Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

Wrestlemania XI 1995

Friday, February 03, 2006

-If you're just hopping aboard the train now, note that we're 11 years in - go to the links on the right side, all the way back to my posts from December and "It begins" if you'd like the backstory.

The Rumble is here.

Wrestlemania XI – 1995 Hartford

JR’s back! He and Cornette are, once again, your WWF announcers. It could well be that his Bells palsy is such that he wasn't up to all of this; if it turns out that Cornette has to call most of the show, that would be okay.

(Dark – Hakushi d. Sean Waltman)

Vince opens the show. Says next year Wrestlemania will, for the first time in 5 years, return to California and originate from Anaheim. And wrestling in the Legends Match at XII – they’ve just signed the contract today – will be the man who won the IC title at the very first Wrestlemania – ladies and gentlemen – Rowdy Roddy Piper!

Scotland the Brave. Piper enters. Appropriate pop. We haven’t seen Piper for 3 years, since he lost his IC rematch to Savage at VIII. Piper does his Piper schtick – saying he’s the 2 time IC champ – the winner of the IC title at the very first WM – and when Vince called to invite him for the legends match for XII – he said on one condition – that he showed up at XI to be the special guest referee for the IC match between Owen Hart and Razor Ramon! If there’s one man, Roddy says, who can keep order between the Harts and the Clique – it is the Hot Rod! Pop.

Ted DiBiase Presents: The Opening Tag!
1. Smoking Gunns d. Ron/Don Harris
-And they win the right to get their title shot later tonight. Billy! Bart! The Smoking Gunns! Ted unhappy. Hates those Gunns. Grrrrrrr.

2. Legend's Match: Undertaker d. Lawrence Taylor
Legends match. You know, the football player really does need to put the wrestler over. ‘Cause it’s wrestling. They'll try to convince LT to bleed too. Toss some crack his way, shouldn’t be that tough. I like this, actually, in terms of the legends match gimmick – this isn’t a bad natural extension of it. We’ve been doing it 11 years, it’s in the fabric of the company.

3. Handicap Match: Diesel (w/Tammy and Waltman) d. Yokozuna/Bundy
Handicap match. Diesel gets the face reaction, ‘cause he’s Diesel and ‘cause he’s fighting a thousand pounds of guy. I don’t know if he can get either up for a jackknife – but if he can, he does. If not – they sell the bodyslam as actually being an accomplishment. Diesel pins both guys – holds up the black glove – makes the sign of the Clique – what does this mean for later this evening? Will XI be the night of the Clique??? Tammy, recall, was won from Candido for one night in the indecent proposal match on RAW. She isn't happy at all to be cheering on Big Daddy Cool.

4. Jeff Jarrett d. Road Dogg
Jarrett still has yet to lose a singles match. He cuts a promo after the match – “When will the southern man get some respect here in the WWF? How many matches do I have to win? If I hook on my figure four – I don’t care who it is – I don’t care if it’s Razor Ramon or Owen Hart…I don’t care if it’s Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart – if I put my figure four on you – you will submit to me and I will take your title! I want my shot! I am The Southern Man! I am the Southern Man - and I want my title shot!"

5. Loser Leaves Town: Bam Bam Bigelow d. Lex Luger
Thanks for playing, Lex. Enjoy Nitro.

6. Tags: Smoking Gunns d. British Empire 
Yeah, sad. They were a fun team. But Backlund can’t wrestle forever, it’s 1995. They're gonna screwjob this – Diesel enters to wipe out Davey Boy, leaving Backlund to fend for himself -- and the Gunns wind up being too much for him. Billy and Bart get strapped up. Hopefully, Ted's indignation will help to get the Gunns over in contrast.

7. IC: Razor Ramon (w/Tammy and Waltman) d. Owen Hart (Piper, guest referee)
Piper goes heel again and aids Razor here, missing an Owen pin, maybe a there's a fast count for the fall. Another really good Razor/Owen. Waltman is all over Tammy at ringside, who tries to fend him off – ‘cause he’s creepy, you know. Waltman finally can’t take no for an answer – and does some type of vile and fun to watch act to Tammy – Owen the Good attempts to stop it – when Tammy slaps him – that allows Razor to take command of the match, and it’s not too much longer before there’s a fallaway slam and an Edge and a switch…Tammy has turned heel and joins the Clique in a midring pose – she and Waltman make out, Waltman taking full advantage of this turn of events, while Razor puts his second IC title belt around his waist. Candido enters…stunned…”Tammy? Tammy, what’s going on?” Tammy, who now changes her name to Sunny, cuts some type of emasculating promo on him – slaps him – and then Waltman and Razor put him away again. Waltman once again is draped all over Sunny, and she seems to enjoy it. Wrestling, you know. That's how we roll.

