Triple H, October 2011:

“When I grew up, I hated Hogan. I thought he was terrible and didn’t like to watch him. I was like Punk in a way. I liked the Steamboats and Flairs and the ones that could go. Would I be right in saying that Hogan was the wrong guy to go with, and they should’ve changed directions and gone with Steamboat because he was the better wrestler? Ludicrous.” - Triple H. October, 2011.

A Counterfactual History - The 1990s, Part 2

Friday, June 01, 2012

Part 1 is here.

-The Davey Boy/Backlund tag team wins the titles; Owen takes the IC from Razor, kicking off a Harts/Clique brawl; Shawn keeps the strap in a garbage match over Diesel.  

-Razor retakes from Owen, Tammy Sytch turns heel and joins the Clique; Bret takes the title from Shawn in the MOTY.   

-Hunter's first PPV; Waltman beats Candido; Shawn takes the IC from Razor in a ladder rematch from X; Bret keeps over Hakushi.  

-Waltman beats Hakushi, the future NWO wins the tag titles, Shawn keeps the IC over the Franchise Shane Douglas and Bret beats Davey Boy.  

-Waltman beats Hakushi again; Austin/Dustin win the tag straps as Rumble '96 marks the turning of the page away from the Harts/Clique domination of the WWF, Vader takes Shawn's IC and Bret keeps the WWF Title, beating Owen.  

-Hunter beats Diesel as Nash leaves the territory; Owen beats Davey Boy; Shawn takes Bret's title in the Iron Man Match.  

-Would you like a Cactus Jack promo?  Vader keeps the IC over Cactus; Shawn keeps the WWF Title over Owen.  

-How about another Cactus Jack promo?  The Rock debuts; 2 Cold beats Al Snow; Austin beats Owen; Cactus takes the IC from Vader in a cage and Bret wins his third WWF Title - WWF's on a big workrate roll.

-The 40th WWF PPV was Rumble '97.  Did Mil Mascaras work an 8 man tag on WWF PPV?  Yes he did. Was Sid dressed like Goldust?  Yes he was.  How about 2 Cold beating Hector Garza and Austin going over Vader?  Owen and Davey Boy win the tag straps, Cactus wins a death match over Terry Funk, Bret keeps over Shawn in a Hart/Clique lumberjack match that ends with Austin and Pillman wiping out both sides in what was my favorite angle to that date.  

-Rock beats 2 Cold; how about a tag title match between Owen/Davey Boy and Furnas/LaFon, Cactus Jack keeping the IC over Vader and then getting suplexed by guest referee Ken Shamrock, Austin takes Bret's title.  This is a good work stretch.

-The year+ feud between Hunter and Dustin ends; Owen beats Pillman; Shamrock beats Cactus in the Octagon as Foley turns heel; Michaels is the guest ref for the Austin/Bret title match and the result is the belt is held up for the first time ever.  

-Lafon beats Furnas, Vader beats Davey Boy, Shamrock beats Cactus again, and Owen wins the Montreal Match, winning the strap but sending Bret out of the company, Bret fastens the title around his little brother's face.  

-Shawn beats Undertaker in a casket match, Cactus and Funk win the tag titles, Shamrock beats Vader in the Octagon - Mike Tyson and Shamrock going nose to nose postmatch, Owen beats Austin in a referee stoppage due to blood loss when Steve won't submit to the sharpshooter.  

-How about a "Let Them Play" chant for the Ring Boys?  A Regal promo?  Taka beating Aguila?  Hunter/Waltman/Billy/Dogg are the crotch chopping Clique?  A time limit Octagon draw between Shamrock and Austin with Tyson as the guest referee?  Owen beating Shawn to keep his belt.  Owen is the biggest star of the back half of the 90s, and maybe of the 90s altogether.  

-Edge, pre-gimmick, beats Vader; Taka beats Dick Togo; Austin takes the IC from Shamrock, Cactus takes the WWF Title when he sets Owen on fire.  

-Al Snow beats the Undertaker in a program built on the Taker not paying Al the appropriate amount of respect in the locker room; Waltman beats Scorpio; Austin keeps the IC over Regal; and Cactus keeps the WWF Title in the first ever Hell in a Cell.  

-Jeff Hardy beats Scorpio (I really like Scorp and I jobbed him out; I also should have found a way to main event Taka).  Shamrock beats Severn; Maivia/DLo beat Hunter and Waltman, Austin beats Snow, and Owen wins his third WWF Title in a barbed wire match against Cactus.  

-Kurt Angle (along with Buddhist Vince McMahon and his son Skip) opens the show.  Hunter and Waltman beat down the Outlaws.  Paul Wight debuts.  The Hardys beat the NOD in a ladder match to win the title - and then are turned on by their friends Edge and Christian who join the Clique along with Jeff's girlfriend Trish.  Al Snow wins the IC, Cactus takes the title from Owen.

-It's WWF 50, the 50th PPV in WWF history as the 90s near an end. Stevie Richards wrestles, Hunter beats Shamrock, the Hardys beat Edge and Christian, Waltman takes the IC, and Cactus wins a Career v. Career match over Austin.

-The Dudley Boys make their PPV debut and take the title from the Hardys in a tables match; Jericho makes his PPV debut and takes Waltman's IC - and Foley wins a 3 way dance over Rock and Hunter to keep his title as the 90s end.  

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