Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

TNA Slammiversary 2010

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lockdown is here. 

Real World BFG means Counterfactual Slammiversary.  The next TNA post will coincide with real world Final Resolution.  Slammiversary is the show to which my TNA calendar builds. 

TNA World Title:  Kurt Angle d. Nigel McGuinness
X Title: Doug Williams d. Brian Kendrick
Tags: RVD/Jeff Hardy d/ Roode/Kazarian
James Storm d. Hernandez
AJ Styles d. Jay Lethal
Sting d. Ken Kennedy
Abyss d. Matt Morgan
Nigel/Williams d. Angle/Kendrick

It's Kurt's 2nd run with the TNA Title; he had a brief stint in 2008. 

Survivor Series 2009 will be posted at the top of November. 



Booyaka said...

Oof, you are gonna have your hands full with BFG 2010. Nash, Sting, Abyss, and the washed-up ECW roster (plus Stevie, Rhino, and Kendrick) all in a ppv? You poor, poor soul.

Jim said...

Can't use Kendrick. He wasn't on the team, just did that spot on the cage, that's why he dropped to Williams at Slammiversary. I like Williams, but I wouldn't have done that so soon otherwise.

It's not bad actually - I shouldn't have to use either Nash or Sting; I sort of like Abyss in a limited purpose way - and - and the Bucks! If I can get a little bit of run out of the Bucks, that would really make me feel better about splitting up MCMG (a friendly split, in my head, as opposed to one of them turning)

Booyaka said...

But..they're like the best team in the company! and The Bucks don't know how to work! Seriously, they don't have an understanding of ring psychology. And you DO have to use Sting and Nash. They'll lose, but your rules say you have to use them. And at WM 24, you had Orton just show up and RKO Finlay, when he was in the WWE championship match in the real world. Can't it work inversely?

Jim said...

1. I don't need to use everyone they used - I'm just limited to using who they used. My current BFG lineup doesn't have Nash or Sting.

2. Agreed on MCMG, wanted to do a Shelley singles run before it's too late.

3. Like the Bucks more than do you; to whatever extent there's an athleticism/psychology tradeoff, I prefer the former - but their psychology, particularly since..let's say early '09, doesn't strike me as a thing.

Booyaka said...

I like the Bucks fine. They're phenomenal athletes. But they're a little iffy on the selling.

Booyaka said...
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Booyaka said...

Hang on a tic, you can't "split" the Guns if they only had that one run with the belt and then did singles stuff!

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