8. WWF Title: Bret Hart d. Shawn Michaels
One of the great matches of all time. I like the occasional locker room shot – in one room the celebrating Clique, having a great night – pulling for Shawn more and more overtly as the match goes on – and one of the Harts – devastated – they’ve lost all their titles – but again, as the match progresses – they are up and cheering for the Hit Man. I’d like to see them all really rabid – really cheering hard – each side completely marking out, riveted to the sets for their guy. I’m seeing ice packs on the Harts and coolers of beer for the Clique – a half naked Sunny rubbing everyone down.

But after Bret wins – both sides realize that they aren’t really with the guy they were cheering for, since now Bret is a heel and Shawn a face, in contrast with the rest of the faction, the Clique puts on their cool personna to clown Shawn as he slowly makes his way back up the aisle. And Owen and Davey Boy realize that Bret’s a bad guy now – and their jubilation stops immediately and they become even more dejected than before.

Bret regains the WWF Title. Sharpshooter submission Bret’s still never lost to Shawn in a singles. 2 world titles 2 IC, 2 tags with 2 different partners. He’s the Hit Man. Best there is, etc...

NWA…Regal gets a win, Hogan goes over Orndorff in the rebirth of that feud, Pillman, now totally crazy, the Loose Cannon version of Brian Pillman, beats his longtime partner/rival Austin, Randy joins the Horsemen (he does? Sure, why not) and he and Flair, as faces win the straps over Harlem Heat.

People would be digging Randy/Flair.

Vader actually has one more job to do before heading to NY, he challenges Arn for the US, losing obviously. And Sting keeps the world title – going over Muta.

Slamboree – 1995 St. Petersberg
NWA Title: Sting d. Great Muta
US Title: Arn Anderson d. Vader
Tags: Savage/Flair d. Harlem Heat
Brian Pillman d. Austin

Hulk Hogan d. Paul Orndorff
Steve Regal d. Kevin Sullivan
Alex Wright d. Bobby Eaton
Nastys d. Haku/Pittman

RAW after XI begins with Ted.

Ted owns the tag division – and he’s going to make a tag match for the main event tonight. A No DQ 8 man….

Owen/Davey Boy/Backlund…and Shawn.

Against Razor/Diesel/Waltman…and Bret.

So – we’ve got the face team – but no one likes Shawn – and the heel team – but no one likes Bret – and since no one on the other side likes Shawn or Bret either – and since Shawn and Bret hate each other more than anyone else – we have an interesting dynamic. I’m not sure how Backlund became a Hart. But Anvil’s gone now – and I need the 4 th guy.

So, we get Shawn against all the Clique guys – and against Bret, who just took his title. Bret won’t tag the other Clique guys in – and then they won’t tag in to make the save when Bret’s in trouble.

Bret brawls with Razor. Brawls with Diesel. Brawls with Waltman. And when Bret’s in the ring with Shawn – the Clique suddenly storms in to attack Bret – so it’s all four members of the Clique attacking Bret – which means the Harts go in to save.

So, it’s now all 8 guys in the ring, the match broken down – when running in is a newcomer, a blond guy who we’ll learn to be Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

No blueblood gimmick for Hunter – he goes right into the Clique. Pedigree for Backlund. Pedigree for Davey Boy. HHH does the Clique hand gesture with the rest of the boys – and Now it’s 5 on 2 and the Clique is really taking the measure of Bret and Owen ---

…when Diesel and Razor suddenly wipe out Shawn.

It’s No DQ so the match is still going on – Razor hits the Edge and gets the pinfall on Michaels. The Clique putting it to Shawn . 4 on 1, just burying Shawn..

Owen, good hearted Owen, attempts to save Shawn, they were just on the same team after all – and Owen and Shawn are both faces – so Owen tries to battle all 4 members of the Clique.

Bret’s not having that and goes after him – allowing the Clique to continue punishing Shawn. Bret focuses on Owen’s ankle. The longtime injured ankle. Bret drops the midrope elbow onto Owen’s ankle – Bret with the sharpshooter, that he maneuvers in a way to put maximum pressure on the ankle – Owen screams – and the scream is enough that all the other guys stop fighting Shawn and allow the backstage officials who enter to pull Bret away. Owen’s stretchered from the building with a broken ankle.

