Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

Summer Slam 1995

Monday, February 06, 2006

XI was here.

Summer Slam 1995 Pittsburgh

JR and Cornette on the announce.

(Dark – PJ Walker d. Louie Spicoli)

Ted DiBiase enters to begin the show. Says if the tag division doesn’t start to turn a profit soon, he may have to sell it – and that would be the end of tag team wrestling in the WWF. Boo. So he is going to give the fans their money’s worth tonight – and have the Smoking Gunns defend their titles not once---but twice, tonight! And the first defense, will happen…right now!

Ted DiBiase Presents: The Opening Tag!

1. Tags: Smoking Gunns d. Kama/Mabel
Billy! Bart! The Smoking Gunns!

2. Mr. X d. Barry Horowtiz
-Jacobs, in the mask, does the whole old Undertaker schtick – the no selling, the zombie sit up – walking the ropes, chokeslam, tombstone, bodybag…who is this giant undead masked man? Well, he’s Glen Jacobs, of course, but we don’t know that yet. All I’m saying is – he’s not a dentist.

3. HHH (w/Sunny and Waltman) d. Bob Holly
Clique time. Good match, Hunter’s playing the cocky, DX version of Hunter, he fits in with the rest of the group. Alabama Bob’s a pain in the ass. Sunny distracts the official, HHH goes low, Pedigree. Crotch chops. Posing.

4. Sean Waltman (w/Sunny and HHH) d. Candido
Red hot match, Candido’s all fired up – Sunny on the outside – we let Candido get some heat back on her during the match – but Waltman’s too good, goes over and he and Sunny make out in the ring. HHH pedigrees Candido after the match, the Clique poses – Holly runs in for the save on Candido – he brawls with HHH again – and again, HHH with the Pedigree. It’s the Next Generation of the Clique! Pose. Pose. Pose. Chop. Chop. Chop.

5. Undertaker d. Diesel
This is really a big selling point of this show. We get their match from XII, since they're not doing it then. A good big man brawl, the crowd heavily divided – Undertaker going over. Chokeslam. The Clique JV hits the ring, Waltman and HHH going after the Undertaker. Lights off. Lights on. The masked Jacobs in the ring. Jacobs and the Undertaker fight off HHH and Waltman. Jacobs and the Undertaker get the pop – the Undertaker continues to look perplexed – who the hell is this guy???

6. Tags: Smoking Gunns d. Harris Brothers
Billy! Bart! They successfully defend the titles twice in the same night – Ted mutters all the way back up the aisle – what will he do about these guys??

7. IC: Ladder: Shawn Michaels d. Razor Ramon (w/Waltman/HHH)
Michaels regains the IC for the third time, more than any man in history.
It’s their second ladder match, they did it at the actual Summer Slam. Michaels gets revenge, regains his strap. Big face pop for Michaels. Razor and Diesel both lose, while HHH and Waltman both win. As Waltman and HHH enter, dragging the bloody Razor from the ring, a discerning fan notes the dichotomy between the two halves of the Clique. The new guys winning, the old guys losing (save the babyface Michaels)

8. WWF Title: Bret Hart d. Hakushi
Like Tenryu, Bret defends against all comers. Here, it's harder to sell Hakushi as a top junior, as Muta and Liger have been in the NWA title picture for years. Hakushi does the underdog gimmick, but Bret’s too strong. It’s a terrific match, better, because it’s longer, than the ones they actually had, which were pretty good to begin with. Sharpshooter. Submission. Bret’s gonna break Hakushi’s ankle! Bret’s gonna break Hakushi’s….save by Davey Boy. Davey Boy breaks the hold – hits the press slam – and saves Hakushi. Davey Boy points at Bret – Bret rolling around in pain – Davey Boy yelling at Bret as the show ends.

In the NWA…Boss Man gets a win. Hogan goes over Haku. Yeah, Pillman goes over Mero. Eddy, Chris, and Dean hit town together, just as they did in ECW. Eddy works first and wins. Savage and Flair keep. DDP takes the US from Arn – and Sting keeps over a returning Luger.

Fall Brawl – 1995 Asheville
NWA Title: Sting d. Lex Luger
US Title: DDP d. Arn Anderson
Tags: Savage/Flair d. Harlem Heat
Brian Pillman d. Marc Mero

Eddy Guerrero d. Alex Wright
Hogan d. Haku
Bubba Rogers d. Disco
Bagwell/Riggs d. Nastys

In ECW…Raven goes over Dreamer, Terry Funk goes over the Sandman, they do an off the charts lucha match with Rey going over Psychosys in a 2 of 3 falls. Bubba Ray Dudley and Mikey Whipwreck end the Public Enemy run as the tag champs. 2 Cold Scorpio successfully keeps the TV title over Cactus Jack – and Sabu keeps the World Title going over a recent WCW refugee named…Steve Austin.

November to Remember – 1995 Philadelphia
ECW Title: Sabu d. Steve Austin
TV: 2 Cold Scorpio d. Cactus Jack
Tags: Mikey/Bubba Ray d. Public Enemy
Rey Mysterio d. Psychosys

Terry Funk d. Sandman
Raven d. Dreamer
Konan d. JT Smith
Axl Rotten/Hack Meyers d. Tony Stetson/Donn Allen

On the road to Survivor Series, Savio makes a comment about Sunny which Candido overhears and overreacts to – Candido attacking Savio in the locker room. Neither turns heel, but they’ll meet at Survivor Series. Bob Holly earns some respect from the fans as he goes right after HHH again – and their feud continues at Survivor Series. Ted announces a new acquisition, Public Enemy, fresh off a two year run at the top of the tag division in ECW. They’ll work the opening tag in a Tables Match at Survivor Series.

