Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

Road to Wrestlemania 32 - Part 2

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Part one is here.

Here's what we set up in part one.

WWF Championship: Elimination Chamber: Kevin Steen v. Brock Lesnar v. Nick Nemeth v. Dean Ambrose v. Kalisto v. Mystery Entrant

-the first, and as the announce notes ominously, perhaps the last time we'll ever see the elimination chamber on WWE PPV - it's just too dangerously inhuman after all.  If Steen can keep the belt, he'll go to Summer Slam as champ for a full year; it's Brock's last ever shot at the title; Nemeth looks to regain the title and Ambrose looks to win the triple crown; Kalisto looks to continue his tremendous year and...who...who will be in the darkened 6th pod?

IC Title: AJ Styles v. El Generico

-the workrate match; the main event is a giant spectacle - the biggest main event (literally) in Mania history, designed for the biggest crowd ever in WWE PPV history.  This match  is about two guys going at it - the added juice is this is the Bullet Club match, and that's an enormously pushed act rolling into Mania (they need an NWO-esque theme; it doesn't need to sound like the NWO, you just need fans on their feet within 4 notes shooting each other with finger guns)

Tag Titles: Relaxed Rules: The New Day v. The Usos

-the Shield run wasn't just great because it was long, it was great because they really used the "relaxed rules" stip and having 3 men to their advantage, action inside the ring, action outside the ring - and that's going to happen here, all 6 men are legal; will the Usos finally win the big one?

Legend’s Match: Career v. Career:  Chris Jericho v. HHH-M (special guest referee – Edge)

-someone's wrestling career comes to an end in Dallas in the latest chapter of an over quarter century long rivalry, Harts v. Clique.  

And here are the new matches:

Women’s Title: Charlotte Flair v. Sasha Banks

-Charlotte and Sasha were half of 4-Ground, the Ric Flair managed stable that ripped apart the entire newly launched women's division, but claims of family were a swerve - Ric aided in getting the belt to Charlotte at the expense of her stablemates and one at a time everyone (including the Nature Boy) has fallen away.  All that remains for Charlotte to complete her conquest is defeating Banks.  Speculation is this is the one Charlotte's been ducking - that maybe Banks has been the superior wrestler all along.  Charlotte doesn't have a single match in the build - Sasha works multiple times, maybe 3-4, matches designed to put her over strong; after the last one, Charlotte enters and attempts to sucker punch her but Banks lays her out and stands over her with the title belt.  

Rusev (w/Lana) v. Dos Caras, Jr.

-GHB's stable explodes; you could (presumably) see it coming as Lana began to valet for Dos Caras in the build to the Rumble - Rusev didn't take that well and (maybe?) overreacted at the Rumble when he saw Lana in Dos Caras' arms.  They have one more match, the night after the Rumble a rematch for the title - and it totally breaks down into a full brawl after they lose.  

It's now February/March of 2016 - so GHB's political talk is torn from the headlines and is ratcheted up.  What we should do is deport all of these fans based on income or IQ, but we can't.  And while in a way it's sad that two foreigners who are more American than all of you have to now fight to stay in the country - that's the sort of immigration policy that we should be pusuing.  Only the best should come in from across the world.  Give me your Alert, Your Job Creators, Your Rugged Individuals Yearning to Keep Kicking Ass.  

So - Rusev and Dos Caras will fight at Wrestlemania, the winner will stay with GHB and ascend to greatness in the WWF - the loser, well, he's got a date with ICE.  

Sheamus v. The Cuck (w/Maryse)

-Okay.  So this is happening.  Miz returns the RAW after the Rumble and adds his wife to the act - but he gets squashed (say by Strowman) and they repeat that event on Fight Night.

The following week, when Miz comes out, Mayse whispers in his ear.  Miz shakes his head no - Maryse says yes - Miz looks shocked, hurt - stunned - says no.  Maryse grabs his face but Miz says no, and he walks out of the ring, looking back multiple times over his shoulder as if his wife has said something unimaginable to him.

The following week, we do it again.  This time, Miz shakes his head no, but despairingly takes a piece of paper from his wife, takes the mic - and reads aloud.

"My lovely wife...requests to have sexual intercourse with you tonight, Mr. Strowman.  Full penetrative sex.  I will be there but will not participate.  In exhange, you will lay down on the mat right now and I will pin you."

The crowd reacts as you'd expect - Miz drops his head in abject shame.  Maryse looks stoked by the whole event.  Strowman is quizzical...but then shrugs his shoulders, gets on the mat...Miz, at the urging of his wife covers him - the official counts.  Miz has won.