The next week – Backlund demands a world title shot – saying his best friend, the Archduke Bulldog has so decreed it. And Backlund, you know, says he never really lost the belt to begin with 22 years ago – so he’s the uncrowned champion.

Bret beats him that night. And breaks his ankle with the sharpshooter. Again – the officials have to pull him off. Again – Backlund is stretchered out. That’s the last we see of Bob.

See what we’re doing here? Motherfucking Bret Hart.

The next week – Jarrett. You broke your little brother’s ankle. You broke an old man’s ankle – I’m Jeff Jarrett – I have never lost a singles match in the WWF – and I am going to put you in the figure four and maybe I’ll break your ankle – Bret Hart.

Jarrett getting the face pop. Crazy.

So – on RAW – Bret v. Jarrett for the strap. Sharpshooter. Broken ankle. Road Dogg, his former boss writhing in pain attacks. Sharpshooter. Another broken ankle. Double stretcher job – Bret Hart has broken 4 ankles in 3 weeks – Jarrett and the Road Dogg disappear. Like Savage evolved to become the guy with the fork as he had been around for years – now Bret maintains his heel edge as the guy who keeps breaking everyone’s ankles. Vicious. Bret Hit Man Hart. Breakin' bones.

With Summer Slam coming – and Bret Hart literally destroying the entire World Wrestling Federation – what will we do???

How about a Battle Royal? It's 1995, time for the Number One Contender's Battle Royale!

30 man, “Rumble style” winner goes to Summer Slam to wrestle Bret Hart for the WWF Title. Pretty big reward. Main event of Summer Slam. In 1991 - it was The British Bulldog - in 1993 - it was Razor Ramon - here we are again, Bret's Champion again - and on RAW it's a 30 man over the top battle royale - place...your..bets...

Only the Gunns and the Harris brothers are ineligible, ‘cause Ted won’t let them wrestle as they’re up for the tag titles at Summer Slam.

1. Waltman.
-That Kid. He burns me up. He comes out with Sunny and they dry hump in the ring until number two comes down.

2. Alabama Bob Holly
-Pain in the ass babyface.

3. Savio.
-Arriba~ he joins Holly to fight Waltman.

4. Tatanka
-another face, 3 guys against Waltman. Fans enjoy Lightning getting pounded across the ring.

5. Pierre Rougeau
- Former tag champ, he comes in after Tatanka Savio and Holly still teaming up on Waltman.

6. Headshrinker Fatu
- He goes in after Savio. So it’s 3 separate fights now.

7. HHH
-They further push him as the new member of the Clique – Pedigree to Holly – dumps him (30) Waltman spinkicks Savio. Dumps him. (29) Pedigree to Tatanka. Dumps him. (28)Waltman and HHH take on Pierre and Fatu.

8. Mabel
-Gets in fat guy shots on all 4 guys.

9. Kama.
- I prefer Kama to Papa Shango or the Godfather, but your mileage may vary
he comes in on Mabel’s side. They double team dump Pierre (27) and Fatu (26). It’s Kama and Mabel now against Waltman and HHH.

10. Hakushi
-The White Angel! He comes in with high spots against all four heels

11. Candido
- Candido, of course, goes right after Waltman. Candido and Waltman feverishly brawl, Sunny is at ringside taunting Candido. Waltman and HHH doubleteam. Hakushi fends off both Mabel and Kama.

12. PJ Walker
-Walker aids Candido, against Waltman and HHH --- until Bob Holly, pain in the ass that he is – returns, swearing at WWF officials who try to keep him from the ring, he re-enters, and pulls HHH over the top and eliminates him. (25) They brawl to the back – Walker and Candido doubleteam Waltman. Hakushi gets a big face pop when he eliminates Mabel (24)

13. Louie Spicoli
- goes after Kama. Just for the hell of it.

14. Undertaker.
Taker eliminates Kama (23) and Spicoli (22)

15. Sid.
It’s Sid’s return – he battles the Undertaker. Walker, Candido, and Hakushi are all trying to eliminate Waltman.

16. Jeff Hardy
-Young Jeff is obviously a babyface - he wears his Ring Boys t-shirt and is way, way amped up - but he's a Clique trainee - so he is into help Waltman. Bret puts him over as having a lot of potential, says he and his brother work very hard.

17. Matt Hardy
-Undertaker takes out Sid (21) - while Matt and Jeff, the Ring Boys, doubleteam and eliminate PJ Walker! (20)! As they celebrate - Waltman, punk that he is, eliminates Jeff (19) and Matt (18)- but he leaves himself open to Candido - who gets him for some revenge (17).

