
              d. Muta/Kenso (AJPW)
              d. Ozz/Cuervo (AJPW)
              d. Bernard/Anderson (NJPW)
77. Oct '11 AJ Styles/Chris Daniels (TNA) d. Haas/Benjamin (ROH)
              d. Briscoes (ROH)
78. Dec '11 RVD/Jeff Hardy (TNA) d. Styles/Daniels (TNA)
              d. Defiance (WWF)
              d. Titus/King (ROH)
              d. Tenzan/Kojima (NJPW)
              d. Iizuka/Yano (NJPW)
              d. Young Money (WWF)
              d. Omori/Soya (AJPW)
              d. Akiyama/Sato (NOAH)
79. Jan '12 Akiyama/Sato (NOAH) d. RVD/Jeff Hardy (TNA) 
               d. Doering/Sanada (AJPW)
               d. Dudleys (TNA)
              d. Soya/Omori (AJPW) d.
              d. Jacobs/Corino (ROH)
80. July '12 Samoa Joe/Magnus (NOAH) d. Akiyama/Sato (NOAH)
              d. Smith/Archer (NJPW)
81. Oct '12 Kenta/Taniguchi (NOAH) d. Soya/Omori (AJPW)
82. Oct '12 Go Shiozaki/Saito (NOAH) d. Kenta/Taniguchi (NOAH)
              d. Defiance (WWF)
              d. Dudleys (TNA)
83. Dec '12 Marufuji/Sugiura (NOAH) d. Go/Saito (NOAH)
              d. Empire (WWF)
              d. Fish/O'Reilly (ROH)
84. Mar '13 Go/Akiyama (AJPW) d. Marufuji/Sugiura (NOAH)
              d. Yano/Iizuka (NOAH)
85. Apr '13 The Shield (WWF) d. Go/Akiyama (AJPW)
              d. Kazarian/Daniels (TNA)
              d. Romero/Koslov (ROH)
              d. American Wolves (ROH)
              d. Fish/O'Reilly (ROH)
              d. Doering/Suwama (AJPW)
              d. Nicholls/Haste (NOAH)
              d. Tenzan/Kojima (NJPW)
              d. Smith/Archer (NJPW)
              d. Gallows/Anderson (NJPW)
              d. Taniguchi/Morishima (NOAH)
              d. Young Bucks (ROH)
              d. Sanada/Extreme Tiger (TNA)



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