Maryse then kisses Strowman, telling Miz he must watch them.  And they exit, a miserable Miz in tow.

The next time we see Miz is in a vignette.  It's in what we'll figure out is a sex club - dark, smoky, creepy - Maryse is in bed with a man, while Mix, dressed in leather with a gag in his mouth, is tied to a nearby chair, unable to look away.  He should appear equal parts revolted and aroused.

The next Miz match, he comes to the ring in that outfit and we get the basic structure of his pre-match ritual, Maryse takes the gag out of his mouth, pulls a card out of her cleavage, hands it to Miz - Miz reads something similar to the above line, he has less shame and more excitement - his voice is high and nasally.  After he wins he curls into a ball in the corner to watch his wife make out with the opponent and then he celebrates his victory, retaking the mic "another win for The Cuck!" as that's his new name.  Miz never speaks except when handed a card by Maryse.  He does that bit a handful of times, maybe against the Colons, who start feuding over which one of them gets to lose to Miz.


Anderson/Gallows have been feuding with Sheamus/Barrett as part of the Bullet Club angle, they're building to a Mania match - until the Bullet Club kills Barrett, burying him under the flag, and that wraps Wade up in the territory.  

But that means we need a new match just a week or two out from Mania.

HBK appears, it's his only appearance in the build - he calls out The Cuck and Maryse.  

Michaels cuts promo on him "how did The Clique become the Cuck? What's happened to this sport?"  Maryse gives Cuck a card - he does his bit asking Michaels to sleep with his wife in exchange for a pinfall. 

Michaels teases a superkick - but instead makes the Mania match.  Sheamus, needing an opponent, will take on The Cuck, who finds his way onto the card.  Will Sheamus, high octane brawler, accept the deal or will he turn it down?  So many questions.


Loser Breaks Up: Dudley Boys v. Rhodes Brothers

We take the Usos out of the feud but it continues, they mix and match for a month, short, fairly up tempo brawls - we see various forms of plunder in the program as each match is under hardcore rules.  Into the mix - the only appearance of Steve Austin in the build.  

Austin and Dustin, recall, were tag champs 20 years ago - and given their wildly divergent paths, it's always fun to see them together.  Austin says the amount of young tag acts on Dark Ride Wrestling is impressive.  Arn's got the Revival.  Swagger's got Alpha.  There's Gargano and Ciampa.  It's time to make room.  These two teams face off in the opening tag - they can use whatever weapons they want to use - whomever comes out on top can roll through to Summer Slam, but for the loser that's it - they never wrestle as a tag team in the WWF again.  

That's it - add in the 3 dark matches:

(Samoa Joe v. Shinsuke Nakamura, Prince Devitt v. Austin Aries, American Alpha v. Revival v. Ciampa/Gargano)

and that's Wrestlemania 32.  See you in April 


Zach Ruggiero said...

I mean, I don't think Maryse or Gallows/Anderson actually signed with the company until after Mania...

And Shinsuke Nakamura joining the Bullet Club in WWE makes about as much sense as the nWo helping Sting win a match.

That angle with Miz and Maryse sure is... a thing.

Jim said...

1. I don't sweat real world start dates so much; they differ from dates of signings which also differ from dates at which agreement was reached and months can pass between that agreement and a first match. I'm fine with a several month disparity.
2. Cross promotional storyline fidelity would be unusual; I brought in Steen/Generico/Pac as allies despite their feuding in other promotions. Bullet Club here becomes proxy for a NJPW invasion in the way GDI was proxy for a ROH invasion. There's discontinuity with the real world NJPW storyline but that's okay with me. Had I been able use Nakamura more fully (even a year from now, as the clock continues to tick) maybe I make a different choice, but given the options on the table I'm good with this one.
3., I remain uneasy about the Cuck. Here's the thing, when you've been writing a story as long as I have, over a decade, when you have an idea that you know would draw heat (the Cuck, I am 100% certain, would draw heat) it's hard not to pull the trigger even if it's not really something I'd be stoked about watching. Miz is low stakes, it's a bottom card act and that's where you want to be willing to go weird. I don't have a "hey, let it play out" response, because I'm of mixed mind both about where it's going short term and where Miz sits on my booking sheet over the next year. If it winds up being Katie Vick at least it was Katie Vick at the bottom of the card.

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Brooke said...

I loved Wrestlemania this last year, so epic! Watched it with my husband. We actually looked up some cool wrestling quotes and mottos if its okay i share them here: Wrestling Slogans

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