18.. Bigelow
Bigelow. He’s a face, but goes after the Undertaker. Candido vs. Hakushi. Only 4 men in the ring.

19. Barry Horowitz.
He doesn’t want any part of anyone and pats himself on the back for avoiding the two fights. Will Barry Horowitz go to Summer Slam to wrestle for the WWF Championship??

20. Henry Godwinn
- Joins the Bigelow/Undertaker brawl.

21. Lawler
- Tries to go after Horowitz, who gives him the slip, so he jumps into Candido/Hakushi

22. Diesel
-Undertaker leaves Bigelow for Godwinn and goes right after Diesel, the two men go nose to nose and then brawl heavily in the middle. We want to sell this as a big, special deal.

23. Scott Taylor
-Scotty's debut - he's eliminated by Undertaker and Diesel (16) who then resume their fight. It’s a big, special deal.

24. Waylon Mercy.
- He enters the Bigelow/Godwinn thing..Know what I mean?

25. Davey Boy
-Davey Boy tosses Mercy (15) Davey Boy and Bigelow toss Godwinn (14) Davey Boy then tosses Bigelow (13) Hakushi and Candido eliminate Lawler (12) Through it all, Undertaker and Diesel are throwing huge right hands. It’s a big, special deal.

26. HBK
-Michaels goes right after Diesel – the two brawl – Davey Boy joins and attacks both men – as does the Undertaker. It’s 2 on 2. Hakushi/Candido fight. Horowitz stays out of it, still patting himself on the back - and occasionally pointing to Bret and making the motion for the strap.

27. Mike Rotundo
-Rotundo, for some reason, attacks the Undertaker – who dumps him (11) This allows Michaels and Diesel to double team Davey Boy.

28. X.
- Okay this is Glen Jacobs who will become Kane. And they'll use him as Kane, but that gimmick doesn't exist yet, so now, they throw a mask on him and have him be named X. The Taker, recall, has dropped the undead gimmick - and X picks it up - the lights, the smoke, the whole thing. The ring sort of stops and stares as he runs right at the Undertaker - and along with Michaels and Diesel – and even Davey Boy, eliminate the Dead Man (10) Horowitz then sneaks up behind Jacobs and dumps him over the top (9) X putting up no resistance at all, as if all he wanted to do was eliminate the Undertaker. The Dead Guy gives X a queer look as they both go to the back. Horowitz pats himself on the back and smiles – and is jackknifed over the top by Diesel (8) who then is eliminated by a double teaming Michaels and Davey Boy (7).

29. Duke Droese
-Dumpster in ring – and is eliminated by Michaels and Davey Boy (6) Michaels and Davey Boy brawl. Hakushi and Candido brawl! One man left – who will meet Bret Hart at Summer Slam!

30. Razor
Five men in the ring-Razor goes after the juniors first – obviously – clotheslining both Candido and Hakushi up and over – both men skin the cat, trying to hang on…

---Razor joins Michaels, “Hey, yo, Chico – you and me – toss his Hart ass out.” Michaels and Razor team up – and eliminate Davey Boy (5) Diesel waits for the Bulldog outside – they brawl – Diesel jackknifes Davey Boy through the announce. Hakushi kicks Candido from the ropes and to the floor (4) Hakushi re-enters the ring as Razor turns on Michaels and dumps him over the top and to the floor! (3) Me, Me, Me, Me, Me….and Hakushi missle dropkicks Razor over the top rope and to the floor!! (2) Good God! Good God! Hakushi is going to Summer Slam!!!

Razor and Waltman brawl on the outside – Michaels pulling a ladder from underneath the ring to the big pop and levels Ramon with it. Michaels sets Ramon up on the Spanish announce table – and does the big elbowdrop from the ladder to crash both of them through the table as Bret enters, attacking Hakushi – but Hakushi is elusive – and with lightning feet knocks Bret out of the ring! The stunned Hit Man points at Hakushi from the aisle – says he’ll see him at Summer Slam.

So, at Summer Slam, we get Bret/Hakushi for the strap. Razor/Michaels in Ladder Match II for the IC. We got the Gunns against the Harris’s.

We’re gonna get Diesel/Undertaker. It’s a big, special deal.

We’re gonna get Waltman/Candido, in the Sunny revenge match.

We’ll do HHH/Holly.

And Barry Horowitz says his sparkling performance in the battle royal means he deserves his first ever PPV appearance – and he’ll face a mystery opponent. Barry Horowtiz on PPV! Only at SummerSlam '95! That's gotta be enough to call your local humpty hump!

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