We meet a new heel, Ahmed Johnson. Ahmed, with his valet, Teri Runnels, draped all over him – is all militant black power. The WWF has never had a black champion, everytime you see a black man in wrestling he’s getting hit on the head or carrying someone’s bags – well this is Ahmed Johnson – his people were oppressed for 400 hundred years – and he’s coming to take it out on the so-called WWF.

Ahmed destroys people on RAW – Sid, Bigelow – Ahmed attacks the Taker during a RAW, beating him down, bloodying him with the Taker’s biker chain. “Why can’t the Black Man be a Legend? What about the Black Man? We’ll do that at Survivor Series. Actually, we won’t – but we’re gonna announce that we are.

We’re gonna get Waltman/Hakushi for the workrate. Waltman and HHH heavily playing the punk card as we start to cleave the Clique in half.

Ted says he’s done, just done with the Smoking Gunns and has paid a lot of money to form a tag team that will end their run….

Razor and Diesel.

“Boys, we ain’t mad at you...who are they?”

“Bil-ly…and Bart.”

“Billy and Bart? Are they new?”

“No, Mang. They been here for years. They tag team champs, Chico.”

“Seriously? Billy and Bart? I really got to start watching the programming.”

It’s gonna be tough for the people not to cheer Diesel/Razor over the Gunns – so we’ll just go with that, as evidenced by the conclusion to this…

Some RAW after Summer Slam, Michaels opens with a promo. He’s the three time IC Champion, more than anyone in history – he’s the showstopper, the main event, he’s the icon…he gets hit with a cane by an entering Shane Douglas, who comes in through the crowd.

Boom goes the dynamite.

Douglas canes Michaels over and over – busting him up – Douglas cuts a promo over the bloody HBK, “For those of you who do not know, I am the Franchise Shane Douglas – and that man right there (puts the cane to Michaels) is everything that’s wrong with professional wrestling! I first came to this company in 1990 – and I heard, ‘Shane, we’re gonna build the future of the company around you. Shane, if you just wait patiently, you’ll get your chance’ – and I was patient while lesser talents than the Franchise like Owen Hart and like Shawn Michaels (more cane) were handed – were given – the spot that I was promised.

And then I left, and went to WCW, where they put me in the Four Horsemen, because someone had to do all the work when Ric Flair stood on the apron doing that ridiculous Fargo Strut. And I went to Dusty Rhodes – I went to the Fat Man and he said (doing Dusty’s lisp) ‘Baby, just got to be patient. We got a lot of big plans for you, baby. Just be patient.’

And I was patient – I was patient doing the best match on the card, every night, while they put the World Title on a man whose chief attribute is face makeup.

And then I went to ECW – and I became the Franchise of ECW – I showed the world – I showed the whole world that I am the Franchise Shane Douglas, the igniter of the Sport of Professional Wrestling – and the day I lost my patience with this business – I gained the reputation as the finest wrestler in the world today (more cane shots to Michaels) and at Survivor Series – I will show to all of you who have not had the pleasure – what a real professional wrestler looks like – and give you an Intercontinental Champion you can be proud of.”

Douglas lays into Michaels with more cane shots – face pop as Razor and Diesel run in – Razor and Diesel run Douglas off and then stand over the bloody Michaels – will they attack him?

They don’t. They pick Michaels up, carry him back to the locker room. Tweeners. They’re tweeners.

Finally, the title match. It’s Bret/Davey Boy, one last time.

We get them put them over Razor/Diesel as singles on RAW, Bret keeping over Razor, Davey Boy beating Diesel – which is the end of that feud. We get Billy/Bart stuff with both those matches as the Gunns go after the Clique, getting some two way action as they go to the PPV.

We get clips of the whole relationship, joining as the Hart Foundation in 1985, winning the tag straps at II, 18 months of title defenses, Davey Boy turning on Bret at the first ever Summer Slam in Madison Square Garden in ’88, Bret keeping his IC title over Davey Boy, the Bulldog returning to the WWF at the end of 1990 – Bret refusing to forgive him –Davey Boy winning the battle royal on Saturday Night’s Main Event, eliminating Bret, to become the number one contender – and then at Summer Slam, Davey Boy beating Mr. Perfect to become the WWF Champion. Davey Boy and Bret hug in the middle of the ring.

We see Ric Flair taking the title from Davey Boy – Bret taking from Flair at VIII, and the Harts filling the ring to hold Bret aloft. We see Davey Boy submit to the sharpshooter in London at Summer Slam. Finally, Davey Boy’s return at Summer Slam ’94, climbing the outside of the cage to knock Bret back in – Davey Boy and Owen battling with Bret and the Anvil for several weeks in the best 3 of 5 to award the Hart Foundation name. We see the Hart v. Clique brawls with Bret and Davey Boy momentarily fighting on the same side – and finally Davey Boy saving Hakushi by press slamming his brother in law.

It’s Bret/Davey Boy, for the WWF Title – one more time at Survivor Series 1995. It's Michaels against the Franchise Shane Douglas for the IC, it's the Gunns against Razor and Diesel, Ahmed Johnson meets the Undertaker, Waltman v. Hakushi, HHH v. Holly, Candido and Vega explode - and the PE debuts in a tables match. There ain't nothin' wrong with some Survivor Series '95!

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